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The End

It is claimed that the grand concept of camaraderie and teamwork thrives when a common goal is present. Here in AR, that objective has been mutual between the scores of AR’s members throughout each generation that has passed. This goal was not to be the largest, most significant army within the CPA community, it was to positively impact as many lives as possible while simultaneously providing many with support and assisting in the development of friendships. After observing AR for a seemingly infinite span of time, I feel that I am able to safely corroborate the claim that we have met our goal.

Over the duration of AR’s lifetime, I’ve witnessed remarkable achievements occur, astounding transformations in individuals take place, and admirable relationships blossom into an unshakable bond, constructed on the foundation of common ground and understanding. I have seen a multitude of my old acquaintances and close friends arrive and depart, and I’ve witnessed the rise and eventual fall of my respected adversaries. Yet, as I sit and compose one final piece to elaborate on AR’s achievements and general impact on the community and its individual members, I cannot oust the innumerable amount of prepossessing memories flooding my mind. To say that AR and the entire CPA community as a whole has taught me well would be an tremendous understatement.

Yet, I should not say that this community and army has taught me and only me well, because that simply wouldn’t be truthful. Personally, I believe that each individual that was a part of this community—for no matter how brief of a time—gained and learned something they will be able to utilize in their real-world endeavors. Leaders learned how to effectively communicate to those of lesser authority, average soldiers gained insight on the value of loyalty and hard work, graphics designers who ceaselessly pushed for us to purchase their products attained a valuable trade, and programmers gained the experience and practice they needed to join a booming industry. It is at this moment we can safely say that our time is up, and it is up to us to successfully use what we have learned to pave the pleasant path towards a better future.

Now, to discuss AR. The Army of the Republic is unique in the sense that it is not solely oriented around success to spite others. This army, along with many others, was established to provide a wholesome, fun experience to those who wished to take part in it. While at times it was driven by the desire to be the very best of the best—which it was for multiple periods of time—the factor that truly made people want to remain affiliated with it is the people. Within AR, the trivial aperture that divided owners, moderators, and members was practically nonexistent. Troops have always felt safe to approach a leader to ask for guidance or simply to chat at any given time. I’ve seen army leaders who fail to care about the desires of their soldiers and resultantly fail to provide necessary accommodations; and are only focused on ensuring their army reached the peak of the Top 10 so they could simply boast to others. AR leaders, however, display the most powerful sense of compassion and understanding to all I’ve ever witnessed in my entire army career. I’ve observed such leaders go as far as sharing personal information with soldiers in order to provide an easy method of contact, or staying on until the dimmest hours of the night to ensure that a particular soldier is feeling okay, and there are countless other examples. These leaders have been obeyed out of respect, not fear.

It is these same leaders that have led AR to extraordinary heights, helping it reach sizes of 60-65+, win multiple wars, and turn the tides of the community which has engendered a different course for armies as a whole. Without these leaders and this magnificent army, the community wouldn’t have been blessed with such brilliant minds and an army that has aided in changing the path of this community. Without AR, many armies we know may have faced an untimely demise all too early, and those that wreaked havoc may not have been stopped as soon as they were. I truly am grateful to have been a part of this army and to have experienced the stupendous presence of each individual leader and soldier.

Now, if you’ve been aware of this post, you’re most likely anticipating the “sections” more than anything else. I will get there in a moment, but first, I’d like to give a special thank you to this final generation’s leaders: Sairal and Memebean.

Sai and Meme, 

While this generation of AR has been critiqued incessantly during its lifespan—whether it be a consequence of lacking sizes or periods of inactivity—myself, and all of AR’s former leaders and legends would personally like to congratulate you on your remarkable achievements. Within this community, friendships and ostensibly unbreakable bonds have been shattered as a result of inadequate army performance. Past individuals have let their greed for power and dominance over the community drive them to commit heinous, despicable actions that they wouldn’t normally even consider. Yet, AR has been a rare exception from this category. Under your leadership, you taught the army community that relationships of all sorts can blossom and thrive no matter what obstacles impede success. You showed us that dedicating your time to having fun and enjoying yourself with your friends is worth more than any size achieved on Club Penguin could ever be. You reminded us, and countless others, of the very reason Club Penguin armies were made over 10 years ago, and you reminded us what they were initially all about. Even though you weren’t around in such early, unpredictable days, you exhibited the same fun-loving, committed attitude that so many did in the very early days of armies, and for that, we sincerely thank you. We applaud your amazing efforts at being the last leaders of AR, and reviving the spirit that existed when it was first created. You’re remarkable leaders and truly committed individuals. Thank you.

To introduce the commencement of the sections, I’d like to provide a bit of background for those who haven’t heard of them before. Since I discovered Club Penguin’s imminent closure, I prioritized two matters: our final event, and the final post. I believe it is safe to say that the former was a marvelous success, and I have been striving to make this last post equal in greatness. Because this is AR’s final post, and we know that there is absolutely no turning back, I’ve taken the liberty of contacting multitudes of former AR leaders, AR legends, and other individuals who have impacted AR severely and are a noteworthy figure in its history.  While I was not able to contact every single former leader and legend, those that did respond used their valuable time to write one last piece, discussing their time in AR and how it has affected their lives. I will begin by including the sections from AR leaders who are also legends, then the AR leaders, then the remaining legends, and lastly, other notable figures. Keep in mind that these sections aren’t in any specific order.


The Sections


Former AR leaders Holding the Title of Legend:


Buritodaily(Burr) – 7th AR Leader, Long-time AR Leader, AR Legend, CPA Legend:

     I think the hardest part about describing this incredible experience is figuring out where to possibly start… Well, for starters, I don’t think the twelve year old running on Mammoth trying to recruit a bunch of other children for his imaginary Squids army could have possibly envisioned the nearly seven year journey that lied ahead. I also don’t believe that same twelve year old would believe the amount of friends and memories he’d make in his long time here if I went back and told him. But that doesn’t matter, because all of these amazing things did happen and that’s what I want to reflect on in my final goodbye to this incredible army.

      Now, I could go in detail on my discovery of the Army of the Republic through a very special friend named 122344a and all my other humble and sometimes hilarious beginnings in this community, but I’ve done that before (check my retirement post from 2013 if you’re curious) and this isn’t about me. This is about AR and all the people I’ve been blessed to meet through it. When I get the opportunity to look back on AR, I usually don’t remember the wars and battles we won together. Instead, I remember the days and nights spent hanging around on Xat or Club Penguin with my friends and fellow soldiers. From the laughs, to the debates, the drama, or whatever else was going on; AR was more than just an army. I won’t say we were a family because holy fucking cliche, but we were definitely in a world of our own.

     AR was and is different from the rest of the community. We were outsiders in our own involved and influential way. AR soldiers were typically AR and AR only, but not by mandate, by preference really. We created our own genre of army in the community. We are often remembered as a great war army, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it wasn’t the training sessions or practice battles that made us that way. In fact, we probably recruited the less of any of 2013’s major and world powers. It was our closely knit bond that transformed us into such a force. The fact that we could log on any number of times at any point in the day with anywhere from 30 to 40+ people in our prime made with little hype or recruitment made us as powerful as we were. But this bond is also the reason so many of us are still around to talk to each other today and also the reason our big reunion event was possible.

     It goes without saying that AR was a major part of my childhood and teenage years, but I find it pretty interesting just how much of an impact it has had and will continue to have on my life. I learned things about others and myself and I realize more and more just how much AR has taught me every day. While this may be the end of AR as an army, it’s certainly not the end of AR as a home for so many of us to sit back, hang out and have a good time with eachother like it was for nearly 10 years. AR forever.



Vinny(Vin) – 14th AR Leader, Long-time AR Leader, AR Legend, CPA Legend:

