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AR Stories

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Forget  By: 122344a

I had never thought much until I was on the truck, under my own idiocy I had made an unclear decision. “What’s your name son?”  My mind had went blank, I did not know who I was for a brief moment, I slowly replied “SilvHawk”  The man who had asked me the question wrote my name on a small piece of paper, on top of a piece of tin, and then moved onto the man sitting next to me and repeated the same question. After a few minutes, which seemed to go by slower than molasses, the truck began moving. The truck did nothing but engender a bumpy, unsatisfactory ride, with unfamiliarity surrounding and piercing my mind.  I was not like these men, they had these pugnacious attitudes. The soldiers were in a copious supply on this truck, I could tell with my eyes closed, their conversations and other various sounds had flooded my ears, such an amount of soldiers in one single vehicle, was something I was not accustomed to. “Y’know I heard we get a 15,000$ bonus when we are recruited into the AR,” A soldier said loudly, trying to speak louder than the surrounding sounds. I did not speak, just glanced at him, hardly shedding any response, and put my head down again. The man held his hand out, “Name’s Roy, Roy-I-Lumbo.”  I shook his hand then did not respond.  “You got a name?”  I did not know why I was shy, usually I had spoken a lot in my own vernacular, I came back to my senses and then spoke  “SilvHawk” I replied.

“What made ya wanna join the AR?” Roy asked me after a brief silence.  “Thought I’d continue the tradition, I am the next generation in my family to have joined AR.”  I replied again.  “Who?”   I leaned in and broke my space between Roy and I so I could hear him better, “My great grandfather, was Bluejays1236, and my Grandfather was Viking, and my father is TippyTyler, he retired the AR a little over a month ago.”    Roy stared at the ground for a moment, peaked back up to me, with an awfully serious look on his face and said “Bluejays1236?”   “Yes” I replied, “Why does it matter?”  Roy looked around him and then back at me “Bluejays1236 is one of the greatest AR leaders of all time, said to be greater than 122344a, Vinny, and Burito combined.”  I froze, and remembered my grandfather and my father not speaking much about their service in the AR, nor did they speak much about my great grandfather. It occurred to me why they tried to efface Bluejays1236 from my family history, although the question would remain unanswered until my arrival home, which would be god knows when. The rest of the ride was silent, for me at least. Roy was a soldier with long hair and a stern face, neither of us had much to say the remainder of the ride.

When we got to the AR base, there were 3 sections. 1  was where the experienced soldiers stayed and trained, the next was a long field, with many various war machined in which I was not familiar with, and the next was the new recruit center. It was an idyllic type of place, tall chicken-wire fence and thick green grass.

We drove along a dirt road, until we reached the gate, although when we came to a stop many stood up, the sergeant ordered us down and we sat again. The truck slowly merged onto a second dirt road on the left, and we went inside the fence perimeter.  On both sides of the truck, small, low placed cabins sat, and in the center a stage, in which I figured was to make announcements. Behind the stage was a large white building in which all of the soldiers had headed, I tagged along with Roy, who was talking to 2 other recruits.  “I reckon our recruitment will take a mighty long time” One of the soldiers murmured.  “Nah Psp, I wouldn’t worry too much about it”   replied Roy.  “Well I would” said the other soldier “If they don’t get me a good cabin, to hell with them!”  said the other soldier.   “Hey be happy with what you get Joey.” Replied Psp. Joey got into Psp’s face, “I’m just sayin’ I put my life on the line, I expect to be treated well, with all the luxuries of being in AR and hell, if any-”   “No one said it would be easy.” I interrupted.  “Well who the hell are you?” replied Joey.  “What does it matter, I’m just stating a point, right roy?”  Roy did not reply, and I was rather embarrassed  we continued walking until I was separated from my so called friends by a man in a suit.

“Welcome to AR, I am Commander General Ryan, I take charge of introducing new recruits to the AR, let’s get you fully signed up shall we?”  I began to follow Ryan down a narrow hall, and into a small office. Ryan sat behind his desk, he had a presence in which I was not accustomed to, official, and somehow a very different vernacular compared to many individuals I had known. Ryan then began to ask me multiple questions,  “Do your family members have a past experience with AR?”  I explained to him what I told Roy on the truck, he remained stunned for a minute, scribbled something down in which I could not make out then resumed to look at me. “How long have you been considering joining AR?”  I delineated accurately, about how I came to join the AR, and he scribbled something down once more, but this time left the room. I had waited for what seemed like an hour, until Ryan re-entered the room, and shook my hand. “Welcome to the AR SilvHawk, you will like it here very much, I can guarantee it.”    “Thank you sir.” I replied. Ryan then handed me a piece of paper, with loads of information on it, and I left the room, reading the contents of the sheet. I read the sheet, upon the sheet was:

Name: SilvHawk 

Rank:  Lt. Colonel

Cabin #: 3 

Number of cabin-mates: 3

I went outside to the juxtapose placed cabins, and walked into the 3rd cabin, the wood under my feet creaking with each step I took. The cabin wasn’t much when I examined the contents, it was a rather archaic building, but tolerable. I walked through the door, there I saw 2 bunk beds on each side of the room, 2 Soldiers on each bottom bunk, and another on the floor. I tried my best not to display any shyness towards them, although I was not quite adjusted to my new lifestyle yet. Although I knew a greeting and an introduction were imminent. “Well well well, newbie hm?” One of the soldiers shouted from the bunk bed.  “Shy one eh? Eh no need, I’m Bigd, over on the right bunk is Warr, and over on the left bunk is Joemend.   “Hey.” Murmured Warr.  “Hello…” I muttered under my own breath. “Well… Let’s get you settled, you seem to have had quite a long day, you’re on the top bunk, above Joe, put your stuff anywhere, we don’t mind” Big explained.  “Thanks, I will.” I muttered.  I walked across the room and set my gray bag upon a drawer, and climbed onto the top bunk and rested my feet.

     “Training at 6 guys” Joe said. “Mm… Going to suck, who’s hosting it?” Warr replied.  “I think it’s Capn or Burito, although I’m not sure.” Replied Joe.  Big broke into the conversation and looked at me “Silv, if there’s one thing you are going to know about AR, our training does vary, you want certain high ranks to teach you, others go hard as hell on you, and believe me you will not enjoy it.” Bigd went back into reading a magazine and smirked, I slowly looked under my bed and looked at Joe, “6 Right? It’s 5:57 right now though.”   Warr jumped out of bed, same with Joe and Big, “Oh damn you’re right,” Warr said as he put his shoes on. In under a minute, we all scurried out the door, as the other AR soldiers emerged from their cabins and waited around the center stage.

 I waited with my cabin mates, and Roy was near, so I asked him to come where I was. We all stood in unison, along with the other soldiers. Roy was engaged in conversation with one of his fellow cabin mates Astro. We all grew silent, as the curtains opened and stood Buritodaily and Superaalden (Sheep) “Yes…” “Yes….” “Yes….”  was what I heard around me in whispered and muttered voices. Burito told us all to line up into two individual lines, and Sheep directed the 2nd line and Burito directed the 1st.  “Who are they?” I asked the soldier next to me. “Burito, AR leader, and Sheep, another HR.”  “Ah thank you.” I replied, I glanced at the soldiers dog tag, it read: Hunter.  

Throughout the training, we all stood in the lines, running in place, push-ups, and many laps. By the end of training I was exhausted and began walking back to camp with Bigd and Warr. “Where’s Joe?” I asked.  “Requesting a promo from Burito, I think.” Warr replied. By the time we got into the cabin, it was 9:30, and I was exhausted. I climbed into my bed and shut my eyes. “Yo Warr, kill the light”  Big muttered softly from his exhaustion, and in almost an instant the lights went off and I fell asleep nearly instantly.

I awoke to a siren, in which I could tell was the AR- Alarm, I stared at the alarm clock in the center of the room, it read 7:00 A.M. Big and Warr and Joe rose and changed into the uniform. By the time I was fully dressed, I realized the alarm was incessant, until all soldiers were awake. I peaked out the window, and to my surprise the ground was white, and white rained from the sky, a climate in which I had not seen in a while. Snow.  Many soldiers ran out through the snow, and dressed heavily in the winter uniform. All soldiers of AR, not just the new recruits, went into the mess hall. We all ate at our own cabin tables, and I glanced at the HR tables. Many looked very official and stern, and I knew they weren’t my type of people. I sat quietly and ate. Warr and Joe occasionally glanced and spoke to Cabin 5, which contained Theory, Astro, Roy, and Pup.

“New guy hm?”   “What?” I replied.  By the time I noticed what was going on, Theory was staring at me, and then repeated herself again “New guy?” I nodded and said “Yeah.”  “You’re lucky your first actual day it’s snowing, usually when it’s snowing we don’t do much.” replied Theory.  I looked down at the floor and answered” I suppose I am.” and I smirked. One of the leaders roamed down the aisle and broke  our conversation, it was Vinny. “Welcome to AR, no screwing around or it’ll be your ass.” Vinny said and walked away. I got up, went to the breakfast counter and asked for seconds, but was repudiated more. I walked back silently to my cabin table, awaiting breakfast to be over. 

By the time breakfast was over, Vinny and Bur and Capn led us outside, and made us do a single lap. Before I could begin my lap though I was stopped by Capn. “You have something about you, not sure what it is.. It’s something, I like it though. You’ve got a lot of potential I’ll tell you that” then he walked away and associated with 122344a who was inside. I began running with Roy and Pup, they spoke of what was going on in their cabin, many things in which I was not familiar with. “So Silv, how long do you plan on staying in AR?” Pup questioned.  Roy joined in “Yeah I was wondering the same thing.”  “Not sure, half a year?” I replied. A random soldier then joined in,  “Aw don’t be a coward, stick around you’ll like it.” I glanced at his nametag but before I could say anything “I’m dom.” He said.  “Nice to meet you” I replied.  Dom was a tall soldier, had a lot of potential, in which I could tell. It seemed to be written all over his face.  

 As we neared the end of our running, I heard an ungodly roar, from the leaders cabin across camp. It was not a natural sound, and it did not sound like our own guns, it was a bomb.  I ran back to the mess-hall and re-acquainted with the HR’s, they seemed to be in some state of panic.  One of the HR’s, Sliper grabbed a rifle from under a chair, and asked two experienced soldiers to accompany him. They were Derpy, a character in which I was not familiar with, and Rockstar.  “You two follow me, I don’t want too much going down in case something does happen, god forbid.” Slip said sternly.  I glanced around, and saw 122344a staring out the mess hall window, seemed to be dead-eyeing me. I was not frightened, nor was I flattered. I did not feel anything. All of us stood and watched Sliper and the two other soldiers leave. “Go back to your cabins, I can assure you there is nothing to worry about.” Announced Bur. Although I could feel a disturbance, and I did not want to go.  I ran to Roy and caught up to him without my breath and stuttered” I-I Think the High Ranks are hiding something from us.” “That’s ludicrous, I highly doubt they would hide something from their own soldiers.” Roy replied. “I hesitated then answered, locking eyes with him “They don’t want panic, I have a feeling Roy, please, please come with me.” “No”  “Why not? I need your help Roy, be a good friend.” “Fine, but if we get caught it’s your ass.”  We  walked through a cabin, through the back door and we were in the back of a cabin. Out of no where Bigd and a soldier named Blondie arose. “What the hell are you doing here?” I questioned.  “Seems we’re both doing the same thing, finding out what’s going on.”  Blondie announced.   “It seems that way, let’s keep moving.” Roy replied.  We headed towards the mess hall, and I overheard 122344a and Capn speaking. 

     “Don’t be so provincial cap, I have a belief we are under attack.” 122344a said.  “I highly doubt it, probably just some sort of weapons malfunction that’s all…” Cap replied.  122344a rubbed his hands through his hair and seemed frustrated, “If it were nothing Slip wouldn’t have brought back-up, we can feel something wrong, something isn’t right Cap.”  Cap glared at 122344a, “What I say goes, creator or not I do not want to risk any casualties, sure as hell not today.”  Cap left the room leaving 122344a alone. Vinny then walked in, shaking his head and smirking. “Oh  the  leaders these days A…. Bur and Cap are  denying what may be happening, I’m with you A, I know something is wrong.”   122344a walked up to Vinny “Come with me, I want to see it for myself.”  “Capn or Bur won’t like it.”  Vinny replied.  122344a put on his boots and coat “I don’t care, now are you with me or not?”  “Fine.” Answered Vinny. 

We all stood in the window as Vinny and 122344a left the cabin. I had never known 122344a was so loquacious.  “I knew something was up.” Whispered Big. I got up and slowly paced around, thinking as to where we would go now. As I paced, a second explosion, identical to the former one repeated again. I now knew this was no weapons malfunction. Suddenly Bigd fell to the ground, and a pool of red formed around his chest, unable to comprehend what I had seen, a lightning fast speck skimmed near my side vision. These were bullets. We all ran, as fast as our legs could carry us and stood in the HR’s Cabin, which had belonged to 122344a, Vinny, and Capn. The bullets pierced the walls and we ducked behind a counter, I peaked out the window only to see an AR guard in the tower, I recognized him, he was a guard when I had first joined. It was IanRoach, he began firing wildly into outside the fence, I then looked and saw Bigd dying in his own blood, he could not be saved, and I felt sorry for him. Although I had hardly known Big, he was one of my few friends I had here and things would be different without him.

Roy searched through a drawer and pulled out a Magnum from 122344a’s office desk.  Blondie and Roy were silent, perhaps stunned from Bigs’ death and Blondie pulled  a rifle mounted upon the wall and fired out the window, I was not a very good shot, nor did I have a weapon, although searching wouldn’t hurt. I began looking through Vinny’s desk and found a Luger, I broke a window with my boot and began firing wildly out the window. There were black dressed figures in the snow, I knew they weren’t AR, and fortunately they hadn’t broken through the fence. IanRoach continued firing, and every time he fired, another black figure fell. I had my sights upon a black figure, he was mounted onto some type of machine gun in which I was not familiar with, I had only a pistol, so the range wasn’t that reliable. I began rapidly firing towards him, as he fell on his side. Blood gushed from his side, the bright red on the white snow was not unnoticeable, he held his side, as blood kept pouring then lay still breathing his last breaths. 

After being held in the cabin, pinned down by the enemy, a cease fire took place. The black figures had retreated although shouted incantation as they left. We emerged from the cabin, there in front of us all of AR stood. We were not in trouble, instead ordered to go to the stage. All of AR surrounded the stage, and 122344a appeared on the podium. Behind him stood Ryan, Sheep, Sliper, Vinny, Capn, and Burito. “I wish I could tell you everything is just fine and dandy, although that is a reality in which we do not live in. Today the AR was attacked, by an unknown enemy. At 8:52 A.M. the first bombing took place in AR’s field training, destroying 3 turrets total. Then at 9:15 A.M. the second bomb had struck one of our ammunition storage spaces. Around the same time we had lost a cherished soldier, Bigd3 who was shot down in cold blood by the enemy, this has initiated an act of war upon the AR, and we will not stop until we find the enemy and destroy them. Due to this war there will be double patrol, and more gun training, that is all. As of now at 11:00 A.M. We have responded and answered the call of duty, we will not show any mercy until the enemy is brought to justice. Thank you AR.”  122344a then stepped down from the stage and reported back to his cabin, talking to a few soldiers on his way, as the other HR’s followed behind. 

 Although the enemy remained an enigma, and our own leaders remained discordant, my own cabin was changed. Joe and Warr stood silently, going through Bigs’ belongings, putting them in a box, with an address to his family home. Just looking at the old box made me sad, and his personal valuables made me feel rather contrite. I sat on the floor and watched Warr and Joe in silence. My friendship with Big was short, hardly even a day, but he meant more to me than if I had lost a family member. Perhaps the thought I’d spend an extremely long time with him and my other fellow cabin mates. 

I could not bare to keep watching them pack up Bigs’ belongings, I got up and left the cabin, there stood Joey and Psp leaning against the side of the stage. “What brings you here?” Psp asked.  I did not reply, I just stood next to them and leaned back and shut my eyes.  “This isn’t a sleeping lounge Silv, what do you want.”  Joey demanded.  I looked at him and said “Just what I’ve seen… On my first day,  I’ve seen more action than I have in my whole life.”   “That’s just how AR is” said Psp  “We came for action, an escape from our boring lives, this is what we signed up for, might as well get used to it.”     I looked at the floor and heard footsteps in the distance, it was Dom, who was filled with questions,    “So you’ve seen a hell ton of action today eh silv. Kill anyone? Did you get shot? Anyone you know died?”   Joey interrupted with the questions  “Leave it be Dom, it’s not our problem and it shouldn’t be.”   “Hey don’t get all defensive over him Joey, I’m just asking the man a few questions.”  Dom said.  Joey did not reply, just rolled his eyes.

