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Your final Mission

As you are all obviously aware by now, Saturday will be AR’s big finale. The current soldiers and leaders have done well maintaining AR since the big three’s final departures, but I’m calling on you guys one last time before we send this great army off.

Recently, that one army that comes back every other month (SWAT) had the audacity to invade Toboggan a matter of mere days before we shut down. The idea of AR shutting down without laying claim to its capital of four years is, of course, unacceptable. Believe me, we’ve kicked SWAT’s ass numerous times in the past, (they usually served as a warm up before we took on some more formidable opponents) but obviously times have changed and AR isn’t in shape for war.

That is why I’m calling on you guys to invade and ensure you maintain control of Toboggan before we finally say goodbye. I don’t care what you have to do. If you have to invade it 5 times in two days, or whatever… Toboggan is AR’s and it will belong to us in its final hours.

You guys have done wonders for this army the last two years, but now it is time to finish what so many of us started and paved for you. Thank you.

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