     My goal is to make someone cry while reading this. All good things must come to an end. I don’t mean Club Penguin, or Club Penguin Armies. I refer to the Army of the Republic. The one army that single handedly made it worth it to stay in the community and accomplish everything I have. The many faces I met while in this army were all of significance, whether in good memory or bad. You would be surprised as to how hard it is to say goodbye to something you spent so much time and effort playing. Club Penguin (Armies) has been the focal point of many of our childhoods. It seems like just yesterday Pink Mafias was the most infamous person on the game. Or that The Army of the Republic defeated the Light Troops and Nachos(who I love today) at one time. Or that The Army of the Republic defeated ACP and RPF all in less than 2 months. These are just some of the tasks that we had accomplished in our existence. If I could take it all back, I wouldn’t do anything different. The things my best friend, Burito, who I once hated deeply, and I accomplished couldn’t be mirrored. AR was turned from a peon army to a powerhouse, of course thanks to A, my other best friend and who I would consider my brother, for trusting Burito and I for doing what had to be done and doing whatever it took to make AR successful.
While in The Army of the Republic, I learned about loyalty. I learned how to lead, not in the virtual world, but how to implement it into the real world. The classroom, the basketball court, and the work area in the future. I learned that there must be a balance in the way EVERYTHING is ran. Light and Dark, there can not be one without the other. That’s an analogy of how Burito and I led. I was the dark, he was the light. No, it’s not referring to race, but our styles of leadership. Good cop, bad cop, if you will. The loyalty was imprinted on me by not me staying in the army in general, but the troops who came and went, and who came and stayed. The troops who stayed through the tough times grew to be diamonds, and my favorite troops. At the perspective of a person from Club Penguin Armies, AR troops’ resolve and heart were never in question. You all made my leading career MUCH easier than you think. We could demote you all to private one day because the army was doing terrible and 98% of you stayed. Now I would have to take credit in most of that because I also showed you guys that being loyal is something that is praised, an incentive in a way to achieve something higher. You all also never failed to let me hear it when you were displeased with something, and sometimes I would go off the deep end and become enraged but that comes with balance. Burito was usually there to calm me down and I can’t thank him enough for the great things we were able to accomplish. His turn will come soon.
As if this whole section wasn’t about you guys as the troops, I’ll be naming some of you in how you played a part of the success of my career, real life, or the army in particular. General Fury, my best friend today. You have allowed me to become a lighter hearted person. I put up with your shit because not many people can dish out the same shit I give to them. You pick up every day how I operate, but I don’t let you learn everything about my thought process because a good master never tells ALL of his secrets. You were the least likely person I thought I would become really become great friends with given our age difference. Never, and I mean never, will we lose contact. I’ve shared the same amount of information with you about me in real life that I have with my best friend and brother in real life. I’m glad you haven’t fallen victim to peer pressure and you seem to know what’s real and what’s not. Make sure you keep above the influence. 122344a, we will always be in contact, you’re too important to me to let go. I’ll still be waiting on the day you walk in on my family and I having dinner asking “What’s for dinner?”. Even out of Burito and Fury, you’re the person I want to meet in real life the most. Your positive demeanor was something I always looked forward to when coming on every day to chat. You’ve helped ME, get through rather tougher times in life when I thought no one else could and for that I am truly grateful. Sheep, your ultimate positivity is something to really be admired. You are by far the most unique person I’ve ever had a conversation with. I think your ability to lead was underestimated. You were literally the Jesus of Club Penguin Armies, had over 100 followers if I recall correctly. I know you have my personal email, feel free to email me any time. Frigido, no matter what anyone has ever said about you, you were the most dedicated and loyal AR troop. I’m glad to have said I could have been your leader. The Jersey Shore, I bolded and underlined this because it deserves more attention as it is a group of people. Now all of you know who you are and to be quite honest, without you guys as a group, AR wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what it did in 2012-2013. You guys were the most active group of people in armies, and made Burito’s and my life so much easier while leading, as well as fun. Hopefully the majority of you are doing well in real life, and I wish you all the best. It was a pleasure leading you bunch. If I left any of you out, it doesn’t mean you didn’t play a major part, it’s just I actually have to keep this rather short for the sake of the post. But there’s one person I cannot NOT put on this list. And he actually gets an entire paragraph to himself.
Buritodaily, my partner in crime, my best friend in all of this, the person I could rely on to be on my side through whatever decision I made. There is not one other person who had ever came into armies that I would rather lead with than you. Regardless of how I treated you, you were always there for me at the end of the day. Even when we went months without speaking to each other before the Doctrine was put in effect. You are the best leader that I have ever seen in the army community, and I don’t bullshit you, I’m not trying to gas you up. I have always had an aura of arrogance about me that once would have been described as cockiness. In my career as AR leader, that never changed. It was to show that I had no weakness, which I didn’t, at least for the majority of my career. It was until you came up, as a totally changed leader that all of that changed. When I returned to an army with newer faces than when I left, I learned that maybe you and I would get along. I absolutely HATED the fact that you were the new face of AR. I was used to it for almost 2 years. But I knew I had to mask all of that in order for us to succeed as an army and as a legendary duo. I turned it into a strength I wanted to exercise fully, and that was being the one who demanded respect and loyalty from all troops. The Dark Side of the spectrum.There were plenty of times where you could have just got up and left me and AR when things got rough, simply because of how I treated you. But you persevered. You single handedly humbled me, without you, I could not have accomplished everything I have in my career. I used to think becoming a legend in this army community was impossible, but you helped me make it possible and for that I also thank you. But forget about my accomplishments. Without you, we could not have done what we did in 2013. The army as a whole probably wouldn’t nearly be as revered as it is today. You have a bright mind, and have good things going in your future. You enlightened me to the many ways of leading that I had not mastered yet. You made everyone in the Army of the Republic better people, always the kind one, the one the troops loved. There is/was no better duo in all of Club Penguin Armies. Other duos lacked longevity. While I respect the Vendetta and Tomb duo, they were short lived. It was almost as if their short lived career as a duo died as ours began. Any other duo is incomparable. There’s not one that could accomplish what we did. We’ll forever look back to what we did to this army, laugh and joke, deeply harvesting the memories. We turned this army from nothing to something. Though all good things must come to an end, and I’m glad our end came together the way it did. You will always have a certain level of respect with me and I’m glad to call myself your friend and co-leader. Life in general would be boring had I not met you. Here’s to my appreciation of you and the rest of the Republic. “Friendship shows us who we really are.” – Star Wars Clone Wars. You have shown me that, and I truly am thankful.
And to the rest of The Army of the Republic, as stated earlier, all good things must come to an end, and I’m glad this can finally rest. It’s time has probably been overdue. I wish the best for all of you on your path to success. Continue to grind, continue to learn and all good things will come to you in due time. Thank you for your service and thank you for such a wonderful time, I will never forget any of you, no matter hard I try, you left an imprint on my life that can not be replicated. Think of it like we all just graduated with the death of The Army of the Republic, and the death of Club Penguin. It is time for us all to move our separate ways now. May the Force be with all of you. Vinny out.

Ianroach(Ian) – 13th AR Leader, AR Legend:

In about late 2009 I officially joined Club Penguin. I was only eight. So you can imagine eight year old Ian with a Marine for a cousin and two grandfathers (R.I.P) who were in the Air Force; that I would want to go into an organization with a focus on leadership, teamwork, and excellence. Too bad for me I found SWAT and not AR. At the time, there was no real attempt to make SWAT an actual “army” with a Xat, a WordPress or any true command structure. So it was pretty much me, running around, maybe with a few friends, throwing snowballs at the “evil Army of Club Penguin”. My eternal firey hatred of ACP led me to essentially allying myself with any person who was connected to the destruction of the army. And that’s where I found myself with AR. In 2010-ish, BartSimpson52 (if I remember correctly) recruited the trashy, rogue, SWAT idiot into AR, showed me around Xat, how to use it, where to look for events.

It was something entirely else than I expected, my first goal was to get right on to a leadership role. I was a bit too eager to do so and ended up driving as hard of a competition as possible, befriending as many people as possible to get higher up. I ended up as a Lieutenant when responsibilities really started to be delegated to me, things like notifying people when events were happening, the simple stuff. But this little bit of experience gave me a chance to understand what we call in actual military organizations the CoC (chain of command). The guy sitting at the end of the table may be the one calling the shots, but he needs to get that information down to everyone, best way to do that is to send that information from him, to his second in command, to his staff NCO (noncommissioned officer), then to the company LPOs (Lead Petty Officer) or staff sergeants then to his squad leaders, then to you, the rank and file soldier/sailor/marine. This understanding of the CoC would help me today in my extended time with the US military.

Any way, I continued to rise up the ranks, I ended up what was called the “Head General” position. In retrospective the position was more like the equivalent to what my buddies and I call the “Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy” (MCPON), but the thing is CP armies don’t really understand ranks (and neither did I), so we just called it Head General. I was in charge of developing solutions for AR, answering questions, and passing along suggestions to the higher-ups.

Happenstance allowed me to essentially continue in this role indefinitely, until our leadership started falling out, and it was up to me (at the ripe age of 11) and a very small amount of AR soldiers and officers to fix the mess that we were left. We were essentially a skeleton crew, told to shut it down until they came back. Tymatt44 and I decided this wouldn’t be the case, and decided to keep fighting. However eventually AR degraded into nothing more than 1-2, maybe 3 active per day. I made the executive decision to kill it off.

That’s right. I killed AR. I’m proud to be one of the only ones who can say that (r/sarcasm).

Luckily it was revitalized, and I ended up fading away into obscurity as another “legend”. I was apart of the movement to restore AR in 2010, and the killing of it in early 2012. Now, in 2017, I can see that it’s still been kicking. Albeit, with mixed results. I’m sad to see that AR is going, along with Club Penguin, but my devotion to that computer game drained a lot of my time, not to mention my grades.

The skills I learned in organization and leadership led me to join a program in real life called the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC), and I’m currently serving as a Cadet-Seaman (E-3). I’m frequently reminded of my time in AR when I go to drill every two weeks, and while I may be a low-ranking like I was in 2010, at least I’ll be able to better appreciate the time, energy, and dedication that the people who organize the drills (much like the attacks you do in Club Penguin) put into making the program work.

I’ll never forget the people who made me learn my lessons in AR, so I didn’t have to in the USNSCC or farther down the road, the Navy.



Freddy(Bigguy28) – 12th AR Leader, AR Legend:

I found AR one day back in 2010. At that time I was 10 years old, in acp as a very low rank, and was pretty new to armies. I was in Acp for about 5 months when I decided to look through some medium ish armies that I could join and get a high rank as soon as possible. I came across AR. At the time AR was decently sized and led by 122344a. At this time Vinny and Burr were high ranked owners. I decided to join as soon as I came to the chat and I knew I loved this army on the first day. I was shy at first but within the first week I was welcomed and since at the time AR was smaller everyone was pretty close. I quickly befriended 122344a, Vinny, and Burr who ended up becoming my best friends throughout my army experience. I quickly moved up the ranks and within a month I was the highest moderator rank. I had become extremely loyal to AR and it wasn’t going unnoticed. Within the first 4 months of being an AR soldier I was 3rd in command. I remember at the time this was the biggest deal ever for me. I was owner for a couple more months until I moved up to co leader. Not many were around for this but this stage of AR in 2011 was a stage in which we had 13 leaders and 25 ish owners in total. These were the most fun years in my opinion because all the army cared about was having fun, nothing else. I was known as the solider who never gave up on the army. I finally became leader once Grant gave up on the army. With permission from A I revived AR to numbers around 25 which was pretty good at the time and for being 12 and a first time leader. I lead AR alongside Tymatt, then Ianroach. Then of course guess who came back? Vinny and Burr in which I was demoted to 2ic while they lead the army once again. I was never satisfied with anything lower than leader back then but looking back I realize I could have never have lead like Vin and Burr. My place as a highly loyal and dedicated AR 2ic was where I stayed for mostly the rest of my AR career. There’s one story that was the worst day in my army experience. One day Tymatt decided to come back as an owner role and had control of the site. He then decided to destroy the entire AR site, reset the chat, and last but not least blame the whole thing on me. I was so close to being permanently banned from AR when I decided to fix a situation I did not create. I spent 10 hours that day recovering everything I could from back up sites and such. After 10 hours I had brought the site and chat back to its original state. That pretty much proved my loyalty and that I didn’t do it. I gained many things from AR and armies as a whole. I gained trust, I grew as a person, a matured faster at a young age, and I gained some great friends. Vinny, 122344a, and Burr truly made my 6 years in AR amazing. They changed me from an annoying little shit to a great soldier in the best army ever, AR. That is all. If anyone needs me I’ll be chillin, at the café.