     By now, the 4 of us stood in silence, until the silence was broken by Roy and his friend Golden.  “Silv, meet Golden, Golden Silv”   “Hey” I muttered.  “Sup” replied Golden.  “Can you guys really believe the double patrols…. If we’re caught at a weak point we’re screwed for sure” said Psp who was exasperated.  Roy looked towards the fence, in the direction at which our skirmish had taken place, “Ehh I highly doubt they’ll return, we put up a mighty strong defense, and we were off-guard.”   “It’d be smart of them not to return,” interrupted Dom. “Yeah” Psp and I said in unison. We stood there, in silence, until a plane came overhead, although it was not an enemy, it was one of our own.The plane drew closer, until it hit the ground near the field, over our own fence. Dom, Psp, Golden, Roy, Joey, and I all ran to the fence, and peaked through. The plane opened and 8 people came out. One was Thomas, who as an HR, the next was Dark another HR, the next was Frigido another HR, next came Mlop who as an experienced soldier, then came Tracker and Lordjay, who came off at the same time, lastly Sapper a new recruit and Austin who was another HR came out. They all stood in line, they were apart of a convoy. Buritodaily and Capn and Vinny went out to greet them and lead them back to the mess hall.

     Out of my own curiosity I followed them, the only ones who came with me though were Golden and Psp. We kneeled down and listened to their expedite conversation. It wasn’t much, they said they had found nothing in the convoy.  Capn then explained to them what had happened and how they had been under attack, this conversation was anything but abridge. He dismissed everyone but the HR’s. Tracker, Lordjay, Mlop, and Sapper all left in unison.  “Under attack….We haven’t had much action in a while I’m kind of excited.” Said Lordjay.  Mlop who was astonished by this statement broke in “Excited? Excited!? We lost one of our own fellow soldiers, Big was a good friend of Tracker and you know that, be considerate.”   “Sorry..” Lord apologized.  “Let’s keep following them, I want to hear about their convoy.” Whispered golden in my ear.  “Alright.’ I replied. We steadily walked after them inconspicuously and kept eavesdropping.  “Let’s get back to the cabin,” murmured Tracker. “No way, I want to see Pup and Roy.” replied Lordjay.  “You’re the only one who wants to see them so you just go jay.” Sapper said.  “Fine I will.” Jay replied. They split apart, Jay kept going down the aisle of cabins as the others went across camp to their own cabin section. 

Jay continued down the aisle, and I found it was no use to follow him. Roy caught up with me and said “Any luck?” I shook my head and replied “Nah, nothing.”  “Sucks, well I’m sure we’ll find something sometime.”  Roy said.  Golden then broke in, “I doubt it, I want to see some action, I want to fight.”   “Careful what you wish for Golden.” laughed Psp. I broke out a smirk and continued on, with Roy and Psp and Golden with me, we sat on the porch of my cabin, and sighed. A figure was walking towards us in the distance, I had seen him before and read his nametag. It was Jonnie, Jonnie was a medium height soldier, and often immature but he was determined to be the best AR has seen. “Hey guys.”   “Hey.” We all replied to Jonnie in unison. Another soldier by the name of John, aka Pokemon1310 accompanied John. “So guys, I’ve got some news about that whole raid earlier.”  Pokemon whispered loudly. We all looked astonished, all of us combined could not find anything, but him alone? It was awfully hard to believe. “Want to hear it?” Pokemon asked. Jonnie broke out in laughter, “John if you have anything about the raid, then I’ve got aids alright?” We all broke a smile and some of us laughed, pokemon looked cross. “No, I’m saying we’re due for another one.” Our laughter stopped, and we looked at him sternly. “How do you know?” Roy asked.  “Overheard the leaders talking about it myself.” Pokemon replied. I suppose Pokemon suspected some kind of exalt, but he was not given any, just our serious faces looking down. I got up, went into my cabin and closed the door.

     There sat Warr watching television and Joe was no where to be found. The clock by now read 6:00 P.M. I wasn’t hungry, so when the mess-hall alarm rang I stayed in my cabin. I sat in my cabin alone, and by 7:00 P.M Joe and Warr got back.  “Something wrong Silv?” asked Warr.  “Nothing at all… Just fine.” I replied. Joe then whispered something to Roy in which I could not understand, I turned over and fell asleep.

     When I awoke, it was awfully early, about 6:00 A.M. The AR-Alarm would not go off for another hour. I started towards the door, put on my coat, and got dressed and left the cabin. The cold winter snow below my feet was a perfect combination of the early morning. I looked around, IanRoach was in his tower, Mlop was also another guard, and there next to the stage I saw Frigido and Darkstar talking, I could faintly hear their conversation. “Rumor is the attack plans got spread…. AR knows now, and I don’t want them to panic.” Frig whispered.  “They won’t, we have our self-defense system operating, we are out of harms way.” Dark replied. “I wouldn’t be so sure, like Cap says dark, we should never underestimate our enemy.”   Dark leaned in and whispered “If so, I don’t want to die hell ablaze here.”    Frig nodded, then my eavesdropping was interrupted by Theory who was leaned against a cabin wall, “Little early for a walk isn’t it?”   I spun around and hesitated, “I should be asking you the same thing.”  “Hmph, couldn’t sleep, what’s your excuse?”   “Slept too much.” Theory managed to break out a smile. 

The conversation continued, Frig and Dark had went back to their cabin and not much remained, all the sound that was left out here was IanRoach and Mlops footsteps upon the snowy ground. Our conversation was stopped dead, by a sound and a tremble in the ground, I thought it was an earthquake. I quickly told theory to follow as I ran back into my cabin, Joe and Warr awoke with the sound of the door slamming. “What in gods name is going on?” Warr shouted. Joe stuttered, “I felt the earthquake too..”  “Earthquake, what the hell has gotten into all of you?” Warr asked.  I explained the trembling, but the vibrations in the ground started up again, and this time an explosion on the other side of camp had followed. We ran out of the cabin, all of AR was in commotion, soldiers grabbed all nearby weapons. Ryan and an experienced soldier Jake had began firing at planes in the air, dropping bombs on ammunition and infantry buildings. “Get everyone to safety!” Ryan shouted over the bombing.  

    I could not believe my ears, fore I did not know what was going on. IanRoach began firing into the forest rapidly, and Mlop was mounted upon a roof with a machine gun. Theory began heading towards her cabin. Roy ran up to me, a rifle in hand, and handed me a pistol, “In case anything goes to hell.” He said as he placed the pistol in my hand. The bombings did not get better, 3 Bombs struck the camp within 8 seconds, then another 3 hit, many buildings were destroyed. Smoke and ash filled the air, the white snow in which I had grown accustomed to had turned to black soot. Jake ran up to me “I don’t know about you but I’m getting the hell out of here.” He began running as fast as his feet could carry him, until before my very eyes a bomb struck 2 feet in front of him, which engendered him to fly back, hitting a pile of rubble and ending his very life. I was petrified and began heading towards Joey and Psp who were panicked under a staircase. I hid with them, not sure where anyone else I had known was then the final bombing cycle struck. 

     Bombs rained from the sky, my ears ringing, smoke and ash filling my lungs, I could not breath, “Run! Run the hell out of here now!” Joey and Psp ran after me, then a hail of machine gun fire rang out from the forest, causing Psp to fall dead, Joey was hit in the leg and now limping after me. Theory and Warr were in the center of the stage, making a final stand.  122344a and Burito were rounding up as many soldiers as they could, Capn and Vinny began shooting at the planes and wildly into the forest.  I kept running, not sure of who was behind me, nor did I actually care. I stopped at an old cabin, about 2 miles from the camp. I settled there. I could not believe what I had seen, nor was I sure who had committed such a brutal massacre. I sat on the floor trying to think of benevolent thoughts to clear my mind, but it was no use. Everyone I had known in AR was dead, but at the same time I was not sure. I stood up, and left the cabin, broke a few twigs and pine from trees and placed them in the fireplace and lit it on fire along with some old books and torn up newspapers. It produced a thick black smoke, thicker than the typical bombings, I found it a useful signal flare, I sat on the floor and waited at the door with my pistol in hand.  

     An hour had passed, until a knock at the door broke out. I opened it and there stood the survivors of the bombing. 122344a, Burito, Capn, Ryan, Theory, Warr, Astro,  Roy, Darkstar,  IanRoach, Lordjay, and Dom. Without speech I had let them inside, 122344a had not much to say, nor did anyone else. We sat in  a circle, a circle of fear and regret. We remained armed in the cabin. It was confirmed all of the other AR had died from the bombing, I turned into a corner, and cried. I wish I could say we would be alright, and remain unbroken, although that is a reality we do not live in. Some people wish to forget, others wish to remember, a strange world we live in, but as of now I would like to just forget, and remain in solitary. I would do anything to simply forget.

The End

Forget Part II

I awoke from my slumber, only to stare up at the idyllic bronze sky above me. The chill of the morning air nipping at my toes in which I was discordant with, seemed to unusually give me a sense of comfort. Starting out of bed I progressed towards my door, glancing back to look once again at where the ceiling should be in the cabin I resided in. Cabins in my new home had open roofs for a reason unknown to me, although I did not question it, I was grateful enough for the shelter provided. After the assail of the AR base, I was thankful enough to be alive and did not want to squander my time worrying about such paltry things.

As I progressed into the main dining hall, I was greeted by my old acquaintance Roy. Roy was one of the few who suffered from the maudlin or PTSD after the attack, his optimistic attitude seemed eccentric but it was one of the reasons it was good to have him around. Roy and I walked through the empty dining hall, him engaging in conversation with me as I stared down at the floor, observing my lower surroundings. Evading from stepping on spare gun magazines and bullets, Roy ceased talking and walking when we arrived at the kitchen counter, setting down his beverage with ease. The surfeit amount of awkward silence grew harrowing as he peered into my eyes, and breaking the silence he asked “Are you happy Silv?” I glanced up at him with a questionable look and sharply replied, “Why wouldn’t I be, I seem perfectly happy to everyone else.” “No you don’t” he said in awe. Stolid, I looked into his eyes. “What have I done to make you believe so?” Roy began walking in a circle around me, turning me end for end, “Ever since the bombing you show no interest or emotion whatsoever, it’s obvious you aren’t happy.” “And if I’m not?” “Then you aren’t, I was just asking a simple question to a friend that’s all.” I did not want to accentuate that I was happy, because it wasn’t true. Roy was right.

“That day Roy, put us all in shock, you and I both know that. I can’t stress how much of an impact it has had on me, but I do my best to put a smile on my face and pull through it. You are right, yes I’m not happy, and I don’t want to pretend I am for you.” Roy in astonishment leaned back against the counter as I drew closer to him. “Roy, you’re my best friend here, but you must know that the feeling of not knowing whether or not we will be attacked again haunts me all the time, I don’t live life for happiness anymore, I live to survive.” Withdrawing from my position I sat upon the main dining hall couch once more as Roy approached me. “You are safe here Silv, there’s plenty of us here to protect you and this new camp as well. We will survive, just as you wish.” And with that statement Roy exited the room wandering out into the cool morning air alone.

Sitting in my lonesome, I too got up and slipped on my boots and progressed outside. Walking along the silvered pavement, I stuck my hands in my pockets and breathed in the cool morning air. Feeling it slip into my lungs and out my nostrils again, only to bring a mellifluous sense of relief. I observed the milieu only to see a few pedestrians wandering the road. I peered at the fence surrounding our small camp, which has taken quite a beating from incessant atrophy. Near the fence I saw Roy, talking to Blondie, her face lit by the freshly arisen morning sun. Vibrant, Roy and Blondie chatted away, I considered joining in, but did not want to interrupt anything. Moving to the center of camp with a withered AR flag, it was less lively and I only found Theory. She sat against a rigid piece of debris left from a skirmish at camp weeks before.

Noticing my presence, she remained silent as she intently focused on what she was drawing. Ever since the bombing, Theory was never pugnacious of any sort, and has since then remained in respite solemnly. Although the enigma of what she was drawing had me enticed, so I took a knee beside her peering at her notepad as she moved her hand along the pad, pen in hand. “What is it exactly that you are drawing?” I asked inquisitively. “Nothing.” she quickly repudiated. Taking the hint of her wish to keep her work classified, I sat beside her in silence. Her emotions were imperceptible and as hard as I tried to start conversation, I always ended up giving off the impression of being loquacious. We both sat in silence as she eventually put down her notepad and looked at me. “We aren’t even considered an army anymore are we?” “What do you mean?” Virulence rising in her voice she glared at me. “Look at us, we aren’t here for fighting anymore or defending anything. We are just surviving and outlasting our enemies.” “I suppose you’re right but we just have to remember what’s important.” “What would that be? Waiting here until a greater force comes here and kills us all?” “Keeping each other alive until we grow stronger again..” Before she could reply, our conversation was impeded by a large cacophony, following 122344a’s voice on a small intercom located near my situated spot; “All soldiers report to the armory at soonest convenience. I repeat, all soldiers report to the armory at soonest convenience.” The intercom ceased and I walked away from Theory before receiving another earful of contemptuous statements.

I started towards the armory, the worn down building affected most by the factor of time itself still played a large role in our camp. The dull gray ash covered walls created a somber effect to the building itself. Progressing further along the charred silver ground, I reached the armory only to meet 122344a and a few other soldiers gathered in front of him. From behind, along came a newcomer to the camp; Candy. Candy was a weapons connoisseur and his presence was important. We had found him wandering in the forest after the bombing, heavily armed and slightly awry in the head although after a week or so at camp he remembered all of us quite fondly.

Following Candy, came other small groups of soldiers in asunder, walking slowly, heads down while speaking soft murmurs. Clouds formed overhead as the last of the soldiers gathered around and we all laid eyes on 122344a and Buritodaily on the porch of the armory. Buritodaily glanced down at a sheet of paper then glimpsed back up at us, eyes squinted as if holding back volatile emotions, then spoke; “On this day several months ago we all began the reformation of our army. We lost many due to disease and raids from various foreign invaders. Although a solid 18 of us remain, and together we will survive and pull through as a team.” He stood in silence which I figured symbolized the end of his speech. The crowd fell in egregious silence for what seemed like an extremely long time until IanRoach called out from the crowd; “What is it we are surviving for exactly. Our goal in the long run is what? Take back our destroyed camp? Doesn’t seem like much of a goal to me.” Buritodaily stood stolid and stuck his hands in his pockets casually and calmly replied “We are surviving to live as long as we possibly can, just to simply sur-” Theory then interrupted “You keep saying that, but what is it exactly you are keeping us alive for?” 122344a joined into the argument and sharply replied “We will not be taking any ludicrous questions any more, be thankful we are keeping you alive. This was just a memorial speech to remind you of how lucky you all are.” Before anyone could argue any further Burito and A got off the porch of the armory heading back to their quarters.

As the crowd broke off into vast separate groups, I caught up to Roy and Blondie who were walking with Candy. After long minutes of silence, it was finally broken by Candy; “It just seems like they’re hiding something from us.” Blondie quickly intruded “A’s never acted that way before, he seemed so defensive and against us for some reason.” The conversation continued although I broke off from the group to look deeper into this odd behavior myself. I approached a small alleyway between two cabins, advancing my way towards 122344a’s study; questions were copious in my mind and seeking answers was the top priority. Reaching A’s cabin a small two seated jeep was parked out front. The driver stood chewing of what appeared to be sunflower seeds, the man with him was an equally impersonal fellow in a brown stained shirt. They seemed to be waiting on the porch; but for what? Bits of light flickered within the windows behind the querulous men in front of the cabin as my distance between myself and the cabin grew shorter. I walked past the men who saw me but glanced back down and seemed to intentionally ignore me. Peering through the window I only saw two obscure figures which were much too far away within the cabin to delineate. At this point I did not know what to do, and I did not want to interrupt A and the other mysterious figure who still remained an enigma to me so I sat beside the two men on the porch in silence.

The men spoke of people who I did not know of, and as hard as I tried to join in or listen they would look at me with an aggravated look on their faces in attempts to deride me. After a good hour of waiting, a sound broke my own silence. However; not the sound of the two men or the sound of the running jeep, but a gunshot. Moments later the two men were up and already in the jeep within seconds; I got up in attempts to stop and interrogate them but they were already starting to drive away. Standing in shock, legs frozen, the door to the cabin behind my burst open and out flew an unknown man. He fled through the porch and down the steps, knocking me aside as I fell to the ground gaining a face full of mud. Dizzy, I got up and ran after him as he hopped into the jeep which had come to a stop with the two men in it and they drove away at high speeds. Running as fast as my legs could carry me I ran after the jeep until it was out of sight, as it drove into the forest outside of the camp perimeter causing my pursuit to come to a halt.

Exasperated, confused, and shocked by the events that had occurred before my eyes, a sense of worry and fear grew inside me. Legs still shaking I progressed my way up the porch, thoughts of what might have happened to 122344a became harrowing, and flooded my mind. Walking through the already open doorway, darkness and a small beam of light were all I could make out. Moving through the living room with caution I turned the corner to see the corpse of 122344a, a pool of blood forming around his head. Eyes wide, I fell to my knees only to feel sorrow and pain in my chest. Crawling to the corner of the room and stuck my hand in my elbows placed on my knees and sobbed in deep maudlin.

After about an hour, I rose my head from my knees to see Buritodaily standing before me, gaping down at the corpse of A. “It was only a matter of time…” He softly murmured while examining the idle body. “Did- did you do this?” I stuttered. “Of course not. The men who murdered him were the same ones who struck our base.” I already knew this, so his input was no surprise to me. Standing in silence examining A’s body, his face became paler before my eyes and before I could give commentary of my own Burr soon interrupted; “We have to hide the body. Act as if his death never happened.”

“We can’t, it’s A. We have to tell everyone and get word out about this!”

“No good will come of that.. all I see out of that is a drop of morale in AR and a disbanding of the entire army itself.”

“I can’t just keep this to myself.”

“You’ll have to learn to, I don’t see any other way.”

I stood there in aggravation as Burr acquired a mop and began to cleanse the floor of blood with smooth slow strokes. Kneeling down and picking up a small hand towel I began to soak up the blood as well and dip it in the large tin bucket of water to rinse. After about ten minutes of cleaning, Burr bent down and picked up a small pistol in A’s pocket tentatively. He put it in his own pocket then spoke; “Ready to go?” “We’re just going to leave the body here?” “No one comes in A’s cabin other than me anyways. Burying him or attempting to dispose of his body would just raise suspicion.” I nodded and walked in juxtapose with him out the door.

We separated within moments of walking through the empty field between A’s cabin and the others. I walked alone, hands stuffed in my pockets as the night began to take over the sky. Looking up as I walked I observed the stars forming overhead and then looked straight ahead; only to see the last glimpses of light exiting the sky. Reaching the center of the camp, life was no where to be found. The once vibrant center of my camp as I knew it had ceased and I found myself alone as I moved towards my own cabin. Searching around the cabin and every corridor I could imagine; my cabin mates Roy and Emma were no where to be found; until movement caught my eye from underneath the bed.

Taking Roy’s hand and dragging him out from under the bed, he lay unconscious; his stillness and subtle breathing however engendered my doubts, causing me to feel his pulse. Still alive. The silence of the cabin and watching Roy’s chest slowly rise with each breathe only induced a type of soporific feeling of my own. Roy’s wellness and the fact that he was still alive put me at ease. I got up and looked outside the cabin window near the kitchen. Arms placed on the windowsill and barely poking an eye out of the curtains; I speculated the bucolic camp square. Movement was almost non existent as I turned and glanced at Roy; the fact that he was still alive and could answer the numerous questions fluttering in my mind helped me quell my mind; as well as the incessant thoughts.

I paced the cabin for a good hour, my patience was thinning as I still awaited Roy’s awakening. Why isn’t he awake yet? Who could have done this? What in Gods’ name is going on around here? The questions returned as I got on one knee beside Roy, gripping his chin and yelling his name repeatedly. It was no use. I laid on the bed near Roy and shut my eyes; only to soon hear the slamming of car doors outside the cabin. A multitude of men exited the vehicle and began climbing the steps and kicking the cabin door open. In fear I ran into the bathroom only with a loaded pistol and sat against the door in my cowardice. Footsteps and soft murmurs lurked outside of the bathroom door as the men observed Roy’s body and discussed things in which I could not make out. After about an hour of murmuring the men walked out of the cabin; causing me to open the door a slight crack peering out slowly. The bedroom was empty and clear of all threats and I crawled to the main living room, then the front door; which was still wide open.

The men dressed in all black loaded Roy’s body into the back of their hummer and began climbing into the vehicle. Assiduously the men loaded various other crates into the hummer near Roy and I bolted out of the door; diving into the bushes while keeping an eye on them. With their departure imminent, I slowly moved through the bushes near my cabin silently. Careful not to step on leaves or twigs that might expose my cover, I pulled out my loaded pistol from my holster aiming at one of the tires. The hummer started with a loud release of exhaust and slowly moved away as I adjusted my aim on the tire; moving both my hands around the pistol with ease. Sweat loosened my grip as it formed on the palm of my hands; I winced still trying to keep my steady aim and fired 2 shots instantly at the same point in the back left tire.

Unable to make out what was louder; the tire pop or the gunshot, I rushed back into the cabin and slammed the door as the hummer came to a complete halt. The assailants poured out of the hummer and approached the porch; heavily armed with machine guns. My eyes quickly flew around the room as I searched for answers on what my next move would be. I ran towards the window and removed the screen of it and kicked a hole through the glass which broke easily. With the enemies kicking the door down I climbed out of the window and landed on the side of my cabin; a good 10 feet away from the hummer. The men were now inside the cabin, and I knew it; I had no time to lose. Running towards the hummer I dug through the trunk and found Roy’s body and picked him up and threw him in the front seat as I coalesced the engine with the keys still in the ignition.

The start-up was loud but before the men could catch me I was out of firing range, the popped tire increased difficulty in driving and slowed it down significantly. Although, it provided enough speed for an ensured escape. Driving at around 40 MPH through the forest, I glanced at the passing surroundings which were nothing but tall trees and archaic buildings. I did not want to stop for supplies though. Anything other than reviving Roy to full health seemed extraneous at this point. Roy’s condition was recondite and I would do anything now for him to gain consciousness again.

We drove throughout the long night, and before sunrise I parked at an abandoned mill in the deepest part of the forest, far from any civilization I could see. Removing Roy’s body from the trunk, and carrying him in my arms; I moved up the hill slowly until I reached the entrance of the mill. Once entering I set Roy down on a table which appeared to not have been used in years. The room was dark and musty, tables and small chairs were scattered throughout the entire room, and a small stairway in the corner led upstairs. All the wooden tables and chairs, cracked from times force were going to have to do as a barricade of the door for a while. I reached into my pocket, pulling out a lighter and a few small pieces of lint which I tossed aside. Scanning the room, I found a few candles and set one on each table, lighting them one by one until the room was dimly lit.

I gathered scrap wood and chairs and stacked them all by the door and turned facing Roy once more. His condition was bad, that much was veritable; but how could he be out for so long? Pacing the incommodious room I glanced at the stairway; debating on whether or not to go up. It was too dark and its presence itself seemed uncouth to me. Whatever was up there I did not want to know, and did not want to risk the danger as well. After aimlessly meandering the room, I sat beside Roy and examined his watch. Already 4:48 PM; which meant I had to gather supplies for the night before the dark set in. I arose and wandered down the small hill towards the hummer and stuck both of my hands in and gripped my fingers around a few bottles of water as well as blankets, setting them down beside my feet. Reaching back in I took out military rationed precooked meals and gathered all of the supplies and walked back to the mill.

Roy slept but did not sleep. His body grew restless as he scrambled around the table and fell to the ground on all fours. Breathing heavily, he glanced towards me as if he had seen a ghost then backed away slowly. “Roy!” I ran towards him with full speed as he shattered a candle case on the floor, now gripping a rigid glass shard in his hand. My eyes met the shard, and I came to a halt.

“Roy it’s me…” I approached him cautiously with both hands up in the air to signify harmlessness. He did not speak and looked at me with a crazed look as his grip on the shard slowly waned. Approaching as slowly as possible, I attempted to grab the shard from him but was too late. My hands flew forward aiming at the shard as he grabbed me with his other hand and shoved the shard into my arm with brute force. Stumbling backwards in pain, Roy relentlessly tackled me, pinning me to the ground striking me repeatedly. Each blow I took, my vision blurred, blood flowing in my mouth tasted salty yet sweet at the same time.

After several blows to the face, fury surged through my entire being, producing retaliation of the largest magnitude. Striking his left cheek then his neck, he rolled off of me groping his face, burying his entire head in his arms laying on his stomach. Volatile rage still flowing I kicked his sides while he was down, kicking him over and over as he let out large grunts and crawled away in horror. The anger was released as I set him down on a chair, his bloody face looked horrific, and the bruises on his neck were just as bad.

“I-I’m sorry Silv… I thought you were one of them.. I don’t know what came over me,” Roy softly whispered.

“It’s okay, but thought I was who?” I replied.

He dozed off and drooped his head downwards as blood let out of his mouth.

“Roy, who?” I repeated.

I picked up his head and pried his eyelids open as he gazed at me; “The same men who invaded AR’s first base, they’re back and they took everyone at our camp.”

As easing as Roy’s ability to speak and his consciousness present again was; it did not provide the answers needed to set things right again. I was about to continue the interrogation until footsteps and the sound of vehicles lurked outside. Alerted, I climbed upstairs with Roy and peeked out the window. Hundreds of wounded soldiers; who seemed to be wearing all kinds of uniforms came to a cease in movement near the hill. Examining closer; I noticed a solider dressed as AR, and the other uniforms seemed to be soldiers from multiple other armies. Perhaps an alliance of some sort?

The feeble battalion of the alliance collapsed outside of the mill, their weary bodies hit the cold surface hard. Their exhaustion radiated to me as well, and I could not help but feel deep sorrow for them. Catching the AR soldier in my peripheral vision I advanced towards him. As I grew closer to him, his appearance became more and more familiar, until I could purely identify him as IanRoach. Picking up speed as I identified him, I reached Ian instantaneously; and he greeted me.

Roy and I assisted Ian in gathering his few belongings and progressed inward to the mill. We sat Ian’s things down as he took a seat at a nearby table. Various other soldiers were scattered throughout the room, covered in wounds of all sorts. Ian was fiddling with a pocket knife between his fingers, and slowly looked up at Roy and I.

“What can I do for you?” Ian bluntly stated; locking in eye contact with me.

“Well.. I figured you could tell me everything that happened.” I replied.

“Alright. Shortly after you left camp, drones flew around the entire camp. This caused us to worry and we moved into our cabins and armed ourselves lightly. Although… It didn’t help very much. Within moments the entire east side of camp was demolished and set to flames. Troops evacuated and I left our cabin.. and then..” He paused for a moment, fiddling with his pocket knife in his fingers once again.

“And then what?” Roy and I interrupted in unison.

Well I fled from the camp, shooting down a few enemy soldiers and met up with Blondie. She was attempting to flee as well but was captured and taken hostage as well as nearly all the other AR soldiers. I was fortunate enough to get away because I hid up in the trees until the entire enemy unit had passed. After that; this alliance you see here all passed by and were invading the enemy’s base but obviously did not prevail. We retreated back into the woods and now we’re here.”

“With all honesty, I figured that’s what happened. Although your survival is astounding.” I said in astonishment.

“Well how did you survive Roy?” Ian asked.

“Simply hid.” Roy stated.

“There has to be more than that,” Ian replied.

“No,” Roy muttered. “Nothing else.”

Even with a verbatim description of what had occurred, it did not help settle my mind. We sat in silence as the soldiers of the alliance wandered about the room, performing tasks of all sorts. I arose from the table and walked upstairs, leaving Roy and Ian quiet at the table. Sounds of jeeps igniting rang in my ears and I peered out the window, observing hundreds of soldiers packing up weapons as the night began to descend.

As I gazed out the window, engulfed in my own thought; noises began to catch the attention of soldiers outside as they all simultaneously looked up in awe and fear. This combination of emotions only signified dread and hell to strike. Laconically, all the soldiers outside stood stunned gazing up at the sky, and as I regained my full attention to my surroundings, I too heard the noise. However; this noise was familiar. The same noise I had heard when the camp was attacked for the first time months ago.

Panicked, I looked down outside of the mill as troops disseminated weapons as quickly as possible and I ran downstairs to regroup with Ian and Roy. Soldiers around us shouted orders at one another, footsteps rumbled above our heads on the 2nd floor. Grabbing Roy and Ian, we moved back upstairs and armed ourselves with our own pistols and sat in a corner as snipers positioned themselves and all units took defensive positions. Within moments, planes flew overhead; dropping firebombs, setting the entire forest around the mill in flames, inducing panic among our own defensive lines. Screams flooded my ears as tanks and enemy soldiers advanced towards the mill.

Impeding ourselves in the mill, gunshots began to be fired by both sides; and I rapidly began firing out the window. Ian and Roy soon joined in, picking off the enemy one by one as our aims soon became askew from ammo deficiency. Snipers near us fell to the ground with bullet wounds far too horrid to be healed, causing their death almost instantly.

Ian looked at me in fear, “We have to get out of here now! We don’t stand a chance anymore!” He shouted over the sounds of gunshots.

“Especially without any ammo!” Roy joined in.

I nodded and we crawled down the stairs with extreme caution, and before we could process what we saw, it happened. Allied soldiers poured out of the mill firing and charging with knives, rushing the entire enemy line. Thoughtlessness possessing my mind, I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my large hunting knife and charged as well, with Roy and Ian joining in behind me. Catching an enemy in my vision, I ran towards him, jabbing the knife into his side as he looked up at me with fear. The light drained from his eyes as I slid the knife out of him and stabbed his neck repeatedly; blood spurting out at me incessantly. I removed the blood drenched knife and advanced towards my next victim, repeatedly stabbing him over and over, and onto the next as well.

Enemy lines fell back in trepidation and withdrew into the woods. Shots rained into the woods and soon it was all over. I glanced back at Roy and Ian, soaked in blood and gun residue. Before I could grab a chance to speak with them, an allied soldier appeared in front of me.

“You know there’s still work to be done, and a counter-strike on our part is imminent. We want to strike back now, morale is still up, and attacking the enemy HQ would end this war and possibly save your entire army.” The soldier said.

“How do you know what happened to my friends?” I asked.

“I overheard you last night; if they’re anywhere, it’s bound to be at the HQ.”

“If it’ll get my army back, we’ll be more than happy to help.”

He smiled and nodded in approval and shouted orders to the allies, and they began to move deeper into the woods. Roy and Ian and I gathered our things and followed them, watching the sun set on the horizon. Praying to be victorious and rectify our lives once again.

End of Part II


  1. It was a  mild night, and myself and four others were on guard duty. It wasn’t  so bad in watch towers such as this. It had quite a few hints of luxury; a mini-fridge, a microwave, ready made meals and a bowl of fruit. Leaning against the wall was my Sniper, State of the Art; Compact magazine holding 15 rounds, zoom-lensed scope, and a stand. Army Republic’s base was protected by four perimeter walls; each corner containing an upright watchtower. In the other three were Hopper, Royilumbo & Rarity. Behind me I could see Hopper stuffing his face on ready made chicken curry, the the right of me I could see Rarity combing her hair, and to the left of me was Royilumbo, playing with his Sniper. I turned back to get an apple, when I heard a whistle, the sound of something cutting through the air. That was when I heard Rarity scream.
  2. Rarity was backed up against one side of the watchtower, panting. I looked around, trying to see what had caused the problem. That’s when I saw it. An RPF Troop. He wore a black hat with a skull and crossbones on it, night vision goggles with a green glow, and a compact FAMAS, a French-made Sub-Machine gun, also known as an SMG. He had shot the radio on Rarity’s desk, to stop her from contacting support. Also, nobody could of heard the gunshot, as he had a 4cm long silencer on his FAMAS. He held the gun to Rarity’s head, threatening to “blow our brains out”. I knew what to do in these situations, I was trained to. “Hand over your weapons”, he demanded. I handed over my M9 Beretta pistol, mag out and handle facing towards him. Rarity did the same. “Kneel down, hands on your head”. We did as asked. The RPF Troop clearly thought he had this in the bag, with a smug grin spreading across his face. But there was a chink in his armour. He didn’t search them for any other weapons. I kept a knife strapped to my leg, for situations such as this. [CURRENTLY BEING EDITED]

Night Fire #4

By. Lord Jay

I thought all the Night Fire stuff had been finished but then after weeks of them having a disappearance, it all happened. Emma and Slick were having their weekly announcement of trainings, recruiting sessions etc.  when about 3 grenades come into the camp. I yelled “GRENADE” and everyone luckily got to cover after 2 of them I grabbed the last grenade and threw it into the forest, I saw it explode in the distance. And I noticed on the grenade that is was red and black and said “NF” on it, I knew it immediately.