Fluffy Sheep (Sheep) – Long-time AR AUS Leader, AR Legend:

Over five years ago, I set foot hoof on the grass-filled lands of the Republic, and little did I know that such a simple act would leave an impact on the rest of my career in CP armies and perhaps how I function in real life.

My first army was the ACP, and at the same time I was in the Tacos army under NP3000 and Vinny back in late 2011. When the Tacos closed, I remained active in ACP, but was seen as a noob and inactive (due to the timezone difference), thus I wasn’t treated too well. Then the day came when I stalked Vinny on xat and landed on the AR chat, where I was greeted by many and well-liked for my sheep personality.

But as one who held loyalty as sacrosanct, I wasn’t keen on joining another army that easily. Some owner gave me a rank of ‘Head Sheep’ on the ranks page, and seeing a rank specially made for me somehow convinced me that this would be a great army worth joining — and I was right.

Some time after I joined, AR shut down as Vinny was going to get busy with Basketball, but re-opened again April that year. AR became my home army, and with time and effort, I rose up the ranks from member, to moderator and finally to the position of Third in Command. When I was made Second in Command in June 2012, I was added to the site and published my first post.

I truly wanted AR to achieve greater heights, and did whatever I could to contribute. It wasn’t easy for me to attend events as most held weren’t AUSIA-friendly. Thus I compensated it by tackling the join applications, doing xat giveaways to encourage troops to recruit, and offering free graphics for armies who chose to be our colony.

Then the day came when Burr approached me with the idea of making me an ‘AUS/Asia Division leader’, a novel concept at the time. I instantly agreed. The solution to being unable to attend events would be to create events, and we proved to be a division strategic to every war that would come forth.

Few armies had such a division in 2012, especially since Flipmoo had not revolutionised it yet. It was a benefit that played a significant role in wars against armies with no such division, and in major wars such as those against RPF in 2013, sometimes we had to hold five AUSIA invasions a day. Back then, troops like Blondie, Astropeace, Mew, and a few others would attend them daily. It was tiring, but it was fun.

In 2013, I started The AR Sheep Times, a weekly newspaper that was actually a lot of work. It was a pretty cool idea and impressed many even out of the army, such as Commando717 who wanted something similar for RPF. It was a pretty interesting experience to have.

October 2013 was when I decided to form the Greek Sheeps, which would serve closely alongside AR. My popularity was strong in the Republic, but I also had quite a ‘fan-base’ (or some would call, a cult), out of AR, especially in armies such as the ACP. Those out of AR weren’t keen on joining AR when I tried to recruit them. But a sheep army? That was something they wanted to be part of. We grew to become one of the strongest AUSIA armies at the time. Besides our own wars with other armies such as the Parkas, Smart Penguins and Water Ninjas, we ensured we took part in every war AR was in. The most common army fought together with AR was of course, the RPF.

We took them down with ease for months, as they had no AUSIA force. Even when they did form one (after Elmikey prob stayed up late and did his auto-typing and somehow brought in a huge number of Indians into RPF), we still managed to get a good number of victories. Soon, Greek Sheeps officially became AR’s AUSIA Division, and was combined together with AR in the Top 10, boosting its position.

I retired from all armies in 2014, following a complete merger of GS into AR, with the torch of AUSIA leadership passed on to Infinity. I continued visiting AR frequently and helping out when I could, but of course, studies hindered me from contributing much. The last time AR shut down, I was devastated, for I was not able to prevent it. This time, we are shutting down because the closure of Club Penguin denotes that our time has come. Army Republic will close, but the memories will remain.

Army Republic moulded me into who I am today. Without AR, I wouldn’t have met so many great friends. It feels weird to think that I retired three years ago, because it feels as if it was just a month back. The memories are strangely vivid. Memories of every battle, every private chat that had to be opened to call people to get log on, every time we had to sit back to think of strategies and loopholes, every sheep pun and joke made on chat, every snowball fired, every synchronized emote, every formation, every friend made in this journey…they remain intact for decades to come.

And even though it’s been three solid years since I retired, I am still in contact with a large number of you. The truth is, although I barely take part in events or come on xat anymore, it doesn’t even feel like I ever retired because my connection with AR remains as strong as before. Even when I was studying and was in a period of time when I was too busy to visit, AR still lingered on my mind. I visited the AR website daily even after I retired, which Candy noticed as well from the site stats showing a Singaporean visiting daily.

The last time I chatted on kik with AR was seconds ago, with Roy and 122344A. Three years of focus on school-work and not many visits especially in the past year, and we are still in contact. We are still friends after all this time without logging on Club Penguin together. Think about that.

Club Penguin shutting down isn’t actually that big of a deal. An army shutting down isn’t that bad. The fun of armies isn’t just from dancing on the Ice Berg in Toboggan with random emotes, making memes of Elmikey or going into CPA politics. It’s much more than that. It’s about building relations with the people around you, through interactions whether on xat or on kik. It’s about building a community out of a game that has constantly tried to wipe us out. It’s about staying united and resilient even in our darkest times, be it when being mired in arduous wars or when Club Penguin’s shutting down. It’s the fun we have building and maintaining connections with people that makes AR and every army out there what it is. This community was forged by friendships, not snowballs, not emotes.

It doesn’t matter what game we play together, or if we don’t play a common game at all. What matters is that we stick together as a community because well,

The game is over, but our friendships are not.

122344A • Burrito • Vinny • Blondie • Astropeace • Mew • Austin • Wheelo • Lord Jay • Candy • Royilumbo • Raage • Bleedingheart • Emmarose • Wheelo • Videogames • Yoangelyo • Sapper • Tracker • Infinity • Tripy • Hopper • Flame • Golden • Super Edwin • Rockstar • Kiwi • Freddy • McThomas • Frigido • Slick • Sapper • Slip • Ianroach • Tippy • Sairal • Meme • Nugget • Dani • Rikuns • Boomer • Greeny • Monkeyshark • Madotsuki • AR Psp (Taco) • AR Gamer • Ash • Rix • Ace • Rishron • Mine Turtle • Devin • Kat • Flaem • Posy • Fari (Jai) • Frigido • Juju Flower • Celebi • Pokemon1310 • Tymatt • Lord Pain • Lolly • Sanmiasha • Pup • Yankees • Help • Ryan • Darkstar • Sapper • Victory • Trenton • Whats Up11 • Joke Machine • Warr99 • Antant • Capncook • Joey • Sccot43 • Hunter • Electrode • Manutdjonath • Baller • Fatal Impact • Superhotfire • James • Peep • • Tyler • Emoni • Joe • Bigdd • Dom • Chippy • And Many More

Fear The Republic. AR FOREVER.
AR’s Sheep



Sapper – 59th AR Leader, AR Legend:

Man it’s been a long time, back in 2011 I found AR I don’t remember how I got to AR but I’m glad I did. When I was joining I was like, “damn this is cool” . AR was Star Wars themed I thought that was great, I was a real big Star Wars fan back then. My experiences in AR have given me so much benefits, I learned to become a leader with the role models of 122344a, Burr, and Vinny. You 3 were my role models at the time, honestly ya’ll have built my character as I grew up playing this game. What I learned back in the army I use in real life in a way, its crazy. One of the most important learning’s in my opinion is how I learned to not give a fuck about what people say, a lot of people talk shit about me for no reason I learned to not care or show them up like we did here in CP Warfare.

This community has been a great one, I’ve made great friends and accomplished so much that is now pointless, haha. I’m really glad to have met you all. This is a small world, thankfully I got to meet randoms from all across it. I somewhat even got to learn some Portuguese just for one troop in the army. Sadly I won’t be able to keep contact with many of ya’ll anymore, I will not be going on xat maybe a surprise visit here and there. Anyone who would like to contact me you can through steam username: sappercowboy . Anyways it was really nice knowing you all, I’ve seen some greatness in a couple of you its possible to see one of you again in a more major circumstance, I would say politics for the US. Who knows? It would be great even though we wouldn’t know its you hence the alias. I wish the very best luck to everyone that has been through the CP Army community, even to those that are already adults. I hope you guys get to where you want to be in life, I believe that all we really need is one goal which is to succeed.

Rest in Peace, Army Republic [August 18th, 2007 – March 29th 2017]
Goodbye my friends – Sapper [AR Legend]




Candy (Fury) – 46th AR Leader, AR Legend:

The Club Penguin Army community is filled with toxicity and hate. The way my home army, the Army of the Republic, was so drastically different amazed me, and no one outside of the army would understand it. I joined the army during my rogue years of Club Penguin—near the end of 2010. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that I began classifying myself as a true AR soldier. At the time of my return, AR abided by a strict one-army rule, causing me to leave my other army in order to remain in AR; which proved to be a decision that I’d never regret.
After rising up through AR’s ranks swiftly, I finally got my time to shine following Burr and Vinny’s retirement. I led the army into multiple wars, and set forth all of my effort in order to make it shine and remain a distinguishable army. Except my history in the army doesn’t truly matter; what matters is what it gave and taught me. AR was a home for me, I will never recognize myself or others as mere soldiers. I devoted innumerable amounts of time in order to engender beneficial change for the army, and that’s something I won’t ever forget. I helped it when I could, I watched it fall before my eyes so different leaders could learn from their mistakes and rise the army back up. It was a painful process, but a much needed one.
AR taught me the message and significance of loyalty, it showed me that I shouldn’t break my honor and reap greatness from it in the end. I went from a nobody in the community to the spearhead of the greatest army ever. Being legend in the community is irrelevant to me, all I care about is that I made my army proud.