I went into Emmarose’s room where she was pacing, I knocked and she looked alarmed but gestured for me to come in. I walked into the room and told Emma what I saw and what it was if she didn’t remember it from a while ago, but she did remember it. She said that I would lead a squadron to find out where they have been settling for the past few months so I got my team ready. I went into the owners den and I grabbed Sanmiasha, Proteus/Candy, and then I saw Baller sitting in the retirement den and I asked him if he wanted to come along he said “I may be retired but that doesn’t mean I can’t fight.” So I decided to take him and I got Greeny the general and Wheelo the UK leader. So far I had Jay, Baller, Greeny, Wheelo, Sanmiasha and Candy which I will prefer as Proteus. So we grabbed our weapons, bullet proof vests, grenades, and armor. We got into the chopper that we take where Stormer was our pilot today I said “Morning, Stormer”, he replied “Mornin Jay, where to?” “Not really sure we have to check a few servers to find the Night Fire”. He nodded and we were on our way, I did the headcount and we were ready. We scanned the servers of: Toboggan, Berg, Ascent, and finally we went to Klondike where we saw them, I told Stormer to get out of sight and we landed in the Dojo Courtyard where none of them were. I said thanks to Stormer and gave him a few bucks and he was off. Me, Wheelo, Greeny, Candy, Baller, and San (which I will call the dream team), were all going down the mountain to find the Ski Village where about 15 of them were, I told my team that this would be a piece of cake. Wheelo agreed since he’s fought a few of them as well. So we got our weapons out and jumped into the Ski Village where the Night Fire “You have the right to remain silence” I put my hands up and the group did the same but that’s when I said “Actually, I believe you do.” and I fired a machine gun at one of the captains, he fell to the ground and I smiled and said “Who’s next?” We all started shooting there were bullets flying in the air of both armies, Baller jumped into the air and did a slash kick to one of the troops and they fell to the ground and Baller took his weapons, San was attacking one of the 2ic’s and it looked like she was having trouble but then she slashed him with a hidden knife in her sleeve and shot him when he fell. After a while they were all on the ground either dead or majorly injured. We took all their weapons, and radios to the other troops. From there we continued taking a shortcut into the town.
I lead us into the Town where only a group of 5 stood looking like they were on watch, they immediately saw us and before they could speak we all raised our weapons to each one of them and I said a great phrase that I heard in a movie I said “Make a move reindeer games” a few of my troops laughed behind me because they knew where it was from, the Night Fire immediately dropped all their weapons and were face down on the ground, we chained them to the night club poles or the Coffee Shop chairs and tables and taped their mouths, took their radios and weapons as well. And then Greeny and Proteus both said at the same time “Well, that was easy”. I replied “The Night Fire aren’t exactly an army, they have no servers they just raid servers”. We continued on to the Snow Forts.

I knew that this one was the camp since I saw a LOT of guards loaded heavily so I brought out a few more weapons that either I got from camp or stole from the Night Fire troops. A few of us had grenade launchers and we also restocked all our guns. That’s when Greeny said to me “Jay, let me start it this time”. I stuttered for a second but then nodded in agreement, I lead Greeny go in front of me. He said to the troops “Hey there guys, do you really want to do this or maybe do you want to back away before you’re all killed?” I looked at him in suprise but we all raised the weapons and they NF did the same. I then said “I think they choose the second option” and then I threw a grenade into the camp and said “Woops” and it exploded then the dream team scattered and they didnt know where we went and then we all shot at the same time. 9 of them fell to the ground, and we came out and finished the rest where Greeny took control of one of the troops arms and twisted his arm backwards and pulled the trigger, I thought “So basically he just shot himself.” but I didn’t say it out loud. But then I saw him, I saw a group of all the major let’s say dictators of CP armies I saw Ioioluk which I thought quit everything to do with CP armies, I saw Waterkid100, Lord Pain, and a few others. Lord Pain said to me “Nice to see you Jay, I see that you have found us”. I said “Pain, my old terrible leader.” that’s when he shot at me right in the chest, I acted like I was hurt and fell to the ground, where he said “AR soldiers see what your rightful leader can do? He was an idiot but now he is no more. Now who’s next?” But then right then I turned fastly around and shot Pain right in the heart, he died right on the spot and I said “Good leaders come prepared Pain” he turned to me sweared a bit and died. That’s when every troop of mine pointed their guns at Water and Ioio who dropped their weapons. I took them and put a bomb on the camp, we walked out in slow motion with Ioio and Waterkid on their knees where the camp exploded. We went back to the chopper where we saw Stormer and he saw us with Waterkid and Ioio and us in blood but we felt confident, I made sure everyone was there and indeed we were. We went back to camp where Slick gave us all honorary medals and we were all being cheered by the troops. From then on everyone knew us as the dream team.


The Patriot Part 1

One day the newly promoted owners: Slick and Emma got leadership in the Army Republic a man came along that no one knew he was named the AR Patriot, a super hero mostly like Iron Man but he flew down in a blue and white looking Iron Man suit and was named “The Patriot”. He talked to Slick and Emma and they later found out that this Patriot guy was actually Lord Jay the Army Republic 2ic and former leader. Everyone knew him and then he gained a side kick, Pop Pop also known as the Army Republic moderator named Lollypop. A evil man rose into 3ic in AR named Stormer where the Patriot fought him a lot and I mean a lot. But one day the one known as Stormer came along and threated to make Sanmiasha’s and Blondie’s house explode! Two current AR 2ic’s so of course I called for my Patriot suit and I stopped Stormer from doing such things and set his jet on fire which fell to a crash but then Stormer jumped out of the jet at the last second and me and him had an aerial attack fight where The Patriot shot lasers at Stormer and where Stormer would use weapons of choice, they were fighting above all the citizens of New York City and so The Patriot knew that he had to stop this before the city was destroyed so he sent out one of his famous Jericho Missiles at Stormer which Stormer knew what it was so he was terrified so he tried to run but was hit by the Jericho, Stormer fell down into New York where The Patriot went and caught him and flew him down to the city, he was uncontentious but I didn’t care I took him back to the AR Camp where I entered with cheers and clapping where I saw Emma in the front of the group just standing there smiling I knew at that point I had to get out of my suit so I ejected and I came out of The Patriot suit. From there everyone clapped even more so I knew that I was indeed a super hero. From then on I was known as The Patriot. 😀

Lord Jay

The Patriot

Night Fire #3

By. Jay

The next day I woke urgently. I heard something outside I went to look when I saw Tracker just walking around outside. I wondered what he was doing but I stayed hidden, but then I heard a loud bam, there was a lot of smoke, and Tracker was gone. Then I ran out looked away to see black and red penguins… Night Fire. I wonder how they found our camp, oh wait Ioioluk knows. Everyone came outside and the first to arrive was Vinny and Bur. They asked me “Jay, what happened?” I hesitated and replied “Night Fire happened and Tracker was kidnapped.” They stared into the woods where they ran of to and looked surprised. I said then “I know where their new base is.” “Where?” Vinny asked “Sub Zero, the Ice Warriors capital.” They nodded and said “We are going to go speak with Albert immediately.” Vinny nodded and then Bur said “I want you come to Jay” I nodded and walked along through the woods we were not armed but hopefully that wasn’t a problem. We walked until a patrol of Ice Warriors made of Aquabluejet, Alicia, and Aln. Mostly they knew me since I was in Ice Warriors once. They asked “Army Republic, why are you in our territory?” Bur replied “I must speak with Albert, immediately.” Aqua asked “And what is the reason?” Vinny replied this time and said “Only Albert should know this for now let’s just say it’s for everyone’s sake here.” They wondered and then Aqua gestured for us to follow. I walked along with Bur on my left and Vinny on my right. We walked until we saw the camp. We walked in and I saw Albert right away giving orders and Albert looked to me and smiled and nodded and then went to me instead of Bur or Vinny and asked “Hello, Jay! Why are you here?” I smiled in pleasure to see my old leader and then I replied “We must speak in private” he nodded and gestured towards his den. We followed with Bur and Vinny in front. When we walked in Albert asked “Okay, tell me.” Vinny replied “There are a group of rogues living on your capital, and Light Troops are helping them invade you soon.” Albert stared in horror and asked “Do the rogues have an army name?” I replied this time “They aren’t exactly an army but a group of rogues but you could make them an army and their name is the Night Fire.” He nodded and turned to Bur “What should we do?” Bur replied “Attack with the forces of Army Republic and Ice Warriors together to take out Night Fire and Light Troops.” He nodded slowly and then said “Do you think we could get another army just in case we need it?” Vinny replied “We won’t need it.” Albert smiled and said “We will attack at noon.” We nodded and Albert said “Have your troops here before noon.” We nodded and walked out. As we walked back to the camp we saw Royilumbo, Wheelo, Blondie, and Hopper out and they were patrolling the border between Army Republic and Pirates I saw Hopper and said “hello” because we are friends and he said “Hi, Jay” back to me and then we walked on. When we got there Bur told me to plan the event. I nodded and went up to the podium. Vinny ordered everyone to come and then I started “Army Republic! We are attacking Night Fire at noon along with the Ice Warriors. As you know or may not know the Light Troops are there and that is the reason we need 2 armies. Army Republic and Ice Warriors vs. Night Fire and Light Troops. We will head towards the Ice Warriors camp before noon and we will have many helicopters and planes waiting to take us to Sub Zero where they are hiding.” Everyone cheered and I walked off. Bur said “Good job Jay” I smiled and nodded and walked away. Later when it was about 11:30 and went to the Ice Warriors camp Albert was waiting outside and he said “We are going to leave now so we can plan before we invade.” Bur nodded and said “Let’s get on then.” We piled into the planes and helicopters and headed for Sub Zero this time their base was at the Dojo. We flew out of sight of the dojo and landed at the Iceberg. We unloaded and got our weapons and then Albert, Vinny, and Bur nodded and we headed towards the mountain behind the Dojo. We got there and ran down the mountain to see a patrol of Light Troops guards outside of the Dojo. There were only 2 and I said to Albert, Vinny, and Bur “I got this.” I walked ahead of them hid behind a stone wall then jumped out with my gun and shot both in two shots. Bur said “Nice, Jay.” And we went to the entrance of the Dojo and then on 3 we charged in 1…….. 2…….. 3!!!!!!!!!! We ran in fired our guns at everything, I saw Ioioluk staring in horror and I tackled him and put a gun to him. He smiled and laughed and then said “DO IT KILL ME” I shot him but then I saw his bullet-proof vest. I tackled him and then majorly injured him. I saw Bur fighting the Night Fire leader his name was Dack. Bur shot at Dack and then missed. Dack shot at Bur when Bur wasn’t ready and I ran forward jumped in front of Bur and I was the one who got shot to save my leader. Bur stared at me horrified but then when Dack came up to me I did a summer- salt, flipped him over and shot him in the back. He fell to the ground immediately and I went to Dack and made sure he was dead. Bur nodded at me and said “Thank you, Jay.” I smiled and nodded and then I went to attack more I found a room in the Dojo where I found a lot of controls and it had monitors of all the army’s camps. Even our camp was there. I shot at the screens one by one and shot at the dashboard and threw a grenade into the floor and I dived out. I saw Antant trying to take on the Night Fire and Light Troops 2ic by himself and from a long way away I took my sniper and shot the Light Troops 2ic right in the side and he was gone. Antant looked at me and nodded and he easily took the Night Fire 2ic and that is when I heard Ioioluk say “RETREAT” “RETREAT!” Then I remembered Tracker and I found a prison hold and I found him along with Iceyfeet the retired Ice Warriors leader and creator. I broke the lock with a shot for both of them and we left. I went out to see Vinny he said “You killed the Night Fire leader!” I nodded and he said “Great, great job, Jay.” I said thanks and we went back home. The End?

Night Fire Part 2- Jay

I pressed my flipper against the panel and it had a countdown from 10. Me, Tracker, Roy, and Blondie ran straight for the nearest exit which was the back exit. I ran out and found myself shot. I saw Ioioluk standing with the Night Fire soldiers, I remembered that I had a bullet proof vest on but I still fell to the ground. He said aloud “AR troops, your 3ic is dead.” I saw Tracker’s desperate face staring at me that’s when all of the AR troops dropped their weapons, I knew the bomb would go off any second so I got up and tackled Ioioluk to the ground and yelled for the others to run. They ran to the mountains and Ioioluk said to me “Jay, this is the last time. I will finish this!” I pinned him to the ground and then ran into the forest that was near by. When it felt like I had ran forever I heard a giant crash and I knew it was the bomb. I then ran up the mountain to Tracker, Roy, and Blondie and they looked at me and said “You were alive the whole time?” I nodded and said “Bullet-proof vests come in handy, Tracker.” He nodded and then I got out my phone and called Bur. He picked up immediately and asked “Is everything all right, Jay?” I said “Yes, we finished the mission and none of us are killed.  Some scarred but not killed.” He replied “Good, anything else?” I said “Yes, LT has joined the Night Fire.” I heard Bur gasp and ask “How do you know?” “Ioioluk was there. He tried to kill me but I pinned him to the ground and ran.” He then said “Okay, Jay I will send Gabz to the Stadium get there.” “Okay sir.” I then turned to the group and said “We are going to the stadium, to wait for Gabz.” They nodded and we headed towards the Dock we went to the Dock and then to the Town and then to the Forts and then to the Stadium. Gabz was just landing when we got there so we hopped on and left. I asked Gabz if I could do something and she said sure so when we were in the air of the helicopter I opened the door took out my RPG and fired a blast at the Night Fire HQ. It exploded loudly and I shut the door. Tracker laughed and then we went home. We arrived at the camp and I ran out to find the whole army standing there cheering and clapping I saw Whats Up11 coming towards me with a medal I was surprised to see him and him giving me the medal it was nice since Whats Up11 was one of my friends so he placed out on my head and I whispered “Thanks.” He nodded and went back to the crowd. I then saw many other troops award Tracker, Roy, and Blondie but then Vinny invited us up to the podium. I nodded and led them to the podium and then Vinny asked “Who lead the mission?” It was an awkward silence for a moment but Blondie said “Jay, he lead us, he planned the attack and he defeated Ioioluk.” The crowd gasped in horror and Vinny said “Okay, Jay get up here.” I nodded and stepped up and Bur whispered “Tell a story” I nodded and said “Okay, so we got into the helicopter and flew to Toboggan, Iceberg. We found Billybob there and he told us about the Night Fire and told us he was on Sub Zero also, the Ice Warriors capital. He told us where their base was which was in the Ski Village. We used the teleporter to teleport to the mountain and we went there. I explained a plan to act like I was in the Night Fire and to capture Blondie.  I did this and then we ambushed 8 Night Fire soldiers. Royilumbo was the best fighter there. He did a flip in mid air and then shot a soldier and he fell. Tracker defeated the Night Fire 2ic and Blondie and I took out many other soldiers. I walked in and found the leader of the Night Fire and detonated the bomb and when I ran out, I found a gunshot into my jacket shot by Ioioluk the Light Troops leader. Even though I had a bullet-proof vest on. I later got up and pinned him to the ground and I ran into the forest and I heard the HQ explode. And then when I was in the helicopter I shot a RPG shot at the HQ a final time. I know now that Ioioluk and LT are helping the Night Fire to take over our land. And they are heading for the Ice Warriors capital, Sub Zero.” Everyone clapped and Vinny said “dismissed”.

Night Fire- Jay

I walked in to the owners den after Buritodaily and Vinny had called all the 3ic’s and 2ic’s there. I was nervous even though I had been in owners meetings before I was about to walk in before Yoangelyo comes up to me and asks “Jay, do you think I am a good soldier?” I hesitate for a moment and say “Yoan, why wouldn’t I? You are funny, smart and well you always cheer me up.” she smiles, nods and then walks away I ask to myself “What was that about?” but I walked into the owners den along with Antant98 and Tracker next to me. I take a seat next to Antant98 the AR 2ic.Vinny starts the meeting “Owners, there have been a sudden fall in Army Republic recently our sizes have died down to only 15+.” Bur then started “This isn’t terrible, but you know we want sizes of 20+ or 25+ at the least and then 30+ or 35+ and you all know my dream of 50+.” Everybody nodded because we all know about Bur’s dream and then Vinny asked “Does anybody here have anything to say?” I nodded to Vinny and he said “Yes, Jay?” I stood up to the podium and said “I have seen these size changes and I am not happy. I do not know the reason of our size decrease but it is not making anyone happy. But one day soon we will achieve goals of great sizes, the best troops, the most land, and the best leaders, oh wait that last one is already finished.” Bur and Vinny smiled and then said “Owners dismissed” And I walked out along with Tracker, one of my best friends. Then Bur walked up and said “Jay, me and Vinny want to speak with you alone, meet me at the island” The island was a place where we have big, important meetings, or if a leader wants to speak with you alone so I walked over there and Bur said “Jay, I need you to go into Toboggan with 1 other owner and 2 generals. This mission is very important and I knew you would be able to do it.” Vinny then said “Okay, it will be dangerous the reason we are sending you here is because there have been a group of rogues which call themselves the “Night Fire” they are more of a gang then rogues and you know we don’t want rogues on our land.” I nodded and Bur said “Dismissed” I left and went to find 1 other owner I knew who it would be, Tracker. And I needed 2 generals, Royilumbo and Blondie.  I went to find Tracker when I found him eating a fish over by the stream. I went over and said “Tracker, Bur and Vinny wants me to go on a secret mission and I am aloud to take 1 owner and 2 generals and I am taking you if you would like.” He nodded and smiled and said “Who are the generals?” I replied “Royilumbo and Blondie.” Tracker nodded and I explained the mission and then I told Roy and Blondie. I knew we would leave that next day but then Vinny told all of Army Republic to gather beneath the major podium the one he addresses the army with. I went over and Vinny gestured for me, Tracker, Roy, and Blondie to come up next to him and Bur. He started “Army Republic, on our capital, Toboggan there have been a group of rogues named “Night Fire” who are burning the land and setting it on fire. I am sending 4 troops to go into their base and set off a bomb. In the center of their HQ you will find something that looks like a spaceship on it there is a pad press your flipper against it and press detonate and then run. I am sending Jay Army Republic 3ic, Tracker Army Republic 3ic, Royilumbo Army Republic General, and Blondie Army Republic General. In this mission make sure to take food, water, guns, bullets, and anything you need. Thank you and good luck and you are leaving soon so get ready.” I stared at Bur in surprise and said “We are leaving tonight?” he nodded and said “It is quite urgent.” I nodded and went to the supplies to get food, water, guns, and bullets. I then went to wait for Tracker, Blondie, and Royilumbo even though Roy was already there. Later, Tracker and Blondie came and we headed for the helicopter with Vinny. Before we got on Vinny said “Safe travels.” I nodded and walked to the helicopter with Gabz in the cockpit. I sat in the front row with Tracker on the side and asked “Have you been on any of these missions as a 3ic?” He said “No, have you?” I replied “Yes once only to talk with a few leaders on Mammoth once.” That is when we reached Toboggan and I looked down to see a group of black and red penguins dancing at first I thought it was Underground Mafias but then Gabz said over the intercom “That is the group of rogues, Night Fire.” I nodded and then we landed into the landing pad on the Iceberg. We got off and found Billybob there staring at the island beyond the iceberg in terror. I walked over there and said “Billybob? Is everything alright?” Then he replied “No, the Night Fire is taking over Toboggan and soon they are going for Sub Zero.” Then I said happily “That is the reason we are here. We are here to stop the Night Fire and destroy their base. And we know how.” He looked around and asked “Who are you?” I replied “The Army Republic, I am Jay the 3ic of AR.” He nodded and said “Do you have any others?” I nodded and pointed to Tracker, Roy, and Blondie. He smiled and said “Good luck fellow soldiers” I then told the others “Go to the Mountain their base is in the Ski Village and we can start from the mountains down.” They nodded and we teleported there. We got there and looked down from the mountain to see tons of black and red soldiers with rifles guarding the camp at all costs. I whispered back “I know a way to get through but it will be hard.”  They nodded and whispered “What is it?” I then said “I will walk into the town getting chased by one of you and then you say ‘I know you were planning to attack the Night Fire and then take me into their base and then we go on from there and the penguin who captures the other one will be dressed as the NF or Night Fire.” They nodded and said “Who will be captured?” when Blondie said “I will.” And I said “I will be the capturer. I have black and red clothes I can wear.” That’s when I ran down the mountain chasing Blondie and through a net and she tripped, I walked over to her and said “I know you were planning to attack us, let’s go.” We walked into the base and the guards moved away to let us through. There were 8 guards around the base when I signaled for Tracker and Royilumbo to attack the NF. I let Blondie out of the net and gave her a weapon I brought out a N6- 40k Rifle, pushed a guard to the ground and shot 2 of them, when Blondie came and shot another bigger guard then her from the back. And Royilumbo tackled a soldier, did a flip in the air and shot him while Roy was upside-down. I started in amazement at Roy but then killed the last of them. Tracker had pinned a soldier to the ground who had the name of 2ic on his badge. I walked over and shot him along with Tracker and said “Let’s go.” I took the 2ic’s badge into the rooms and carried onward. I walked through the doors of the base where I saw a penguin who had the name of leader on his badge and I said “Hello, Commander.” He nodded to me and asked “What are you doing with these, these penguins?” in a low deep voice and then I replied “Prisoners, they attacked and killed 8 guards outside and now they are going to the lock-down.” He nodded and said “carry on.” I then found a place in the center of the base where it looked like a spaceship and I knew it was what Vinny talked about. I put my flipper against it and clicked detonate. To be continued.

Assault Part 3 – Manut

“WHEELO, TRACKER, MANUT, GABBY, MCLOVIN TO BARRACKS 4!” came the booming voice of Antant.
I jogged after my squad and hopped into the barrack. I filled my gun with ammo. Gunfire and shells flew overhead. Yells of commanders, exchanged gunfire and the sounds of bombs being dropped dominated my hearing. I stood up and fired at an opposing squad of CPPA Pirates. We exchanged fire until a grenade flew into my direction. It rolled along the ground but Tracker managed to fling it out of the barrack. It exploded in mid-air, giving the enemy the impression that we were dead. I climbed up from the barrack and fired through the smoke. My comrades followed and in a few seconds, we conquered one of CPPA’s barracks.
We ambushed nearby barracks giving the other squads a chance to conquer them. An aircraft carrier whirred overhead, obviously containing either Burito or Vinny. CPPA’s surrender was to be officaly declared today.
As more troops came, we pushed forward. CPPA started to retreat back towards the city. We chased after them, shooting as many as we could. We reached the city’s outpost and killed the sentry. We broke the barrier and ran after the CPPA troops.
We barged through panicking citizens, firing in the direction of CPPA. I tackled one Pirate and brought him down. Just as I was about to slit his throat, a wailing sound filled the air.
I quickly killed the Pirate and caught up with my squad.
“Get inside to a cellar or something,” ordered Tracker.
“Who’d be bombing us? WA know that they can’t interfere, and DW or the remains of LT would never bomb their allies!” Wheelo said.
We looked up towards the bombers, which were covered in purple with two white letters painted on each side which clearly stated –
“PURPLE REPUBLIC!” James yelled.
We all jumped into different buildings to get away from their shellings. The bombing immediatly started, making fierce tremors in the ground. It stopped for about a few minutes until a shattering missile whacked the ground, making the ground above us collapse. I reached for the stairs and barged through. I looked around and saw gas expanding towards me. I grabbed my mask and put it on quickly. The building above me started to collapse so I dived out. I stood up and saw what remained of Migrator. Rubble, fire, gas. I started to realize what happened but not before Wheelo pointed it out.
“Looks like we’ve been nuked,” he said.

Assault Part 2- Manut

I sat bolt upright. A searing pain raced through my neck. I grimaced harshfully. A warm breeze lightly passed by my face. It started to grow colder. Within 10 seconds it was a blisteringly freezing hurricane I was encountering. I gripped at the ground, but the wind pushed me back. I slammed into a comrade. I looked at him in the face and roared. It was the zombie like face of Hick. He grabbed me by my cheeks, dug my nails into my face, bared his brownish, rotten teeth and-I opened my eyes to be greeted by a pair of black boots nudging me in the face. “Get up you lously little scumbag,” came the recognisable voice of Rawkinman. I looked up to see a full penguin face, no sign that he was a zombie. I grimaced as I supported myself up. I examined my surroundings and quickly spotted a group of soldiers hunched over a few flickering flames burning three strong logs of wood. I started walking over to them but tripped over something. I looked at it from my fallen position. The body of Hawk, one of the IW soldiers. His eyes were open, staring into space. I checked his pulse but recoiled at the cold touch of his throat. I figured he was dead. I got up and walked away from the body of my former comrade. I seated myself on a large rock around the fire and started talking to my fellow comrades. “You certainly took one heck of a whalloping,” said Nacho2. “Wait, didn’t I just whack my head off the seat of the chair?” I asked. “Nah, you got flung outta your chair and got thrown around the place. That Rawkinman dude couldnt stop laughing before you crashed into him,” said Sledge. I smile at the thought of crashing into a hysterical Raw but quickly bring my knees up to my chest as gunfire riddles the leaves underneath me. I quickly look up towards the trees and spot a Dark Warrior manning a turret. I dart behind a tree as I listen to screams and exchanged gunfire from my comrades. I saw my bag near a man-made hut and reached for it. Bullets blasted through my skin, bone and flesh as I stretched out my arm. I yelled but still managed to grab my backpack. I reached inside with my good hand and took out one of my hand-guns. I fired at the Dark Warrior but discovered two CPPA Pirates, three Dark Warriors and seven Light Troops. I decided that this needed to be done the professionals way. I grapped a mortar bomb and flung it into the direction of our attackers. I heard a satsfying “BOOM” and dug further into my bag for my M4 and yanked it out. I rolled along the ground, clutching my M4 with my good hand, and aimed into the direction of the BA troops. When the smoke clears, I discard my M4 and support myself with my one working hand. I look around. I can easily spot the injured from the dead. I make a mental list of how badly we suffered in this ambush. Nacho2, Axel and Freeze are dead. Raw, Sledge and Cpwarriorful are seriously injured. Nacho1 is burying his head in the chest of his dead brother. Hick is looking for any ambush survivors. I trudge over to the injured. Raw’s leg has been riddles with bullets. Sledge has only a bit of flesh and skin holding on to one of his arms. Cpwarrior has taken a bullet to the chest. I see a long fallen branch, snap it in two and make two make-shift crutches for Raw. I take a knife from my pocket, and slice off Sledge’s arm. He roars in agony nearly making me feel as if I have cut off my own arm. I quickly tear off a large leaf from a nearby branch and wrap it around the bloody stump that is Sledge’s arm. I call Hick and Nacho1. “We have to move on,” I say firmly. “We can’t just leave their bodies there!” Nacho1 exclaims. “Im sorry Nacho, but Im afraid we have to leave. We can bury him if you like,” Hick suggests. We all agree and bury our dead. We then take a moment, and head into the jungle. After hours of trecking, we come to the outskirts of a village. The people wore drab brown uniforms. Icebox. Guards marched through the street, beating and arresting citizens for bumping into them. Snipers and turrets lined the roof of every building. I take out my M4 and open fire on a squad of troops. I order Sledge to grab onto my back with his remaining arm, order Raw to get on Nacho’s back and get Hick to carry Cpwarrior. We run through citizens, barely escaping the gunfire of the snipers and turrets. We outspeed the troops but the turrets remain firmly on our tails. We finally reached the gates to Ioio’s mansion. I kill the guards with ease and throw Sledge over the wall. Hick and Nacho do the same and then we throw ourselves over. We exchange fire with the turrets that line the roof of Ioio’s house. Within a few seconds, were inside murdering guards. “Follow me, Ive been here before,” says Nacho1. No one objects so we follow him, guns firing at cameras, locks and guards. After about ten minutes, we reach a solid door. “No gunfire can get this thing open,” sighs Hick. “But mines can!” exclaims Nacho1. We immediatly back away as Nacho1 places a mine on the door. “Stand back!” he says in a disturbing giggly voice. The door blows open and we switch on the light on our guns. We all clearly hear the moans of the captured leaders. I look at Vendetta and A through the smoke, and my hand immediatly goes to my Swiss-Army-Knife. I slice the ropes that binds them and help them up. “You think that you can walk in here and do what you please?” said the Viceroy of Icebox, Ioioluk. I halt at his voice. A chill runs through my spine. I spin around and attempt to kill him but my gun is empty of ammo. He fires a shot through my chest and I fall to the ground. I can feel a bullet lodged into my chest but I dont start blacking out and no blood appears. And then I remember something about my wonderful uniform. Bullet-Proof. I jump at Ioio, brandishing my knife and manage to slice his eye. He roars and I slam him to the ground. He gets up and points the gun to my face as we look into each others blood-caked faces. I dont even hear Cpwarrior clicking the trigger. I look as Ioio clutches his shoulder as the injured Cpwarriorful holds a rifle with shaky hands. I dive to the ground and cuff Ioio. Hick speaks into his intercom telling WA officals that mission is completed. Within ten minutes, the wall blows open and we step into a WA assault copter.2 Days Later.I follow Nacho1 onto the podium. He’s clear of his partial insanity from the sudden death of his brother, but I think everyone suffered from that loss. I line up in between Nacho1 and a well-bandaged Cpwarrior as we await our own leaders to award us our medals. The crowd cheers as Albert, Puckley, Funks, Burito and Vinny walk up onto the podium. Vinny stands in front of me and places The Medal Of Honour onto my chest. I stand proudly and thank him. We walk off the stage a few seconds later. I walk over to Burito and Vinny before they leave in the armoured AR truck. “Hey chief, what’s happening with BA? I havent heard anything since we came back,” I say. “Well Ioio is in a maximum security prison. Water and SaW are believed to be hiding in Migrator. We will be needing you again very soon,” Burito says. “Except this time it will be AR handling there capture alone,” Vinny re-assures us. “Ok, thanks chief,” I say and start walking away. “Hold on!” Vinny yells. Hick and I turn back towards them. They jog over to us. “We would like to promote you Manutdjonath to Field General and you Hick to Lt General. Congratulations and thank you for completing this mission succesfully,” Burito says. We stand there, stunned, our feet rooted to the ground. “Uh, umm, thank, thank you chief,” Hick stutters as he tries recovering from his state of shock. “Your welcome and well done, both of you,” Vinny says and the two of them leave. The two of us walk back to the car in silence. Finally, in the car, Hick breaks the silence. “D’you think we can get promo’s if we capture Water and SaW on our own?” he asks sarcastically and we both burst into a fit of laughter and watch the WA HQ grow smaller as we drive away.The End?