Wheelo – Long-time AR UK Leader, AR Legend:

I was recruited into AR when I was in Ice Warriors by Lord Jay. It was around halloween time and AR were thriving. I was immediately welcomed and I pretty much settled there until I retired, because Loyalty to me is the best way to glory. I worked my way up to the UK Leader and started the first ever UK division which did pretty well, but I later renamed it to Euro division because of soldiers from outside the UK such as myself, troops from latvia, russia, and finland. The main thing I gained was leadership skills, but I also made a lot of friends too (aswell as enemies). In terms of skills its the same as I said, leadership skills aswell as overall creativity in sitcky situations. I made a lot of friends in AR, but I have to say the thing that impacted me the most was the amount of people I met and got to know as a result of recruiting. I spent hours upon hours recruiting every day during a certain period of my life, but I have to say, it was worth it. AR and armies in general will live long in my memories as an amazing part of my life (the golden age anyway). As much as people liked to complain about them, few of us could ever leave for good. Looking back now I realize I wasn’t always the calmest leader, yes I sometimes lost my shit in events, but I took the events seriously and was committed to performance aswell as many others. There sometimes wasn’t any room for time loss, and if we wanted to be the best we had to practice relentlessly and keep 95% concentration in events. If I have insulted anyone personally, I apologize, but just remember, its only the internet and you shouldn’t take any caps lock spam seriously 🙂

AR and CPA overall really were a key part during a not-so-great time of my life. To all the people who stood by me, who lead with me, who served under me, above me and even my enemies, I am grateful for every single opportunity and challenge I was given. Thank you.



Ace – 63rd AR Leader, AR Legend:

Man it’s been a hell of a run coming. I remember joining AR back in the summer of 2013 when I was 13. Those were great times; huge events, funny moments, and lots of memories made. I know this army will always be in my heart, as it played an active role in my childhood. What makes AR special is in my opinion, the people and the troops. The people were great I got to meet a lot of skilled and creative people along the way which helped me gain communication skills. The troops made the whole experience worth it because after skipping your lunch, going through hundreds of ranks, grinding bots, and posting battle reminders every half hour, what I saw at the end of the event was simply worthwhile. New recruits would rejoice after having participated in their first training or battle, or when they found out that they got promoted. Size was never an important factor for me during events it was more of whether or not my troops were having fun. My accomplishments came after I came back from post temporary retirement in January. With me, wheelo, and an active slip, we hit solid sizes of 25+ and eventually ending my retirement event with 30+. I’m proud to have been one of the best leaders of the new generation , but I couldn’t have done it without the help of my mentors and the awesome staff I had helping me along the way. And just like that this concludes it. I want to thank all the amazing people I met for making this journey one to remember.

“But with everything that has a beginning, it has an end.”

Ace – AR Legend
Fear The Republic



Nick(Tripy) – 53rd AR Leader, AR Legend:

In June of 2013, I had my debut in AR following the footsteps of my cousin, Fury. After my first battle, I felt the joyous feeling of happiness and a sense of comfort. I had found a happy place. Over the course of my journey to once leading the army and eventual induction as a legend, I met many new people. Myself, once very immature, made many friends and at the same time, enemies. During these years, AR became more than just an army to me. AR became more than just a game I wanted to be good at. It became a home. Somewhere which when reality strikes me hard, I could log on into the comfort of the AR chatroom and feel the blessings of friendships which I formed.

To hear of the closing of somewhere which did me so well, to which I spent countless hours holding late night skype sessions with friends, to classical game nights, and chatting until dawn, initially I overcame with sadness, and a dose of fear. Fear because somewhere which I could fall when all felt terrible, somewhere which lifted me back up, was being taken away from me. Then I realized that this is simply the end credits to a very special time.

My time in AR was potentially one of the greatest things which has ever become of me. It was at this point that I realized that the countless times I told myself not to quit AR were not because of my goals to become leader, but were because leaving AR would be leaving behind life long friends and relationships which I developed. To all those reading, take these friendships and do not let go of them. Online friendships are commonly laughed away, but these should be held strongly, for my online friends who mostly I have lost contact with were some of the best supporting friends I ever had. Thank you for everything you have done AR.



Sliper(Slip) – 27th AR Leader, AR Legend:

AR to me was more than just a group of people sweating over a child’s game, AR is a family. This family is made up of the most dedicated and loyal people who always have the backs of their fellow members. Watching the CPA community these past couple of months has been equally as amazing as it is terrible, AR has done something that they have never been able to accomplish before. They have survived without any direct assistance from the legends. This has never been done to the extent that Sai, Memebean, and Video have accomplished. This community has been hanging onto the smallest little thread they have left for too long, now that Disney has made the decision to cut us off from the game we all know and love, something that we haven’t really seemed to notice is very evident. We’ve held this community together far longer than what was expected. Do you really think the creators of this community expected their armies to go on this long?
They say that you don’t find love but, it finds you. This is especially true in my case. AR found me, AR took me in when I didn’t have an army to go too. Burr, Vinny, and A, all took me under their wing and taught me what it really means to be a leader. These three individuals alone inspired me to be the best goddamn leader I can possibly be. Their dedication to this army is unmatched in the CPA community. They also proved to me that hopping armies in hope to get good ranks is unmatched to the feeling of dedication towards one particular army.
My days in AR have not always been the best though, I’ve done some things to this army that are very non legend like. For example, taking control of the website in hopes to get my message across and unprofessionally attempting to overthrow past leaders. I’m not sorry for these events because without them AR wouldn’t be what it is today.




Former AR leaders:


Emmarose(Emma) – 45th AR Leader:

I found AR in 2012 when I was 12. I came across it from Riffy’s chat. I don’t remember who gave me the link to AR, but I also wasn’t all that active when I first joined either. My first impression of AR was kind of interesting. The chat was constantly active and there were a lot of funny people on it. It’s safe to say I fell in love instantly. While I was in AR I don’t feel like I accomplished much other than making a lot of cool friends. When I was leader I tried to form stronger alliances but both of my partners thought the opposite. It also didn’t help that RPF would constantly “raid” us even though they never did it correctly and claimed they won. The only valuable skill that I can take with me into adulthood is that xat helped my grammar lol. AR did have a fairly large impact on me however, it gave me my first real relationship and a ridiculous amount of loyal friends. I actually still talk to most of them on a daily basis. Although I haven’t been in AR for almost 3 years, I’ll still miss it. I’m glad I visited as much as I did. I’m also so glad I have memories to take with me throughout my life and friends to stay by my side.

Past AR Leader



Videogames121(Vid) – 83rd AR Leader:

I found Army Republic through a “friend” of mine named Greeny who invited me to their chat in 2013. My first impression while joining was that AR was large, always had something going on and would be exciting and fun to be apart of. I ended up leaving AR for a couple years and came back in December of 2014 during winter break under the leadership of Wheelo, Slip, and Flame and Ryan. Slip remembering me being a member of AR back in 2013 gave me highest moderator rank which suprised me as I was known for not attending many events in AR back in 2013.

As I returned I started with a high rank and with being good Atwar buddies with Wheelo found getting 3ic fairly easy as I was promoted not too long after rejoining. I remember one event that Wheelo decided to cancel because he wanted to play Atwar with me, Flame and all the others. I was promoted again a few months later to 2ic and stayed there for a while until the start of the school year and Wheelo retired and Yank was couped, Sai became the new leader and I followed soon after. That basically sums up what I achieved in AR 😛 Valuable skills I attain from being in AR were not being a push over or letting people walk all over me. Another skill was learning how to deal with pissed people who whined over small things. People in AR that changed my life… well it’s hard to say because well no one really changed my life specifically but the overall community established through the people of AR is what has changed my life.

So additional comments I would like to add… hmm well first don’t trust Wheelo to not cancel events for another game he is try-harding at. Second, do not ever trust Flame to stay in your army for more than a week. Third, I had tons of fun in AR especially under Wheelo’s leadership. Lastly yes, I am going to be that one person that will leave making fun of other former leaders for their actions I mean what did you expect I’m the Videogames121 you all know and love/hate.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4kFLMsRnS4 <—- Good video describing AR under Wheelo’s leadership I encourage you to click the link and watch the entire thing.




Yankees(Yank) – 77th AR Leader:

My journey in the Army of the Republic was genuinely amazing and life changing for me. I have a very long story with AR so be prepared. I was recruited off riffy888, I was on Xat for around a month before I joined the Army Republic. My earliest memories in AR are very fuzzy but, I remember a war with the Light Troops. This was just around 4 years ago from when this will be published. Every single day then has been completely different. I had many moments in AR, I want to reflect on my accomplishments and regrets about AR. I believe I did a lot for the army, I led it for a matter of months and even worked hard retired. I think my loyalty to the army was unique, and at times regrettable. I have no idea what my life could be if I moved on after AR shut down in 2014. Some days I regret taking this army so seriously, sometimes I think this made me who I am. I regret being such a dickhead to people. Wheelo, I don’t like you, you don’t like me but I have begun to respect you slightly even with supertoy. Flame, I have no respect for you anymore and I don’t like you but, I should have treated you better. Everyone who hated me as leader, I hope I redeemed myself in your eyes. My biggest regret, is I didn’t do enough to get where I dreamed of, legend. I did not do enough, and I feel like there is something left for me even though deep down I know this phase of my life is over. I just would like to thank EVERYONE I’ve come into contact with over these four long years. May everyone here be as successful as they wish and live a long happy life.



Yoangelyo(Yoan) – 47th AR Leader:

Six years ago, I was online looking for something to do, a game to play, and somehow came across Club Penguin. After looking into what it was, I decided to make my own penguin. I named her “Yoangelyo”, after my sassy cat Angel. For some time, I played the games, earned coins, bought items, made some friends and took care of my puffles.
One day, my brother was on Club Penguin, and came across a bunch of green penguins, all standing in a line, saying the same phrases and all saying different emotes at the same time. At one point, they all said something about ACP. “What is an ACP?” we asked, so after all the penguins left, we took to Google to find out just what an ACP was. After some brief research, we found out that ACP stood for Army of Club Penguin, and that there were several armies across CP. He went and joined ACP, and I thought the events they had looked fun, so I set out to find an army that I could join. I eventually stumbled across an event with the Nachos. I was excited to find an army that I wanted to join, so I went to chat, and eventually figured out how to officially join by commenting on the join page, so I did that, and became a private in the Nacho Army.
I climbed the ranks, made friends, and excitedly attended all the events I could, recruited for the army, and was active in chat. After time, a group of people form Nachos, mostly retirees, started to relentlessly mistreat me every day, for months. I did my best to ignore their rapid attacks and hate, But after months of this “Yoany 2012”, I got to the point where being involved with the Nacho army wasn’t fun anymore, it was more of a chore. The current leaders at the time did little no nothing to stop, or defuse the groups attacks, and most the owners were with them as well. Nachos certainly taught me how to deal with defiant, rude people and I still use these skills throughout my everyday life. I finally left the Nachos, making many friends and enemies along the way and went on to join The Army Republic of CP.
AR welcomed me with open arms, (flippers?) and I joined for a mid-member rank. It was different being in an army, full of people I did not recognize outside events. I still had my Nacho friends, and I also went on to make many AR friends as well. I attended all events I could, recruited my butt off for AR, and eventually climbing the ranks to 3ic, 2ic, then Leader. I was so incredibly honored to become a leader of AR, an army that I had come to love, my second family, my home army. I spent a lot of time on chat, interacting with army members new and old, scheduling events, and helping to lead AR through any wars, CPAC events, or battles that came our way.
One of the best things that happened to me while I was in AR, was meeting my best friend of currently 4 years, Suki. I was an owner then, and Suki was a member. Every time I came onto chat, no matter how bad my day may have been, or what I had to deal with within armies that day, Suki always was incredibly friendly and said hi to me every day. One day I pc’d her simply stating, “Hey! Thanks for saying hi to me every time I come on, and for being active!” The rest was history. Suki very quickly became someone I trusted, someone I would look forward to talking to every day, and just seeing her log onto the chat filled me with happiness. We have watched each other grow up for the past 4 years. Through thick and thin, we have been there for each other, cried with each other, laughed with each other, hated people with each other (Suki if you read this, you will know who these certain people are 🙂 ) and helped each other become strong and confidant in ourselves. We still talk almost every day, and I am happy to call her my best friend.
After a long run with AR, I decided to retire from armies for a little bit. I eventually ended up having a short run with the Chaos army, where I became leader, before retiring from CP armies for good.
Although I could quite possibly go on for pages upon pages in all my experience in CP armies, I do want to keep this somewhat short. I definitely had my mix between enjoyable, amazing times, and awful hateful times.
Although I was involved with three armies throughout my army career, AR holds a special place in my heart, for being there when I needed them, and usually supporting what I did and what I wanted to do. I made incredible long-lasting friendships in AR, and although some of us don’t talk anymore, I will never forget you, and you’ll always be in my heart.
Its been a great run AR, it’s sad to see everything going, but thank you for being an incredible army. AR Forever.
I wanted to list some people who, throughout the years have been my friends and meant something to me:
note: I may not remember all the numbers in your username, but I remember you.
Suki, Leslee, 122344a, Sheep, Guitar48300, Ash, Kat Kong 120, Lootking, Puckley, Danny, Blondie, Theory, Stormblade, Jacori, Sapper, Violet, Harry Joe, Rarity, Samurai Fire, Waffle, Roy, Snaily, Burr, Candy, Vinny, Thomas, Beepmode, Chrisi Blule, Ek, Tanner, Jay, Wheelo, Dash, 11, Devin, Frig
I know I’m probably missing a bunch, and if you’re not in this list I apologize, I’ve met so many wonderful people within armies, and even if you aren’t in this list, chances are we were friends, and I thank you for your friendship.
Signing off, -Yoangelyo



7lollypop(Lolly) – 72nd AR Leader:

The day I found AR, some point in about August 2012. I was hanging out on a ‘Club Penguin Cheats’ xat chatroom, and I was linked to a different chat by a former AR troop. I went to this chat, where you received mod just for coming online. I continuously went to this chat for about two or three days, until I was linked to the AR chat finally. Being the power-hungry child I was, I immediately demanded mod the second I came onto the chat. Most people ignored me for this, but for some odd reason I decided to keep coming back to this chatroom, and soon becoming a part of the army, despite not even filling out a join application. I had a fun time going up and down from the ranks. In 2014, I was disappointed when AR was forced to shut down, and after a while, I ended up joining other armies, and retiring for a while in 2015. Later, I rejoined and soon gotten owner, and soon leader in 2016. Due to joining AR, I had met many nice, fun, pratronizing, and interesting people, and some I have grown to be good friends with. AR let me meet multiple people and great friends that I can still talk to today, and will most likely talk to after our final event. I hope you have an excellent day, and a nice life outside of the CPA community.




Orange – 54th AR Leader:

I first came across AR in 2012 during a battle with ACP, but I did not join until two years later when A asked me to join. I was hesitant at first, but I decided to join seeing that I had nothing better to do. I joined as a mod rank under Vinny and Burr’s leadership and I quickly found it very enjoyable in AR. I appreciated that AR valued hard work and loyalty and only promoted those who showed both qualities.
One thing I really loved about AR is that getting promoted actually felt special. I remember when Burr first told me I was being promoted to 3ic, I was ecstatic about it because I had worked very hard up to that point. As owner, I really enjoyed serving under Burr and Vinny and I managed to learn a lot from them.
My biggest regret over the last five years was not spending more time in AR. I wish I could have done more in AR because it’s such an amazing army. I was able to achieve leader, but I felt like I could have done a lot more even though my reign did get cut short.
AR taught me that I can achieve whatever I want to do by working hard towards my goal. I also learned that it’s good to balance in fun with hard work. The people I met in AR made my time in this community a lot more enjoyable, which is probably why I stayed a lot longer than I should have. I always had a blast during my time here. AR was more than just an army, it was a family and I will dearly miss it.



TheMemeBean- 84th AR Leader:

Who is Meme you ask? Well, dear pal, Meme is just a fun loving schlep that just enjoys eatin beans. The Tale of Meme involves action packed can opening and a whole lot of shitty jokes. Smash that like button, comment, and subscribe.
On Reddit, there is this small subreddit for Club Penguin. I scrolled through it one day to find a short thread about armies. The idea seemed funny to me and I closed the app and thought nothing more of the topic.
Most people seem to have much cooler stories about how they found AR. Mine, however, was super simple. After years of not playing Club Penguin, in mid-June, I decided to log back into my account to get all nostalgic about a game I played from age 7 to 9, I mostly just wanted to play card jitsu again. My original account, MaryJane56, was sadly deleted due to inactivity so I then created a new penguin to start my journey to find out what had changed since 2009 or 2010. Blasted with loads of new parties, different types of puffles, remodeled rooms, new kinds of card jitsu, and a lack of a stage, I was shocked. So much had changed in what felt like so little of time. Bots now danced around spouting phrases to go to some CPPS I knew nothing about. Some bots even directed people to join an army which made me remember that Reddit thread.
I happened to walk down to the Puffle Shop and found someone recruiting! It happened to be someone from AR. The autotyper wasn’t in one of the normal rooms people recruit in so I thought I might give it a chance so I could see what that one Reddit post was going on about. After a quick search, I stumbled on the join site and then the chat.
Overwhelmed with questions, I was super confused when I first joined chat. Everything was so new to me. Chat was going crazy with hype. Everyone was saying “GR” and I just thought they were really angry at each other. I still was confused what “PB” meant for a while before someone finally As time went on, I got the hang of things and by the end of my first month in AR, I had gotten 2ic somehow.
I didn’t accomplish much during my time in here. As an owner, I took over for Video and Sai when they were unable to come on chat for a few months. While I did that, the other owners and I organized ourselves and gave each other all these short lived jobs so we were all able to help out those few months. I later made an autotyper for the plethora of the owners that had Macs! That thing was probably used only 10 times at most. My goal was to at least try and grow AR with what we had and to just enforce the idea that we’re just here to have fun. I believe we at least were able to have fun and not take things too seriously for the few months I lead.
The most important thing I gained from AR was all the friends I made. I never imagined I would be someone to have close relationships with people online, but here I am! There’s no way in the world I would ever trade the great times and inside jokes made along the way.
From here on will probably sound like a school assignment kind of answer. My ability to manage time and how fast I get things done definitely improved. Between school work and events, I quickly realized that I needed to organize my time effectively. I also was able to develop the ability to work with different kinds of people. The ones that make up this community are much more diverse than the small town I live in could imagine. I can see having the ability to experience and meet all these different personalities helping me in the future with whatever endeavors I take on.
Most people might say this is a bad thing, but I won’t forget the experiences I’ve had in this community. The big picture, this all was just a game that we all played and worried too much about but to me, this was a great 9 months. My time in AR was meant to be short lived since I never planned on sticking around, but then I made friends so I stayed around to continue to have fun with them. I gained a certain group of pals and we all became super close with each other. They’re all the reason I stayed around and continued to log on. We’ve had a blast together and my life would never be the same if we lost touch. There have definitely been other friends I absolutely couldn’t live without anymore and hope our friendships continue to flourish.
Speaking of people that have impacted me, it is time I expose Sai for being such a rad person. It’s been holy shit amazing being able to lead side by side with Sai. Our friendship only strengthened from our constant Skype calls until 3 am, inside joeks, I’m calling you out, Sai, for being the best goddamn fella. Let the world know that this small exposé is about how I look up to how nice and encouraging you are. Your sheer energy is infectious and your intense love for what you care about is inspiring. FFS Sai! We helped people have more fun in a time when playing a dying game became more of a chore than a fun pastime. I’d like to say that it was you that got the ball rolling on this whole plan to have more fun than worrying about our sizes. Sai is truly an amazing pal and I look forward to the things we do outside of CPA.


Theory – 48th AR Leader:

I found AR through my friend many of you know as Pup, she introduced me to xat and armies. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but over time, I found that I grew to be a part of something huge and made a lot of new friends in the process. For the most part I had a good time and I met a lot of great people, many of who I forget now sadly. I don’t remember much about my time in the army, but I do remember getting home from school and going on right away almost every day. I can’t remember what year I led now, and I feel like people didn’t consider me to be a good leader and didn’t like me. However, AR did teach me how to be a part of a team and I am grateful for the friends I made inside of it. 


Ryan – 76th AR Leader:

When I joined the Army Republic for 2nd in Command, I expected no other than your average army. That was where I was more wrong than I could imagine. It was better. The army was a family that actually cared about each other. We’d spend time on chat talking for hours and then have fun on CPPS partying and having a ball. When I became leader alongside Ace and Slip, I was proud to lead such a great group of guys and girls.

My biggest regret in my entire career is the desicon to not return after a short retirement and instead try out ACP, and it has caused myself to not be well liked by people in AR. I have led armies such as Nachos and SWAT, but there has been no army that met so much to me as the Army Republic, and I am not just saying it. This was more than a army to me, this was a family. Help, Sai, Lolly, Coldblight, Video, Slip, N1ght, Wembley, and Flaem, are just some of the people that met so much for me. I would of stayed my whole career with AR until I retired for good if I could go back, and I am proud to say that I was apart of this family, and I am a AR soldier for life.