We lined up in the Command Room of AR. We all attempted to hide each other’s nervousness but even the biggest idiot in the world could tell we were tense. Finally, I attempted to break the ice with a joke.
“So, are these Strike Missions ALWAYS this fun?” I asked.
“This isn’t the time for jokes Manut,” Jay said sternly as James and Roy attempted to stifle their giggles.
After what seemed like hours, Burito and Vinny strolled in. Everyone immediately stood to attention.
“This operation has officially been cancelled. The BA have just taken a number of current and retired leaders from major WA armies. From AR, they unfortunately took Vendetta and,” Burito quickly stopped and took a deep breath. “our creator, A.”
An eery silence quickly filled the room. We stood there, digesting the horrifying truth that had just befallen us. Finally, Roy broke the silence.
” Who else was taken?” he asked shakily.
” ACP lost Purple Slime, Boomer, Ek and Snaily. IW lost Albert. Nachos lost Puckley. Doritos lost Wwe. I’m scheduling a meeting with the remaining leaders of the armies. We have already sent spies into enemy territory. We’ve narrowed it down and we believe that they are being held in Icebox, the LT capital.” Vinny said.
” So, how are we going to get them back?” piped up Hick.
” Were creating a strike team which will be formed from two troops from AR, ACP, IW, DCP and Nachos. We will be picking the two troops from AR and will announce them later today. Dismissed,” Burr said.
We all shuffled out silently towards our cabins. I followed Roy and James to our cabin. We walked in and were ambushed by both Yoan and Theory.
“WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!” they both asked excitedly.
“A and Vendetta have been kidnapped by BA and two troops from AR are going to Icebox to get them back but never mind that it’s a complete death mission!” Roy yelled frustratedly.
“Calm down, it’ll be a piece of cake,” I replied calmly.
“They could be torturing A!” Theory said worriedly.
“Ioio? Torturing A? Unless he wants to die, then I think A can rest easy,” I laughed.
We talked on for a bit, thinking who would be picked from AR for the Strike Team. Finally, the voice of Vinny boomed through the intercom summoning us to the AR training grounds. We quickly shuffled outside and walked to the training grounds. We crowded in front of a massive podium which contained Vinny, Bur and Antant. Vinny stood in front of a microphone holding two small slips of paper while Bur and Ant sat behind him on two plastic fold-out chairs. Vinny explained to The crowd how Vendetta and A were taken and about the Strike Team.
“Now, the two troops AR will be sending to Icebox are……..Field General Manutdjonath and Captain Hick!”
I walked up to the podium as a crowd cleared, all looking at me with solomn faces. I was confused. I thought it was some sort of honour to be picked. I reached the podium along with Hick and I looked out. I saw some people crying, others bowing their heads to us, others just staring with looks that made even ME depressed. I looked towards Hick who seemed to have thought that this was an honour as well.
” That will be all, dismissed,” Vinny finished.
Ant and Burr stood up and guided us behind the curtain. Two massive men holding rifles shoved us forward. We walked, defenceless, after Burr, Ant and Vinny towards an Assault Copter. We walked in to be greeted by none other than Gabby. She greeted us and started the Copter. I sat across from Burr to hopefully get some answers out of him.
“Eh chief, why was everyone acting all depressed when me and Hick were called up?” I asked.
“Well, most troops don’t usually come back from these things alive, or in one piece or….” Burr trailed off.
“Cheery thought,” Hick said and I couldn’t help laughing.
We finally reached a military base which was nearly covered in green.
We walked out towards three men completely in blue uniform. I read the badge which clearly stated “IW”. We talked for a few minutes and introduced ourselves. I quickly learned their names, Freeze and Hawk. The four of us walked together while Vinny and Burr spoke to the substitute leader of IW. We walked inside the base and saw two men in orange with widely-rimmed hats. Nachos, I happily thought. I walked over and we introduced ourselves. I learned that the Nacho troops were called Nacho1 and Nacho2. They were apperantly twin brothers. We then saw two men in orange wearing normal caps, and two men in green wearing helmets. I quickly glimpsed the face of one of the ACP troops and recognised him immediately.
” WARRIORFUL!!!!!” I roared.
“MANUT!!!!!!!” he replied.
“Oh you MUST be joking,” came the strict voice of the other ACP troop, Rawkinman.
“RAW!!!” I yelled.
“I do hope they kill him first,” Raw said coldly.
I quickly introduced myself to the DCP soldiers who were known as Sledge and Axel. We then heard the doors open and saw the substitute Nacho leader, Mustapha and Funks striding in. We were ordered to form a line and Funks spoke.
” You all know what your here for. I’ll cut to the chase. Were bringing you to Icebox now to get familiar with the temperature. Your to collect what you need now. A gun, bullets, food, water, medicine, bandages, sun screen etc. They are all supplied at a station over there. I would advise getting a backpack to carry everything and take only what you need. Choose wisely with your gun and try to get as many bullets as you can,” Funks finished.
We raced over and I grabbed a backpack, an M4, two hand-guns, five 1 litre bottles of water, a few packs of bullets, five grenades, two mines, a first-aid-kit box and a bottle of sun screen. We were then ordered over to a large helicopter which contained two RPG’s on each side. I was about toget on along with Hick but Burr stopped us.
“What is it chief?” I asked.
“In the past, many of our men have gone insane from either dehydration, starvation or just losing hope. They all ended up killing everyone on the squad and then killing themselves. Whatever you do, stick together. Remember who you serve. Share each other’s weapons out. And, good luck,” he said and shook our hands. We saluted him and got on board. I sat next to Hick and in front of Warriorful. I looked in the cockpit and saw the pilots switch on the engines. I took out my M4 and loaded it with ammo to pass the time. I looked out the window and looked at the sea as it glimmered beautifully from the sun’s rays. I started talking to Hick which calmed the thoughts of the battlefield. After a few minutes, I felt the aircraft shake. Then suddenly, clearly visible through my window, I saw one heck of a missile plummeting my way. I roared but milliseconds after, the wing shattered to nothing and the side of the aircraft went into a fierce blaze. I started inhaling smoke and couldn’t stop because if I did, I’d stop breathing in air as well. I looked for Hick but it was impossible to see anything through the smoke. I felt the aircraft plummeting to the ground and the BANG! The whack of the landing sent my head to the back of the chair in front and sent me unconscious.
To be continued…….

AR and ACP, a Betrayal and aMission. By: Yoangelyo

As Burritodaily the AR (Army Republic) leader and Funks the ACP (Army Of CP) leader walked out of the Meeting Room, into the main room, they came to meet hundreds of penguins from both armies eagerly waiting to hear their decision. For months now, the Black Alliance has been threatening both armies. Burritodaily finally had enough of their nonstop threatening and asked Funks to a meeting on weather ACP and AR should fight alongside each other and kill the Black Alliance.

“My fellow penguins,” Burritodaily started. “As you all may know, the Black Alliance has been threatening both AR and ACP. I asked Funks for a meeting about the situation and he agrees that ACP and AR will fight together and destroy the Black Alliance once and for all. The room explodes with the cheers oh the happy eager troops. “But,” Burritodaily says, “There is also something else I must say. Funks and I will choose four troops, two from ACP and two from AR to come along with Funks and I on a secret mission. The people Funks and I have chosen are; Yoangelyoyo and Superaalden from AR, and Cpmaster and Purple Slime from ACP.

Yoangelyo and Cpmaster who were standing next to each other started jumping up and down in excitement. “I wonder what the mission will be!” Cpmaster exclaimed. “Well, we wont know until we go into the meeting room!” Yoangelyo said. Suddenly, from the back there was a penguin screaming and cussing. “Whoa, who’s that?” Asked Funks. “It sound’s like Josh” Said Burritodaily. Just then, a penguin jumped onto the platform Burritodaily and Funks were standing on and started yelling. “WHY WASN’T I CHOSEN?!” Sure enough, it was Josh. “Josh, calm down before you give yourself a heart attack.” Said Burritodaily. “I REFUSE TO CALM DOWN FOR YOU! AFTER ALL I HAVE DONE FOR YOU, YOU DON’T CHOOSE ME? YouWILL regret this! Burritodaily and Funks!” Josh said as he was storming out of the building. Just before he was out, he pretended to throw something at Burritodaily.

Once Josh was gone, the chatter started. “Man, Josh sure has a nasty temper” Cpmaster muttered to Yoangelyo. “I know he’s got a nasty one. Why the heck did he throw nothing at Burritodaily? All he did was make himself look worse and more like an infant.” Yoangelyo said back. “Ok, Cpmaster, Yoangelyo, Purple Slime, and Superaalden. Please follow Funks and I into the meeting room.

Once everyone was in the meeting room, Funks said, “The reason Burritodaily and I chose all you, is because you are all very loyal and agile. This mission could take weeks, could take months, could take a couple days. There is no way of knowing. Once we finish what we set out to do, the mission will end then. Our mission is to spy on on the Black Alliance, gather information and sent it back to Snaily and Capncook. Then, after we get all the information out to them, we drop the bomb. We will do something, I don’t know what yet. Each of you will receive a notebook and pen to record your information. Now, any questions?”

Instantly, two flippers shot up. “Yes Purple Slime?” Asked Funks. “My question is, why don’t we just kill them? If they are dead, then why waste time gathering information?” “Because, the Black Alliance has kept journals of all their plans. If anything happens to them and their plans never go into action, the next generation of the Black Alliance will find those journals and use them.” answered Burritodaily. “Next question. Yes,Yoangelyo?” “Should we try to steal the journals?” “Yes totally steal them.” Burritodaily answered. “This mission will start tomorrow morning. Everyone get a good sleep tonight and be here at 5:00 AM sharp.”

The next morning, at 3:50 AM, Yoangelyo was still half asleep in her bed when her phone rang. RIIIIIINNGGGG “YIIIIIIIIII!” she yelped. “I bet it’s Cpmaster.” She said with a yawn. Sure enough, it was. “Hey Yoangelyo! It’s Cpmaster! I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I’m so excited. Are you ready to go?” “Well, actually no. I just now got up.” She responded. “Oh, I’m sorry, did I wake you?” “Yeah, just wait till you’re up a late night and I’ll call you t 3:50 AM.” Yoangelyo threatened playfully. “Ha ha, very funny. I’ll be at your igloo with Superaalden and Purple Slime in 20 minutes. Be ready!” ‘Click’ went the phone as he hung up. “Ok, I wonder what I should pack.” Said Yoangelyo to herself. While she was packing, Burritodaily was panicking. “Oh my gosh, what do I do? I know, I’ll call Superaalden!” ‘ring ring’ “Baa, yes?” “Superaalden!” Burritodaily franticly said. Funks has been penguin-napped! I need you to call the others and tell them to get here immediately.” “Baa, oh my gosh, will do!” “And another thing,” Burritodaily started before Superaalden hung up. “Oh, I do hope they hurry”

After Superaalden called the others, he raced to Yoangelyo’s igloo. Purple Slime and Cpmaster were already there, their faces panic-stricken. “Baa, I ope Funks is ok. Should we leave without Yoangelyo?” At the moment, Yoangelyo came racing out of her igloo yelling “Go go go! We need to run to get there!”

They walked into the meeting room to find Burritodaily pacing the floor, an extremely worried look on his face. “oh my, I’m so glad you guys got here so quickly. When I got up early this morning,I called Funks to discuss some things with him and he didn’t answer. I thought that was odd, so I went to his igloo. When I arrived,his place was in shambles. The door was kicked in and everything in his house was thrown everywhere and Funks was gone. I have notified Snaily about this and we need to start this mission and find Funks now. Here are your notebooks and pens. Meet me on server Freezer behind the Coffee Shop.”

They met behind the Coffee Shop to find a note. Purple Slime was the first to notice it. “Hey, whats this?” she said as she picked it up. It was hard to make anything out of it because all the words had run together due to the wet snow. All she could read was; BEWARE GO NO FURTHER. “WHAT THE HECK?!” Cpmaster shrieked. “Who knew we were going to meet here?!” “Baa I don’t know, but this is way creepy.” said Superaalden. “I agree. Lets move. Come everyone to the Pet Shop.” Burritodaily said. “The Pet Shop? Why there?” Asked Yoangelyo. “Because, nobody would ever expect us there.” “yeah, good point”

They arrived at the Pet Shop and to their relief, they saw only puffles surrounded them. “Ahh,I’m so glad there’s only cute bouncy puffles here” said Purple Slime. “Yeah, It’s great” Yoangelyo agreed petting a purple puffle. “Hey, Superaalden! This one looks like you!” Said Cpmaster holding a white fluffy one. “Baa lol you’re right.” “Ok, down to business everyone. Everyone, huddle over here, in the giant puffle bed.” Once they were settled in, Burr said, “I don’t know who could of known we were going to meet behind the Coffee Shop, but it’s clear that someone doesn’t want us to go any further and is n to us. I bet whoever left that message Purple Slime found is the same penguin who penguin-napped Funks.” Yoangelyo put her flipper up. “Yes, Yoangelyo?” “First of all, who knew we were meeting on this server or about the mission in the first place?” “Omg, she’s right. Who knew when we were meeting or even if they knew about the mission when it would start?” Said Cpmaster. “We must have had a spy in the building. We gotta move. Everyone, here’s your orders. We’re gonna split up. Purple Slime and Superaalden will follow Spi around without being seen and try to catch him talking to someone for information. Purple Slime, here’s a long distance walkie talkie. Share this with Superaalden and use it to send information to us so we can forward it to Snaily.” he gave the other walkie talkie to Cpmaster. “”Yoangelyo, Cpmaster and I will act like ninjas, scaling walls and climbing on roofs to try to gather information without being seen. All information we collect will be sent back to Snaily and Capn as well. We will meet here when I radio in to meet here. Now, let’s go!” As Purple Slime and Superaalden ran away to find Spi, Yoangelyo, Burritodaily, and Cpmaster headed twords the Cove. “I bet they’ll all be around the campfire talking about what they’re gonna do.” said Burritodaily. Sure enough, there were all the Black Alliance chatting and laughing around the campfire.

“We’re gonna whup that stupid Alliance.” said one of them. “Yeah, it’ll be easy with Funks gone.” Said the Black Alliance leader. He looked around to see the confused faces of his comrades. “Funks is gone? What happened to him?” Said one wearing a pirate hat and holding a cute stuffed pookie Waterkid. “oh,” the Black Alliance leader started “I suppose I never told anyone. Yesterday night, a penguin by the name of Josh came to my igloo asking to join the Black Alliance. At first I thought he was a spy, then he told me a story about something that Burritodaily did to him. I knew he was serious and not a spy when he said quote unquote, ‘That jerk Burritodaily should be thrown off a cliff and trampled by rabid puffles.’ Only someone who is totally dead serious would say something like that. So I offered him a job to penguin-nap Funks and then drive the other AR and ACP away from us. I guess he’s doing good so far.” Then the Black Alliance leader started chuckling.

Yoangelyo turned around to see Burritodaily looking mad and surprised, and Cpmaster, his face red looking like he wanted to kill someone. Because she couldn’t possibly remember what the Black Alliance leader said word-for-word, she was writing what he did say word-for-word in her notebook.

“Well, I suppose we should all get some shut-eye for tomorrow. Good night guys.” The Black Alliance leader said stretching his arms and yawning. At that moment, Burr whispered to Cpmaster and Yoangelyo, “Let’s go, they’re all going to bed. Keep quiet until we reach the Pet Shop.”

Once they were safely in the Pet Shop hiding behind a giant puffle toy decoration, Cpmaster exploded. “I CANNOT BELIEVE JOSH HAS BETRAYED US AND PENGUIN-NAPPED FUNKS!! WHEN I GET MY FLIPPERS ON HIM I’M GONNA…..” he was stopped by Burritodaily’s flipper over his mouth. “Shh! I hear something!” Burritodaily hissed. “Yongelyo, Cpmaster, get out your guns and be ready.” Burritodaily said as he was taking out his own. The door to the Pet Shop opened, and Burritodaily, Yoangelyo, and Cpmaster jumped out, aiming their guns at the opening door. When the door opened all the way, they heard a scream. “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Before they shot, they realized it was just Superaalden and Purple Slime. “Guys! You’re alright! Oh gosh, Sorry we were pointing guns at you, we figured it was Black Alliance.” Said Yoangelyo. “No,” Purple Slime Said, “Superaalden and recited to spend the night here” “Lol, so did we.” said Burritodaily. “Baa sooo, what did you guys find out?” Asked Superaalden. Before Burritodaily could say anything, Cpmaster said, “We found out that the Black Alliance leader hired Josh to penguin-nap Funks and he’s the one who left that note you found Purple Slime.” He stopped talking t find Purple Slime and Superaalden looking aghast. “But, but why Josh?” asked Purple Slime. “Easy, because he wasn’t chosen to go on the mission.” said Yoangelyo. “Wait, it just hit me. This may sound stupid, but I think I know how Josh knew all this.” Said Cpmaster. “Remember when Josh pretended to throw something at Burritodaily? I bet it was a bug. That would explain how he tracked us here.” Suddenly, everyone at once started searching Burritodaily. After a few minutes, Superaalden said “Baa! I found it!” He held up a tiny round piece of metal in his flipper. Burritodaily took it and examined it. “Yeah, this has Josh written all over it.” Said Burritodaily. Then, his face changed. “Actually, this isn’t a bug.” Burritodaily said winking at the others. “Just forget about it. Now, tomorrow we will go down to the Pizza Parlor and poison their pizza. They eat pizza everyday for lunch. Be up tomorrow before lunch. G’night.” Then Burritodaily crushed the bug under his foot. After making sure it was completely obliterated, he said, “Guys, that was a bug. I just wanted to give Josh and his pals a false location. Now, what we are actually doing tomorrow is, while they are at the Pizza Parlor waiting for us, we will head to their igloos and steal the journals. Then after we will send one of you out to send the journals to Snaily, the rest of us will go to the Pizza Parlor and massacre them. I will get everyone up around 6:30. Good night.”