Sairal(Sai) – 80th AR Leader:

So, about a week later, I got mod and excelled to become owner of the army rep-

*record scratch* *freeze-frame* yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. So, let’s go back to July 28th, 2016.

July 28th, 2016 was just another day, another time spent sitting at my computer playing Club Penguin. I was so bored since none of my friends were online and I didn’t really know what to do with myself. That was until I was strolling to the Puffle Shop to go buy a new puffle and I found these 2 penguins talking to each other in front of the Pizza Shop. One of the penguins had a Ghost sheet on with viking helmet and black guitar. The other one was just in an all black EPF suit.
“If I win this sled race, you have to join.” the Ghost man said to the all black penguin. Curious, I trotted over to them and asked “JOIN WHAT”. Then, the Ghost Dude said something along the lines of “A fun place where you can make friends! We always go on CP. Want to try it out?” that lead me to the Republic’s chat.

In all honesty, I was going to pop into the chat to check it out and blast out of there lickety-split. Mainly because I was scared that the chat was going to give me a virus and my computer was going to break, but I forgot about the “viruses” and how my parents would be so mad at me if they caught me on this chat real quick. Everyone was greeting me and welcoming me to the chat all at once. I was just so shocked and overwhelmed that everyone was super welcoming to lil ol’ me. 😀
They told me if I had any questions to feel free to ask away, and oh boy I did. I’ve never been in an army (still haven’t to this day) before or even heard about CPA. I was basically one of those new troops who were like “WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHY ARE YOU ALL GROWLING AT EACHOTHER?????” when they were all getting people hyped up saying “GR GR GR EVENT SOON”.
But, I learned fast by going to as many events as I could and reading posts on the site to get a feel of what was this whole “Army of the Republic” thing was. Also, there was this one dude named Nick/Trippy (my first pal) who always used to PC me and trained me to become a good mod. So, about a week later, I got mod and excelled to become owner of the Army Republic! Little did I know, I would earn leader of my first and last army 6 months after.

And that brings us to what we have now! I’ve learned many things in CPA but, the most valuable thing I have learned was throughout my leadership with Memebean. As cheesey as it sounds, I’ve learned that you should always stay positive despite the circumstances. This generation of CPA was undoubtedly one of the most toxic ones but, Memebean and I just wanted to make the most of it leading AR. We always in some way got into wars and although we lost moost of them, we never truly lost. There were times when Memebean and I got “deflated” because of losing all the time that we lost sight of what truly matters… moo guys somehow always stayed mootivated. I was lucky to have a battalion of dedicated and just overall phenomenal troops that inspired me to no matter what have a grand time!

Every troop I have ever met in AR, every leader I have served, every person that I have spoken to, I cannot express how happy I am that we met. I will never regret meeting anymoo, even the enemies I have made or even the most foul haters. Moo all have taught me many valuable lessons in life, that will carry on with me for as long as I moo! Especially this bean named Meme. I don’t know if moo guys know her but she’s bad news!!!! Like, seriously I blame her for all the success we had during our leadership and I blame her for always being the torch that ignited the candle that lit up our minds to endless possibilities for fun. Memebean always had those.. OUT OF THE CAN ideas that made events more merry to be at. Not only this, she would stay up until MIDNIGHT with me on calls to talk to me about the deep stuff about life like our love for Lord Pain and the little inside joeks in our Saime collab posts. SHEESH. Also, her MOM (that’s right, I’m bringing her MOM into this!) is the best. So, moo all should stay away from this “Memebean” character since she is one unique bean who truly was compassionate about AR and who would stick with moo through thick and thin. Thank moo, Memebean for being the best person ever and I can’t wait to make moore sweet memoories with moo. Raise a glass!



Doctor Mine Turtle (DMT) – 80th AR Leader:

I think the greatest decision of my club penguin army career was staying with AR. In 2013 I believe, I joined AR for the rank of private. Back then, I wanted to lead AR. I wanted to be like Emmarose and lead AR. I wanted to be like Burr and Vinny and A. I wanted to etch my name into AR history. When AR was in it’s final days, I was a 4ic. I remember wanting to keep AR alive, but I was just a 4ic. I complained to Burr and Vinny about it. After AR died I made Armed Forces, a brother ally to fellow AR troops Ace and Victorys army: Navy Troopers (??? I actually forget their name). Then I was given the chance of a life time.
Ace sent me a message asking me to get on. I got on NT chat while I was at a hotel. It was Ace, Vic, Burr, and myself. Burr wanted to let us three recreate AR. Although I was 13 at this point and was 3 years removed from the dream of leading AR, I flipped out in my hotel room. My family had no clue what was going on, but my dream had been made true. Not only was I going to lead Army Republic, I was going to bring it back to the generation we have today.
Things started off slow. But Vic and Ace and I all had faith. Burr and Vinny and A had faith. We persisted with AR and we steadily rose. I didn’t care that some events we were maxing 7, I was leading my favorite army ever. It was a dream come true. We never gave up. Every day we slowly rose, the new recruits of the AR generation that are your owners and leaders today joined. Sairal, memebean, Lolly, help, flaem Jr. Veterans like Yank, Wheelo, Fury, and Sheep were advising us. We were a well knit group. I love everyone in AR like family.
My proudest moment of AR was when ace, Vic, and I took AR to 2nd on CPAC. It felt like we were rockstars. We were some of the leaders who actually produced! Then it went south.
Vic and I were overthrown in a coup by flame. Ace stayed leader, while Vic and I were replaced by Tyler and flame. I stayed in AR as a 2ic. Vic decided to retire shortly after due to being one of the oldest people in AR (I believe he’s in college now). But AR persisted. In times of corrupt and greed, we didn’t let the turmoil overtake us. I, although thoroughly pissed, accepted the role of 2ic.
I never got to lead AR again. My dreams were shattered. But that didn’t matter. AR was succeeding under Flame and Ace (Tyler did nothing). I was happy to be there. I can recall so many great things. But I’d like to talk about the greatest thing that no one knows about.
When I was in AR in the year of early 2016, I wasn’t a normal 13 year old. No. I was diagnosed with MDD (Minor Depressive Disorder) and Anorexia. I love AR so much because AR helped me without knowing that I was going through these things. It almost makes me cry (haha pussy) remembering all the people who were like family. I love you guys.
If I wanted to talk about everyone, I would. But this section is already way too long, so I’ll highlight a few of my favorite people.
Burr- I remember vividly complaining to you. I vividly remember looking up to you. You were the best role model I could have for being an army leader. Thank you so much.
Vinny- Was lowkey scared of you in 2013. Always thought you didn’t do as much as burr. But when I got higher in the ranks I saw how much effort you put in. I can relate to you. I was overthrown because “I didn’t do much of the work”. But I did. Thank you for also being a great role model. You taught me I don’t have to be the star of the show.
A- was also scared of A in 2013. When I got to know A, he became one of my greatest friends. His positive attitude of everything was so uplifting and special. Don’t change A, thank you.
Flame- Power hungry bastard. I know you don’t read this stuff much anymore, but you were there with me through everything. When we were S/M army losers, when we made the S/M alliance. We were like business partners, but we held a much tighter bond. Thank you.
New generation of AR (Sai, memebean etc)- I was skeptical about you guys. You weren’t much of the “AR” type. However, you guys came in and went on to become AR greats. You guys changed AR in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough for keeping this army alive.
Everyone else I didn’t mention: you guys are like family. If you want to contact me, ask A for my number.
-Doctor Mine Turtle





AR Legends:


Darkstar262- AR Legend:

What a long run the Army of the Republic has been. I remember joining AR in 2009 when the Snow Fort Wars took place on Mammoth with SWAT against ACP, when I personally found CP Armies actually fun. I remember meeting 122344a, Julian, Buritodaily, and Bartsimp on xat.com/ArArmy when we were all little kids; playing on this big website with over a hundred thousand kids, who were just like us, playing on it for hours at a time every day. That was when I was 9, I am 17 now, and have long moved on from CP Armies. It is a sad day to see AR, and CP close down, but it was inevitable. AR has a history, some forgotten, some placed in a special place in our hearts and our minds, and some are chosen to be ignored. Many mistakes were made during our legacy, but we chose to highlight our victories, our accomplishments throughout the community. Looking back on the Lenin-Communistic, Nationalist, Empire that is CP Armies, I realized that it has taught me a lot for the real world, and perhaps it did the same for you. CP Armies personally trained me, mentally and physically, for what my business is today (Graphic Design). I will truly miss you all. Even though some might not even remember me, I will remember you. Long live the Army of the Republic.




Royilumbo – AR Legend:

Pt. 1: http://prntscr.com/eq67hd

Pt. 2: http://prntscr.com/eq67na

Pt. 3: http://prntscr.com/eq67pi



SmartAlec4 – AR Legend:

I am [Smart] Alec; a fossil, a footnote in AR history. I am the former leader of 5 minutes tenure, the coup director, the dedicated 2ic, the lazy mod. I ran the backup site, I coped with the hacks, I managed recruits, and I stuck with AR for upwards of 3 years, from late 2008 to early 2012. This is my story.

I joined AR a long time ago, back when there wasn’t much too it. I followed A, Burito, and Vin, and after a year or two, joined the same echelon, with hardly any of the recognition. I found AR though my connections in other armies, and the then small, close knit group of friends encouraged me to devote more and more effort to the growing army. I started out at the bottom, and worked my way up, through a dedication that bordered on annoyance. I stuck with the core through periods of instability, and being AR, every day was a period of instability. And we made it great, for a while. We made divisions, ran drills, conquered servers; we made alliances and enemies, and in the end we were trending upwards. There were times where AR was unstoppable, where we were larger than even the greatest armies. I left during this, at the end of 2011, as my work with AR was done, and it was time to move on.

I come back now due to nostalgia, for my old comrades, for the game that shaped my childhood. A phase that I thought passed years and years ago is now passing for good, and I gather here today to see it off. I will miss Club Penguin, but beyond that, I will miss the memories I had with my companion in AR above all.




Other Notable Figures:


Posywillos – IAE Creator, Long-time AR Soldier:

I had been in the CPA Community long before AR was founded. And throughout my 8 year tenure I had never had a more humble home than Army Republic. In late July of 2013, Burr, a legendary AR figure & Commander at the time had recruited me as Private into AR. I was pleased to join as I hadn’t been in a Major army since 2009. I felt a great influence from the AR Leaders & my peers so much that I had colonized my S/M army that I had made earlier, the IAE, under AR. Prior to joining AR my career had been somewhat flimsy after WWIV. But AR helped me solidify my legacy in the S/M community without a doubt. By late September of 2013, in what seemed of record time, I had gone up the ranks from Private to 3rd In Command. Army Republic truly solidifies & envelops the true meaning of a respectable home rather than a raging, power hungry army. I’ve never seen a major army & a colony have better relations than the AR & IAE. AR & IAE together set the standard of what an empire-colonial relationship should be like. Friendly, loving & fun while menacing & fearsome. I was extremely happy to retire with & end my 8 year CPA Career with AR in April of 2016. From my family I was the first to join the AR Ownership & it’s nice to see Nugget & Hopper carry on the tradition. On behalf of my sister Nuggetpreet, my cousin Posyhopper73, my best friend Icedrift1999 & I, we truly and humbly thank AR for being the best home we’ve ever had. The Ghosts & The Argonauts will forever prevail. Together.

– Posywillos
AR Veteran, Former 3ic.


*I would additionally like to add my sincere gratitude towards Posywillos and IAE. Without him and his magnificent army, AR would most likely have met an early demise. Thank you Posy for creating and spearheading such an amazing army that has served nobly as AR’s greatest colony. You’re a wonderful leader and an amazing friend.*



Coldblight (Classified) – Dedicated, Long-time AR Soldier:

Greetings, Army of the Republic. It is Classified3, a 2013 AR veteran.

I first joined Club Penguins armies in 2011. My first army was the Cowboys, with Tymatt leading. I worked my way up to 4ic, then it shut down and merged into AR. I never knew AR, so I moved on and just went back to normality. I was then recruited into the Water bandits, and Miners. I worked my way up to LIT in Miners, then it shut down due to inactivity, and I was on my own again. Then, I found AR in 2013. I decided to join it, just for fun, with Gasp56. Our goal? Do something in armies for the better of them. I joined for a low rank, and started off again there. I then joined in Chaos, with Owl and Orange. Miners and AR were two of the armies that meant most. My loyalty still rests these armies. I remember a time when loyalty was still a thing. Unfortunately, it is no longer the case now. So many individuals just care for one thing, and they actually don’t care for the entire picture. People need to actually show devotion to things, and not just do it for the money. *Cough* Peep *cough*. When you get a job, be sure to like it. Because you’ll have that job for the rest of your life. Well, armies are dead finally.

Don’t mind me, just Satan passing through.
You’ll see me on the water, riding on my jet ski.

Here’s a good Butternut Squash Soup recipe:

Butternut squash soup, thyme, cinnamon, salt (but not too much!), cumin (if you want it). If you don’t like it, please contact the Butternut Squash authorities at 1-800-333-5565, or you did not use the correct blend of spices. Usually, individuals don’t use the correct blend of spices. When I make it, it’s perfect.
I’d like to add in some honorable mentions, since I never wrote my retirement post. Here are some things that the members of the Army Republic, and other armies taught me.
Let me start in order.
122344a: Let me just say, I never knew you fully. But, you were nice to me, and allowed me to try new things. This helped me learn that success isn’t measured by how much you do, it’s how much effort you put into something.
Burritodaily – You were a good leader and helped the AR troops realize that each of them was an element to the army. Each of them in their divisions, just like Club Penguin’s Card Jitsu program.
Gasp56: Gasp, you taught me that there are lots of views to everything. Not just one view. You know exactly what I’m talking about.
Red: You taught me that there is a time where you should stop, and reflect on what you are doing. I did this in Miners. When the tactic wasn’t working, I helped fix it. You also taught me that loyalty was a good element… You know exactly what I’m talking about.
Yankees: “And the man looked at his newspaper, wondering what others were doing instead of taking care of his own needs..”
Victory: You taught me that age isn’t everything, there’s room for improvement anyway.
Infinity: Why the hell did I log on when I had a raging ear infection? Because I had devotion to the army, that’s why. Also, I felt like the Ausia division needed a little help. But seriously, I logged on during an ear infection.
Yoangelyo: Without you being in the army, I would’ve never discovered Linkin Park, or any other band like them. Thank you for the advice…You taught me that there’s a lot of music out there, not just the one. (This is when I had practically no music. I still have to purge it.) Madotsuki: Sorry for being a douchebag to you all those years ago… I was such an annoying bastard……… I hope we’re fine, now. You gave me advice to something that I was new to, though I never went forward through it. You told me there were two possibilities, and I took the easiest way out. I still have to take that path. You taught me there is always more than one path to everything, and taking the easy way out isn’t the best option out there.
Sanmaisha: San, thank you for tolerating me. You taught me that there is a time and place for everything, but not now. You know exactly what I mean. I used flash on the Ocean Drake.
Emmarose: You led AR decently, except for Slick. Good luck in your life-long journey.
Slick: May you realize that you forgot to plug in your phone at night, and that your battery is completely dead. Dr. Mengele would’ve loved to do experiments on you. Natural Selection would love to take you when you’re driving, someday. We all know how good you are at driving.
Uncle Vinny: Vinny, you were a great AR leader. Thanks again for tolerating me.
Owl: One of these days, your potato will rot, and you will live in pain and agony until you get a new one. Who…. Who.. Who will find the potato? All joking aside, you are a nice person. Good luck.
Peep: I know we never knew each other, and not even in miners. But, you seem like a nice person. See you on Summoner’s Rift. Without meeting you, I wouldn’t be on League.
Ameirya: “If you are in a tough position, remember, there is always a way out of it. Even if you have spikes on both sides of you. There could be a trap door hiding beneath you that you don’t know about.” Thank you for helping me with my issues. You taught me that even if I want to give up, I should keep holding on.
Video: Video, I never knew you well in AR, but good luck in life. Don’t pull a Slick. Stay the nice person you are.
Slip: Congratulations on legend, man. You deserved it.
Frigido: Thank you for helping me with some goals, even though you never knew they were my goals. This helped me realize that everyone has a significant purpose in life. Good job in earning legend. You deserved it.
Possum03: Good grades doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a good job… You have to be street smart as well.
Soph: You still have a lot of maturing to do, but I’m sure you’ll do fine in life. Just don’t pull “CANADA CANADA CANADA!! BLA BLA BLA!!!!!”
Elmikey: Listen, man. I’ve heard of devotion, but your case is ridiculous. Seriously, get a job, go to college, and get rich. Isn’t that better than Club Penguin??
Lord Pain: GET IN LINE, MAGGOT. You call yourself an Eric Boomer? How dare you compare your ‘legacy’ to his. You are no Eric Boomer.
Brad: Teutons for life.
Trippy: Listen, you could be good, or bad. But I have no clue. I will tell you this, you taught me to beware of newcomers.
Theory: You were a nice person. May you live long in prosper.

Add me on Town of Salem:
Add me on league:
Remember the Memories of the day, as the night will soon take it away. The day, the time to do. The night the time to reflect, and the time to relax. The obstacles to become are there. You find how to get around them, but how do you choose to pick the path? The answer is, it’s up to you. You pick the path, with others maybe helping. The choice, is yours. If you want to take the easy way out, go ahead, but will you learn? No. The easy way out isn’t necessarily the best path……….. Are you on the right path?




Peep – AR Veteran, AR Helper:

Many people may wonder how in the hell Peep got a section in AR’s closing post. Well the answer to that question is I am obviously a very respected and influential member of AR. Just kidding for the past month I had to sit on A’s doorstep like a lost puppy begging for a section until he took pity on me. Many of you may or may not know me, but I am Peep128 commonly associated with the Elites, Miners, or Chaos armies, but one army people may not associate me with as much is AR. I first came to know AR back in approximately 2010 when Frigido made me join while we were both members in ACP. I joined AR as a low member rank back in 2010. I don’t remember much of my time in AR as I was still new to armies. I stayed at that low member rank until I eventually left both ACP and AR to continue my army career in Elites and later Miners.

I did not do much with AR back in 2010, but when I returned to armies in 2015 after a 2-year retirement I found AR again. I wasn’t exactly sure where to go as the friends I had were long retired and the armies I were in had closed as well. After a little bit of searching around I found the AR chat where I met Sapper the current leader. My first impression of AR was a very fun army that you could be yourself in. Primarily because the people in AR were just as much a weirdo as you or me. Despite numerous offers from Sapper to join AR I had other obligations such as in Time Lords, Avengers, Elites, and finally Chaos. Eventually towards the end of my tenure in armies I finally did what I had been asked to do for a year, and I joined AR officially. I did not accomplish much in AR due to me being busy with school and work, but I did what I could to support, call, and even give advice to some of the newer leaders. I did not gain any experience in AR as I had been in numerous leadership positions in other armies for years prior, but I rather gained friends. I made more friends in AR than in any other army, and to me that means more than being in any leadership position or army position.

Now, what makes AR so special? The answer to question my previous question is simple, the people. The people in AR have been some of the nicest and fun people I have had the pleasure to be around. Everyone that I have met in AR has been nice and caring to one another. Other armies that I have been in aren’t as tightly knit as the people in AR. The leaders are often there to help their new troops and encourage them to become better troops and better people in general. AR is much more than an army; AR is a family. Enough about AR it’s not like they’re relevant here. Let us talk about the important thing, me. AR impacted me in quite a large way surprisingly. In AR I met some of my closest friends in armies such as A, Sapper, Orange, Flame, and my twin and one of my best friends Owl. Without AR I would not have met the Chaos crew or many of the other people who I consider my close friend. For this reason, AR has a special place in my heart, and I will always remember the time I had here. I met many good people in AR. Too many to give each a shout out so I’m going to just list a few of the people that have stuck with me through the years and who have meant a lot to me.

Sapper: You’re gay, but I still love you.

Flame: I had fun playing Atwar. I know life gets tough, but remember that it gets better.