Josh who was listening with the other side of the bug said, “They went to bed and said their plan, but why did I hear a crunch sound then silence? Ah, who cares, I must warn the Black Alliance!” Josh picked up his phone and called the Black Alliance leader. It rung once then he picked up. “Hello?” the Black Alliance leader said. “Hey, it’s Josh.” “Oh, hi Josh. Did you call to chit-chat or did you call because you have information for me?” He demanded. “Just to chit-chat.” Josh joked. Suddenly, he heard total silence. “Did he really hang up on me?” He wondered aloud. He tried calling again. “Josh, if this is you I’m gonna..” “yes, it IS Josh, I was joking about the chit-chat thing. I have extremely valuable information for you. Tomorrow, before lunch, the ACP and AR are going to poison the pizza at the pizza parlor before we eat. They almost caught me. They found the bug on Burritodaily but after examining it, the idiots thought it wasn’t one. The he just said the plan, music to my ears.” “Josh, the Black Alliance will be there around 10:00. BE THERE OR ELSE.” The the phone went quiet.

As Josh crept to bed that night, he wondered if the AR or ACP would ever figure out what the real truth was.

The next morning, Cpmaster was awakened by the light sound of a fluffy blue puffle snoring next to his head. “Aww, hi puffle.” He pet the puffle for a while then started thinking about what has happened the past few days. Being picked for this mission, Funks being penguin-napped, Josh backstabbing them. Josh. Wait, Josh? He thought, he could remember Josh being in the crowd before Burritodaily and Funks announced everything. He started thinking about when he arrived that morning. He’d arrived early to greet everyone at the door. He never saw Josh come in. “I wonder if Josh was spying before this whole thing. I bet the Black Alliance leader didn’t tell the other Black Alliance the whole story and everyone knows that the Black Alliance leader doesn’t have much trust in his troops. “Cpmaster?” said someone near him. Cpmaster, not knowing what to expect back flipped twice then got ready to punch any Black Alliance that was ahead of him. When he looked to see who his attacker was, he saw Yoangelyo. “Uhh, why’d you back flip then about knock my lights out?” She said questionably. “Uhh, well, I heard someone say my name and I didn’t know what to expect. Hey, I thought of something. I think the story that the Black Alliance leader said is only part true. We all know he doesn’t trust his troops very much, and I remember? I was there early at the door greeting everyone that came in. I never saw Josh come in. He’s been spying for the Black Alliance for a long time. He’s always acting strange and throwing that bug at Burritodaily was no random thing. Are you following what I’m saying?” Yoangelyo, her eyes wide said, “You’re right. How would Josh have just a random bug in his pocket? This was planned. He must of broke in and did what he did. Omg! Remember when he said ‘You will regret this!’ This is what he meant. We need to tell Burritodaily NOW.” “No need. I heard it all.” said Burritodaily behind them. “Good, now we don’t have to repeat ourselves.” “Wake Superaalden and Purple Slime up. We need to get those journals and destroy the Black Alliance once and for all.

They were all at the Forest about to move to the cove when they spotted a familiar looking penguin. “Josh.” Purple Slime whispered. “Where?” asked Burritodaily. “There.” she responded pointing to a nearby tree. They all looked at each other then ran for the tree. Superaalden, Cpmaster, Burritodaily and Yoangelyo jumped him then held him to the ground. Purple Slime was reaching for his journal he dropped when Josh screamed. “NO! DO NOT TAKE THAT! YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT READ THAT!” “Oh yeah? Try me.” she said as she opened it up and started reading it. “Where is Funks?” Asked Burritodaily. “I refuse to tell” said Josh smirking. Cpmaster slapped him. “WHERE IS FUNKS?” he screamed in Josh’s face. “Don’t bother with him Cpmaster, his journal says Funks is tied up and gagged in Josh’s igloo.” said Purple Slime. She looked down to see Josh’s eyes blasting with fury glaring at her. “Yoangelyo took the journal from Purple Slime and began reading. “Cpmaster, you were right. Josh has been spying for them for a long time now.” “Josh, you are in s much trouble.” said Cpmaster. “Purple Slime, I need you to go to all those igloos, get the journals and get them to Snaily as fast as possible. Then after that go to Josh’s igloo and free Funks. The rest of us will take care of Josh and then finish the Black Alliance off.” Said Burritodaily. Just before Purple Slime left she looked at Josh and said, “Josh, Fear the Republic, Fear the Alliance, Fear ACP, and Fear the fizzy cheese as well!”

After Superaalden and Burritodaily tied Josh up and gagged him, they threw him into the Hidden Lake and walked twords the Pizza Parlor. “There’s only 4 of us right now and there is probably close to 100 of them in there right now waiting for us. So, we will throw grenades and blow the building up and anyone who is in there. Anyone who may survive the explosion will be shot. We will each get one grenade to throw.” They were now so close they could hear talking coming from inside. “On three, throw the grenades through that window. 1…….. 2……… 3!!!!!!!!! Grenade bomb NOW!” They threw their grenades then ran away to watch from a safe distance. BOOOOOOOOOOMMMM KLABALMMMM CRASH “AUUUUUUUUUGH” The heard screaming over all the explosions. After a minute everything went quiet. “Grab your guns just in case.” Said Burritodaily. They walked over to the rubble that used to be the Pizza Parlor to find all the Black Alliance obliterated. “Our work here is done. Now lets go to Josh’s igloo and save Funks.” said Burritodaily.

They arrived at Josh’s igloo to find Purple Slime untying him. “Oh Funks! I’m so glad you’re ok!” Said Yoangelyo. “Yeah, me too. I had a horrid trip here.” “Once we get back to Snaily, Capn, and all the others, please do tell us all about your trip here.” said Burritodaily. “Wait! What are we gonna do about Josh?” asked Cpmaster. “Who cares, lets just leave him there. He’s tied up and gagged and cannot escape. Hey, Purple Slime, did you get those journals sent back to Snaily and Capn?” Said Yoangelyo. “Yes, I did.” she responded. “Good, then lets go home.” said Burritodaily.

They arrived back at their base to find all the AR and ACP troops waiting eagerly for their arrival. WELCOME BACK said the red, blue, and green banner above the doorway. “No need to tell us the story of your mission.” Snaily and Capn said. “We’ve heard it all. Funks, please tell us your story.” “Well, it was very early when I heard the sound of a door breaking down. I was still groggy so as I was climbing out of bed, a penguin dressed all in black jumped me. We must of fought for 20 minutes before he slammed my head into something and knocked me out. That’s all I really remember until Purple Slime was untying me and then now. I am so grateful you guys found me so quickly. Thank you.” He looked over at Cpmaster and Purple Slime. “Purple Slime and Cpmaster, I want to award the both of you the Medal of Honor for your quick thinking and bravery.” Suddenly everyone jumped by the sound of a whoop. “WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!” Cpmaster yelled back flipping. “Awesome!” he yelled afterwords. “Yoangelyo and Superaalden, you will also be awarded a medal for quick thinking and bravery.” said Burritodaily. “AWESOME!” Yoangelyo yelled. “BAA AWESOME!” yelled Superaalden. “This mission will go down in the record book. Great job guys!” Said Snaily. Then all at once, everyone yelled, FEAR THE ALLIANCE!


Locked   By: An Anonymous Author

My eyes opened. It took me a few seconds to realize I was awake. I was a live, I was well, all together, a shock beyond my imagination  Part of me rejoiced, part of me dreaded it, as if I failed to complete my self goal. I sat there and thought about what had happened to me, why I did it, and how it got me here. Then it dawned on me, I wasn’t aware of what “here” was. I surveyed my surroundings. All I saw through my blurred and fazed visions was screens and monitors. I couldn’t count how many, my brain was much to crippled at this point to do so. I saw what I thought were letters, but the poor eye sight I must have obtained from the plane crash didn’t secure me of being sure. I tried turning my head. Never before have I felt such pain, such terror in a simple movement. I thought about how invincible I felt when I took off for my mission, and compared it to my current state of being. I couldn’t imagine trying to stand up or escape this room of monitors, not that it would have mattered. I was able to glance my eyes down without much pain and notice I was chained up to the arm rests. A bell was attached to my foot, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ring it, but moving my foot was just too much. I glanced at the screens once more. I could tell my eyes had improved… barely. I thought about actually thinking about my environment  and what I planned to do with the situation was in. However before I could begin to explore this topic, my consciousnesses gave out.

I woke up yet again, in possibly the worst manner I could have asked. I had dreamed. Well, that’s incorrect. I had nightmared. I struggled to remember much about the incident, I only remember shaking hands with my leading officer, and him telling me that it was an honor to be directing my mission. I opened the door and walked out onto the run way of the giant vessel, and stepped in the blue naval Helicopter. I remember greeting my pilot, continuing a conversation with him. I remembered the conversation being primarily small talk, although the details were far too hard to recall. After that, all I could recall was the countdown from five, and the jump. When I woke up, I was so frightened at the rush of free falling from helicopter thousands of feet up in there that I screamed and shook my head violently. I had experienced the two worst pains in my life, both within what could have only been hours from each other   I couldn’t remember if this was real or not. Nothing made sense to me. I wondered if I had gone mad, or insane. I tried thinking about my family, and back home. Countless memories came flooding back to me, yet I didn’t know if any of this was real or not. How could I know? I could have serious brain damage enabling me to think the impossible  I tried to push that out of my mind, it seemed all to ridiculous to venture more thought into it. I decided to think about something else, but what? I noticed that the horrible throbbing in my head was nearly gone. Maybe, just possibly I could looked around. I slowly jerked my head just a bit to the left, no pain. I continued, still no pain. By the time I got to the point where I could turn my head as far around as possible, I felt minimal pain. A very odd feeling rushed over me, a feeling of happiness  I wondered how in the world I could get this feeling in a situation like this? Then I decided to observe what I saw when I turned around. It was basically a mirror image of what I originally saw, lots of screens and monitors with blurred words. I then looked to the left, the pain made me shudder, but I was alright. For the most part the left side of my seat was the same as the other two sides, except one thing which took me a few seconds to notice. A door. A typical metal beige door. The door handle looked like it had only been used a few times, strange how I could notice this.

It was then that I noticed the bell. It was shining down by my legs which felt like they hadn’t been moved for days, like most of my body parts. I thought about ringing it. I contemplated what would happen if I rung it. Would a magical gang of fairies and elves come rushing out obeying my every command? Or would enemy forces come rushing in ready to kill me at a moments notice. Maybe I was back at home, on the ship, in a room even I didn’t know about, built for the most injured and disabled patients of the war. Only time knew, and only time with a slight pinch of boldness on my part could tell. That boldness would have to come between me, and ringing that bell. I decided it would be foolish to ring it now when I am crippled to the atoms in my body. I would wait until I was either ready, or I was left with no choice. Then once again, I dozed off collapsed under the pressure of moving my neck so much and thinking about so many things.

I woke up yet again, but as soon as I woke up, I could tell I felt different. I no longer felt crippled, I felt reborn and fresh. Ready to attack at a moments notice. My memory was starting to come back, although I still can’t recall why I was here. All I remember was the crash, but I don’t remember where the crash was. My eyesight was back, I could tell immediately  I could finally see my shoes in a clear,  un-blurred way. Then I remembered the monitors, maybe I could see the writing now. I shot up with no pain for once. I read the letters on each screen, it meant nothing to me. It was gibberish, a bunch of random letters and numbers written all over the screen. Or at least.. I thought they were. Then I remembered the bell. Now was the best change I would get, I was well and ready to move. I needed to get our of here soon or I would starve or something. I stood still for a few moments, then shook my leg violently to ring the bell as loud as possible. Almost immediately, before I got any time to react, men in bio hazard suits and gas masks rushed in. Stuck a needle in my arm and pumped something into my blood. The last thing I remember before passing out is them unhooking me, opening the door, and then carrying me off.

I woke up, finally in a different room. A gentle room with a window and light shining. Luckily I wasn’t in pain, in fact, I seemed to be completely healed up. It was then that the images of the men that came rushing in came to me. I wasn’t chained up, and I had no bell attached to me. I stepped up and surveyed my surroundings. The room was very basic. White walls, one simple window, and a hospital bed in the corner. There was also a sink and a toilet. I decided to look out the window and saw a beautiful setting. There was a mountain in the back with a lake in front surrounded by trees. The sky was blue with the sun shining and the waves had hardly a ripple in them. It was peaceful and relaxing, all of which I needed. I sat there, just looking out, thinking about all that’s happened and tried my hardest to remember where I came from. Then, I heard footsteps coming my way, and the door knob turning.

In walked three men. All of them would make no match for me. Remembering how last time they stuck a needle in me then dragged me into this room, I had a moments of thought before I had to decide what to do. I could stand there, see if they do the same thing as last time and not move. Or I could fight back before they got the chance to do anything. I didn’t know if they could fight, I knew I could take at least one of them in a fight, but all three seemed to be stretching for it. Before I could decide, it was too late. They came at me, my muscles tensed preparing for another shot, then when they a few steps away from me. They spoke. “Ghost Ops Sergeant Jay, may we have a few words with you?” It took me a few moments to register what they said. They were asking me to have a few words with them? It was then that I saw the pistols on their hip. They could force me in a moments notice yet they decide to ask me? I decided it must be safe if they felt sure enough to simply ask me. “I suppose, on one condition… Who are you and where am I?” They responded, “We don’t have the authority to answer any of those questions. You will learn soon enough if you obey our orders.” I decided to listen to them and told them to give me the questions. Instead of coming out and asking me right away they lead me down the hallway they came through. It was simply white walls with minimal lighting at the top. Nothing hi-tech, nothing fancy. It was like an office building so far. Well it was, until they opened the next door. The next door was like something I would see in a James Bond movie. Screens everywhere, people on their microphones receiving and giving orders to certain people and locations. I didn’t know what to make out of it. That’s when I got the flash. It came to my memory in a jolt, I had hardly any time to react. I saw a few faces, a woman and two children. I didn’t know who they were, but I felt a certain affection for them. A certain need, a certain longing, but I couldn’t recall who they were. That’s when it ended. The three men looked back at me, they didn’t say a word, didn’t show any reaction, just looked and waited as I began to follow them once again. Finally they made me sit down in a desk. The desk was surrounded by a large glass cube. Sound proof I guessed, maybe bullet proof as well. High quality plexi glass. Hard to come by, expensive and rare. I knew that for a fact.