Orange: You’re like the child I never wanted, but I sorta like you I guess.

Flaem/Oli: You were pretty emo just like me and you liked MCR so we had good times.

Sai: You’re fun to be around. Always encouraged others and always in a good mood.

Lain: Pretty much the same as Sai. You were helpful to the others and in a good mood.

Cold: I’ve known you for a while since Miners. I know I mess with you a lot, but honestly, I do consider you one of my friends. I know we met in Miners years ago, but I really started to talk to you in AR.

A: We’ve had some pretty fun times. I enjoy joking around with you. One of the few older legends in the community that’s actually down to earth. You’re honestly a good friend.

Owl: The first time I met you was in AR. Hard to believe that was 2 years ago. We’ve been amazing friends since that time. We’ve helped each other through some rough times, and you’ve helped me through some pretty low times. If it wasn’t for AR I’m not sure if we would have met, and it would be so different without you. You’re my younger twin and it was AR that brought me such an amazing friend.

Now many of you who know me know that I love to randomly spout song lyrics and play songs constantly so this would not be complete with a few closing songs.

Downfall of Us All – A Day to Remember

Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

I will always remember my time in AR. AR and its members will forever be in my heart. Each one of you

are special. AR will have a special place in my heart always.

We’ll carry on

We’ll carry on

And though you’re dead and gone believe me

Your memory will carry on

We’ll carry on




Edwin – AR Helper, Former ACP Leader:

To say when I first really discovered and noticed AR would be hard to say. It could have been when I just became division leader of ACP’s UK division and would schedule practice battles with Wheelo’s European division or when as leader with Mondo we decided to work with AR to help Nachos fight RPF. 

I’m not sure what ACP has done to earn such loyal allies as AR, but on behalf of ACP I’d just like to say thank you for always being there for ACP when other armies turned their backs on us. Even when everything seemed lost and it would’ve been more convenient for AR to ditch us, you didn’t. You’ve truly been ACP’s rock for this last year.

As to how AR and ACP became not only great allies, but great friends, is probably thanks to A always kiking me and adding me to the AR group chat where I met AR troops and retirees. This expanded into crazy things called including creating a whole new army called Ghost Clovers to protect AR from Nachos (Reminder Ghost Clover Day is on the 26th December and EAD is on October 8th). 

I can’t really say that I’ve contributed much to AR other than what a brother ally leader should do but A likes to say I have. My favorite moments in CPA have been meeting some of the most amazing people on here including people like A, Meme, Sai, Shab, Panda, and many more. I’ve learned things that I probably would never have learned anywhere else as well as developed new interests due to CPA such as anime and American politics. CPA especially AR have changed the person I am and I can honestly say for the better. You gave me the confidence to accept myself for who I was and people in CPA have been there for me when I wasn’t doing okay. Most importantly, I’m glad I met A; he was and is my rock through leadership problems to real life problems. He’s the first guy I go to when I need advice and he has made all of that time wasted on defending Nachos in the summer worth it. Thank you A for being my best friend and introducing me to an amazing army, I’ll never forget you or any of you in AR and CPA as a whole.



Puckley – AR Helper, Former Nachos Leader, CPA Legend:

Alliances often come and go between armies in this community, but the bond between the Nachos and the Army Republic has been one that has withstood the test of time. Few armies in the history of the Nachos been considered close, “brother” allies of the army, but among the select group, the Army Republic certainly stands out to me as the most valuable in my time.
The strength of a close alliance cannot be understated in this game. While allies often provide their value during war times, the Army Republic was much more than that to the Nachos and to me personally. They were our friends, people we could confide in and count on to encourage us in our endeavors. The friendship and mutual respect between our leaders and the AR leaders, especially A, Burr, and Vinny, was the driving force behind this great alliance. In my time in the community, there was never a set of leaders in another army that I liked and respected more than these guys. We each shared in similar goals and values that made it easy to cooperate with one another. No matter the situation, we always seemed to be aligned in the same mindset with the willingness to have each other’s backs, in whatever capacity that may be.
This unbreakable alliance proved to be one of the most successful in the history of the armies. Lasting from late 2012 until the end times, this alliance forged a legacy of victory and dominance. From the combined efforts (along with the ACP) to finally defeat and end the Black Alliance to dominating the community in 2013 as the top armies consistently, the achievements of both armies seem endless in the span of the alliance.
I will always hold great respect for the soldiers and leaders of the Army Republic and for everything they were able to accomplish in their great history. There is no doubt in my mind that the AR stands among the greatest armies to come across this community, and I’m glad that the Nachos have been able to forge such a close alliance with AR in that time. Friendship is valuable; having people you can consistently rely on and trust is powerful, and I think that is the biggest lesson from this and what you should take with you in your life. With that, I want to say a final thank you to all of you, especially A, Burr, and Vinny, for everything that you have done. May the memories that we have created and the lessons we have learned stay with us forever.



The Creator:

122344a – AR Creator, Long-time AR Leader, CPA Legend:

The story of AR’s creation and my early days affiliated with it have most likely been seen by all of you countless times on AR’s history page or CPAC. While I did ask each and every individual who composed a section for this post to elaborate on their discovery of AR, I feel that mine is already evident. While in AR, I’ve made a seemingly countless amount of friends, both people who I am confident I will remain in contact with for life, and individuals who I may lose touch with soon. However, even though some may vanish from my life entirely while others stay, that does not mean their impact on me will diminish, nor will the cherished memories of them vanish. 

Overall, AR has taught me how to grow as a person in a tremendous way. I entered this community as a brat who only strove to battle others and be the best, which was understandable due to my young age. Yet, as the years progressed I found myself developing a sense of understanding towards others and becoming more considerate of people’s feelings. This ultimately allowed me to become fully aware that how other armies are doing is equally important to how AR is doing, letting me see all sides of an argument instead of displaying ignorance. Additionally, I’ve come to realize that my communication skills have improved, allowing me to effectively communicate to individuals to convey an argument or plea. 

It is remarkably odd to consider that during AR’s early days I was just a young kid who was sitting down in my teal-shaded chair on my virus-riddled desktop. Now, as I compose this final section, I’m all grown up and just arrived home from college and sit at my desk, 3000 miles away from the chair I first made this army in. It’s amazing to me how you’ve all affected me over these years, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you for helping me grow as a person. Long after this post is published, I’ll still fondly recall the late nights I spent Skyping with all of you, my innumerable amount of hours on xat sharing laughs with others, coming home early from places to be punctual to an event, or simply stressing about AR matters throughout the day. I sincerely would like to thank you all for this wonderful time spent and enjoying something that I created, because, at the end of each day, I only wanted to provide the best experience I could for all of you.




It is here the Army of the Republic departs forever, but the friendships that have been formed will remain in place for an infinite duration of time. All of us unified under the title “Army of the Republic”, which served as a tool to help us become familiar with one another, and develop beautiful relationships. Now, that title is gone, but those exact relationships will remain in place, I am confident about that. It breaks my heart to have to write this conclusion, because it is now I realize that there is absolutely no turning back. When AR has shut down in the past, the idea that it could be revived incessantly lingered in the back of my mind, tugging at my consciousness whenever nostalgia and fond memories of AR struck me. However, this time is different because all of us realize it is truly over. I’d like to congratulate those in AR who have attained other honors within CPA such as legend or a high rank in another army, and I’d like to thank all of you for your service. Without you, I’d still be some kid lurking on Mammoth and various other servers, screaming at the top of my lungs to join AR and have some ACP soldier call me a “fake army” because I didn’t have a website for it. It is each and every one of you that have combined your efforts to make AR one of the greatest armies in Club Penguin Army history, and I can’t express my gratitude enough. Thank you for assisting me in making my childhood dream become a reality, and thank you for your unconditional, ceaseless cooperation and friendship. AR Forever.

~122344a, AR Creator










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  6. it will always live on in my heart 😦

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  7. It has been a blast having you guys as ACP allies, and the many times we’ve practice battled against each other, and that short moment of time when i was a soldier in the Army Republic. I’ll miss you guys, and i’ll miss you A, hopefully we’ll be able to stay in contact forward in life.

    Until now,

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Beautiful ;-; :’)
    Good times

    Liked by 1 person

  9. It’s been a wild ride, y’all

    Liked by 1 person

  10. good bye ar ill miss you

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Being in AR has meant so much to me. I’ve had the best time meeting new people and making new friends! (Shoutout to Motherbean xD) AR will always live on. It’s been an incredible ride

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I joined AR a few years back. I remember I was accepted into the community and within a day already cherished as some of your original members. I just want to say I never look back on those days with any infamy or regret. Though I wasn’t a leading figure or anything to the sort of this army. I still am glad to consider myself a member of this fantastic group.

    I want to give a thanks to 122344a, Burritodaily, Vinny, Jay, Emmarose, Yoan, Sapper, and Sheep for being huge role models during that time. Its unfortunate that the closing of Club Penguin is here but I’m glad to have met you all. (Not just the names I listed, but everyone that has ever given me inspiration or happiness in this community).

    I apologize I could not make it to the final event for I had to travel up North for important causes. I also apologize to anyone who I may have pestered while I was involved in this community.

    Thank you Army Republic


    Fear The Republic

    Liked by 3 people

  13. Baa, it was a great ride. Thanks for the memories.

    AR Forever. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  14. AR provided such an amazing environment and accepted the Argonauts right away. This was the greatest army I’ll ever be it. It was a privilege & honour to serve with such awesome troops. I love you all.

    AR Forever.


  15. Had a great time guys. Really gonna miss you, good luck and goodbye.


  16. army republic of club penguin rewritten??????????????????


  17. i think i’m going to cry ;(


  18. Its been amazing Thank You. :]


  19. its been great but we must keep the republic together on to bigger things. there is a website called club penguin rewritten where we can continue the republic!!!


  20. thank you.


  21. hey guys #throwbackthursday am I right??
    wait it’s wednesday

    Liked by 1 person

  22. […] small message with 50 words or a huge retirement post with 500+ words (similar to what AR did here https://bluejaysdontrulejk.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/the-end/). Just whatever you want to talk about such as how you joined Chaos, how your experiences were […]


  23. Yo if you’re seeing this can you message me on discord at meerrkat#0024 ? thanks


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