They grabbed some papers that were lying on the desk, shuffled them around and looked up at me. The man in the middle cleared his throat. “Alright, Well Jay, or would you prefer I go by your full name, Mr Jay?” “Either is fine,” I replied. “Alright, lets stick with Jay, quicker to pronounce” “Lets begin, question number one, if you had the power to do anything on this earth, anything possible, what would you do?” “Well… I suppose I would free my homeland of all its possible threats and try and unite the world for the good of humans.” “Do you know what homeland this is? Is it a country? City? Continent?” I stood there for a second, the answer I spit out came to me without me giving it thought. I then realized I didn’t know where or what this homeland was. Was it real? It must have been, I could just feel it. “Well, No… I-I really don’t.” “That’s what we assumed.” He assumed that? What does he mean he assumed it, how could he possibly think such a thing. It then became clear, these guys were a few steps ahead of me. Or many steps ahead, who knew. “Next question, If you could destroy any nation, what nation would it be?” Without giving any thought again I burst out another answer, “The Chinese Communist party.” The Chinese. It was clear to me these were my enemies, the biggest threat to my homeland. How could I remember my homelands greatest enemy and their reasons for all of the distress they have caused on us, yet not even remember my homeland myself? “Another answer we predicted.” How did he know all this? I was scared at that point, lost. I didn’t know what to do anymore. “Final question, do you know who you are?” I thought about it this time, then as soon as I was about to answer the man on the left cut me off. “Of course not.” He said while chuckling. “There is no way he could remember it, c’mon, we got our answers, what more could Hunter want?” “Whose Hunter?” I burst out. The man on the left looked up to me and said,  “You will find our soon enough Jay, just wait for now. We need you to answer right now, your time for questions will come later, alright?” “I.. I guess.” I said. The three man walked out without saying a word. I watched them huddle around and discuss certain things. I longed to know what they were talking about. Then, the man that was on the left grabbed a walkie talkie that must have been in his back pocket, and spoke a message to it. I waited there for about 10 minutes with nothing. I couldn’t hear anything but my breathing. I could see everything going on around me. Nothing really stood out to me, just more screens with words all over it, then I noticed a particularly peculiar monitor. This one had arguably the most disturbing image I have ever seen in my life. I wanted to cry upon viewing it. I didn’t know what to say. On it, was a pile of bodies. The bodies were piled up on each other, stacked up in a ditch. As I looked closer I could see that all the bodies were of Asian ethic. I suddenly wished I would have never have said anything about the Chinese and my goal to destroy them. I wanted to destroy their economy, I didn’t want to kill anyone. As I looked closer I saw that the image was not real, but simply a drawing. Was this how they were predicting my thoughts? Did they predict that I wanted this of the Chinese? I would never want anything like this. It was simply too awful for me. I was about to burst in tears until I heard the glass door open. “Hello, Dark Ops Sergeant Jay, I’m Hunter and I am here to answer your questions.”

To Be Continued  


Once upon a time it was Christmas Eve and all AR was decorating the AR mansion. A huge Christmas tree was put up in the middle of the living room. Theory was trying to put the star on top of the tree but slid down the tree and landed on the ground. Pup was hanging up lights and noticed it started to snow. She told theory and they when outside and ran around outside and made snow angels outside. A and Roy were playing Black Ops Zombies.

Sheep had gone out shopping for a present for all of AR so he was Santa Sheep. Capn had gone on Xbox and played Halo 4 while he raged. Teal had come for Christmas to see A and everybody else. Soon Sheep came back and everybody wondered where he had the gifts, He said they were still outside. So he went to go get them and then noticed sheep’s carriage was gone. Sheep had freaked out because he didn’t know what to do.

Sheep was gonna try not to tell anybody and get them back somehow but didn’t know what to say to them. He just decided to that he would leave them there for now, and everybody was ok with that and went back to decorating the AR mansion. Sheep started to think of what he should do to get the gifts back for everybody so, Sheep had gone to talk to A, and Warr and told the what happened to all the gifts they said they would help Sheep find them so they went outside and look around to see of who ever stole the carriage dropped something.

Warr then noticed a box-shaped thing on the ground, He saw it was a wallet and looked to see whose it was he saw no ID’s but a little paper that said 936 Ghost Ave..They decided the would go there to see if that’s where the gifts were so they told everybody they were gonna go out quick to find something. They headed off to the place and saw it was an empty looking abandoned shack. They saw Sheep’s Carriage, So Sheep had snuck over there to see if the gifts were still there and they weren’t. Sheep thought that someone must have took the inside.

A peeked through a window to see if anybody was there but hey saw no one he then looked in the way corner and saw one of the gifts. A had told Sheep and Sheep Quietly went in to get it. Sheep then saw a long line of the gifts that went downstairs they quietly went downstairs and noticed there was alight and music playing they walked closer to it peered around a corner and were surprised. They saw that the a TV saying Merry Christmas and playing Winter Wonderland was it.

They then heard a door slam behind them and the TV went out they then heard a screeching noise but weren’t sure where it was coming from they then heard Warr Yell because something grabbed his foot and pulled him away. Sheep then thought it became A Horror Christmas Eve, Then All of a sudden something grabs A by the arms and pulls him away. Lights came on all of a sudden and Sheep had been hearing a screaming sound coming from the left side, Sheep had then went to go see what was wrong and saw that it was a room full of Video Games and All kinds of electronics and saw A was there. They then heard someone laughing to the right so they ran over there and saw Warr was in a room that was playing a really funny video.

All of a sudden they then noticed al the gifts were wrapped up in boxes and tied with a bow. Warr saw a letter and it said “Sorry for taking your gifts I didn’t mean to make you guys mad or sad I just wanted to help I hope you can forgive for what I did” Sincerely~ Mr.Duck. They then wondered who Mr.Duck was but they weren’t sure they then grabbed all the presents put them in the back of the carriage and left. A then noticed a little figure waving at them The figure said Goodbye and then disappeared, When they got back everybody was asleep. A,Sheep,and Warr then put all the gifts under the tree and went to bed.

It was then Christmas morning and everybody was by the tree surrounding it. Someone then rang at the doorbell, and they saw it was a little Duck. Sheep had then asked him if he was Mr.Duck and he said yes. So A invited him to come in and everybody sat around the tree. Sheep had asked duck why he took the gifts and wrapped them. Mr.Duck said he did it because he wanted it to be a surprise and show his way of thanks. He didn’t mean to just take them, he took them so he would have a place to wrap them.

Sheep had then went to the store to get something so everybody had started talking until Sheep got back. Sheep got back about 15 minutes later and had a gift with him. Sheep then put it under the tree and said go find your presents..Mr.Ducky stayed on the cough smiling as everybody unwrapped the presents. Mr.Duck then noticed that Sheep had got him a present.Mr Duck opened the present and saw it was a thank you card and a snow globe.

Mr.Duck had asked Sheep why he got him a present. Sheep had said why not you did something nice for us we do something nice for you. Mr.Duck smiled and gave Sheep a hug and the Christmas had continued for AR.


Once upon a time, It was a foggy November day. A would be sitting out side looking at a map but wouldn’t tell anybody what it was. Vinny looked out a window and wondered what he was looking at. Vinny then snuck out the back door of the mansion tip-toed towards A to see what was on the map. Vinny then saw it was a map that lead underground into a cave and at the end the was a red shaped figure. A turned around and was surprised to see him there.

A asked him what he all saw and Vinny said the whole thing. So A had told him the story of what was there. “The cave is somewhere far from here and my grandpa had told me that there was a gift that hid in the cave, No one knows what it is but I wanna try and find out.” Vinny asked A if he could help. A said he could so what they did is waited till next morning. Told everybody they were gonna be gone for a while.

So they left and Vinny had looked at the map to see where the ground cave was. He saw it was surrounded by trees and next to a pond that was sword shaped. Vinny then remembered that sheep had found the pond once. So A ran into ask Sheep where he had seen the sword shaped pond. Sheep said it was in the forest next to the mansion. A said ok and then left the mansion. They started to walk into the forest and A saw water. They ran over to it and saw it was the pond shaped like a sword

They then searched around the pond to see if they could find it. All of a sudden when A was looking the ground caved in and he fell. Vinny ran over and yelled down to him. A yelled back up and said that he found the cave, So Vinny slid down the cave and saw that it was like as if they were in a temple. They looked at a map and it all turned in a squiggle line they then saw spikes that were ahead of them, So they started walking.

They then came to the spike and checkerboard looking path. A tried to cross it but then when he stepped the stone fell in. A quickly fell back onto the ground and then looked at the map. He saw that some squares were colored red and some were colored blue. A saw that he stepped on a blue tile so he stepped on a red and it didn’t fall. He then stepped on the next red tile but it fell. A then wondered if it went red,blue,red,blue. He stepped on a blue tile then a red tile until he got across.

Vinny had then followed A’s path and then they continued. They looked at the map and saw that it split off into 2 ways but came together later on.  So they went and saw it was a slide. Vinny went first and he had go to the right. So A went down but a block came from above and made A go left. When the slide came to an end they both saw that they had to pass through puzzles. The first question for Vinny was a math question. A’s question was a science question. They both got through the question they then continued and there was another slide. They went down.

When they were going down the slides came together and they crashed into each-other but they then went down the same way. They then came down to a river that had live Alligators, and electric eels in. They saw a way to get a cross but the cross way was so narrow they had to balance there way to get over. Vinny had then went across very slowly and made it. A then went across but he accidentally lost balance and started falling backwards. Vinny then quickly went to go help A as fast as he could. A had fell but was hanging on the the pathway. Vinny had then pulled him up and they then got across.

They then continued and A had seen a light ahead. They continued walking and saw it was a statue that said AR. Vinny picked it up and saw there was a key under. They then saw a ladder come down. They climbed to the top and saw they were in front of the AR mansion. They then went inside and went up stairs to A’s room to figure out what the key was for. Vinny had noticed that the key had writing on it. It had said “It will unlock the mystery”. They weren’t sure what to do after that but they noticed it was 2 in the morning so they hid the statue and went to bed, but neither of them could sleep because they were both wondering what the key had meant.


To be continued…

 The day known as December 21st – By Darkstar262

I laid in a pool of blood as a clenched my Gun close to my chest. My eyes grew heavy as each breathe I took. Tears dripped down my cheeks as I slowly move my hand away from my gun, do the bullet that pierced in my chest. I groaned in agony. I felt the blood drain from my body, the cold stinging  feeling of  gun powder and blood mixed together running down your side makes you shiver with fear. I began to feel dozy while I propped myself up against a tree. Every time I blink felt like falling into a deep sleep. Just then, everything went black. I saw a dim light down a dark tunnel. I thought to myself, “What can this be…” I began to walk to the light, then run, then sprint until I felt like i could not go anymore. Just when I made it to the opened Golden Gates with the gleaming light shining off it, They closed. I yelped and glared around the room. Then I noticed that my fellow Admiral, Thomas, was standing next to the bed I was sitting on. I wiped off the sweat that drenched me and I gulped in exhaustion.

                 “Hey There,” Thomas said. “It’s been a while.”

                 “What do you mean?” I replied rubbing my chest.

                 “You were out for a few days, you were in a Concussion.”

                 “How? What happened?”

“You were shot in the chest…”

I looked down at my chest noticing the blood stained bandage. I rubbed my eyes and move to my bed side. I sat there thinking. “How did this happen? What have I done?” Questions rushed through my mind as I tried to settle things out. But before I could do so Head General, Vinny, entered the room. I stared at me and took off his cap to say; “God bless you” I noticed Leader 122344a standing out the door and staring down at me. Then, he just turned away  and walked out of the Hospital. I decided not to speak for the rest of the day. I was too confused and worried about how this happened. I would walk into the Cafeteria and Eat, then go back to my room, the IR, and watch TV. Soon later after watching a hours worth of the Daily News, I had fallen asleep. That night I had the strangest dream, I was captured by men in Blue, and Tortured about something I couldn’t understand. Then I was shot in the chest and kicked out of a moving car in a deep and dark forest. When I woke up I wasn’t in my Regular room, I was in a Green and Golden Car. With the words ‘ACP’ printed on the side on it. I got up from the Camouflage Stretcher and walked to the front of the truck. There was a small door. I clenched the handle of the door and pulled with ease. Looking in side I saw my good friend Captain Capncook driving the war machine. I yawned and sat in the passenger seat, and looked down at my hand. Then I gasped in horror. I couldn’t see my hand. It was like it has disappeared. Then I gulped, and put my hand on the window. I thought “That’s weird, I see my hand and arms and legs – in fact, my whole body is gone but I still feel every thing. It was like there is some cloaking devise that hidden me” Just then I put my hand on my chest and I shined to life. Capn looked over at me and gasped hitting the rail and sparks flying everywhere. I looked out the window and noticed everything was green. And the people outside were glowing neon. I put my hand on my face and felt some sort of glasses. I ripped the device off of my face and felt a sudden stop. I felt my body fly through the air and everything around me spin. Bullets blasted through the window as I took cover. I glanced over at Capn, noticing he has been shot in the face. I yelped and felt the truck falling. I squeezed my eyes tight. At the same time I was holding onto the door. Just then my finger slipped making the door fly open. I dropped out the car door twenty five feet bellow hitting the water with a slap.  I dove into the water as the huge truck fell down on me. Everything went blur as a panicked to stay up. I felt the truck door tugging on my uniform. My eyes darted down at the door and I went into action. I dove down with the truck and pulled my uniform from its clench. I punched the door closed and launched out of the water like a torpedo firing from a Submarine. I leaped out of the water and onto the river bank. I scanned my surroundings. It was a heavy wooded forest with no life in site. No more to explain then that. I looked down at my leg and saw that I have a cut going from my knee to my foot. I yelled in pain. Just then I saw a blue Humvee with the words on the site ‘BMA’ and I just stood there frozen. ‘BMA?’ I thought. Those are the guys that tortured me. My eyes turned red with rage and I charged at the Humvee. I aimed my hand at the target and Shot a blazing bullet at it. The Car exploded at the impact of the hit. I ran to the burning veical and kicked open the door. I reached my hand in an pulled out the driver. He was wearing a orange helmet with a blue uniform. His skin was burned to a black crisp from the fire. I reached into his pocket and pulled out a army knife, some bullets, and a cell phone. I took the M4 off his back and the Machete. I strapped the weapons and knives to my legs and my back. I looked in the trunk and pulled it open. There where I stood, was a mini gun.  I nodded and strapped the 50 cal. bullets to my chest. I took the mini gun and loaded ten rounds into it. I took out a desert eagle and carried it with me. I nodded and started to walk down the road. I walked five miles before I came to a stop. Five blue Humvee’s surrounded a tall blue building with at least a dozen radio dishes. I pulled the Mini gun from my back and loaded 20 rounds into it. I sneaked by three guards when I came to a stop. I stood behind a Concrete bolder. I put my cloaking devise on and walk in front of the Humvee’s. I whispered to my self: “Say hello, Now good-bye.” Then I clicked the trigger and rapid fired onto the heavily armored wall of Cars. The guards were caught by surprise. They yelled at each other as the Humvee’s blew up. Ten guards with snipers heaved over to the top of the wall. Then, they began to Open fire on everything but me. Bullets flew by as I broke through the final car. I glanced and pulled out my M4. Then shooting one bullet at a time, I shot a bullet into each one of the guards head’s. Then I walked in grabbing on of the dead guards and forced it to the eye scanner. The door slid open with a squeal of motion. I glanced one the left side noticing a Meeting room. I walked over to the door and looked inside to see if anyone was in there. There was nothing, just open chairs and glass on the tables. I shrugged and went back to walking. From there I stopped in front of a room with the words “Armory” on top of it. I slide out my desert eagle and shot open the glass. Backing up, I looked around, then ran and dives through the shattered glass. I took 20 packages of C4’s and 30 Grenades with a Master key. I looked around noticing a guard walking towards the shattered glass and tapping his glasses. I felt the cold feeling like he knew I was there. I slid out my desert eagle and… POP! I shot in in the chest. But it didn’t work. He kept walking towards me. He reached for his arm and tapped. A full blown Juggernaut appeared, with a Mini gun for a hand and a Blue saber for the other. I trembled as I took out a Sticky grenade. Pulling the chain, I quickly through it at the glass guarding his face. 

The Mystery of AR (part  2)

A Few days later after Vinny and A had found the statue. A had been up in his room studying the key. A then picked up the statue and looked around or any clues that might be on it. He then noticed writing in the bottom that had said the same thing as the key. A went to show Vinny, but A didn’t want anybody else to see the statue. So A had yelled down to him for him to come upstairs. A showed him what was on the bottom of the statue. Vinny took the statue and the key and poked the key towards the words.

The Key all of a sudden went into the statue and it turned, The statue opened and there was another map. They looked at it and saw it was another map like the other one but in a completely different place. They saw that on the map it there was a place pointed out that said Where the secret lies. Then Vinny saw where it was located. The next part was in Africa, they weren’t sure if they should go but A thought if he wants to figure out the mystery.

So they started packing and they went to tell everybody that they were gonna be gone for a couple of weeks because they were gonna be gone in Africa for something. So they headed off to a cruise that would take them there. They got on found where they were staying and waited 4 days until they got there. When they got there they looked at the map and tried to see where it was located. They saw it was located in Ethiopia so they got a ride there from a nice african.

When they go to Ethiopia they looked at the map again to see where it was located. They saw it was in a cave far out. So they saw it was going north so they started walking. When it was an hour later they noticed they were in the middle of no where,but when they stopped Vinny felt his feet starting to sink. He thought they were in quicksand. They sunk all they way down but fell and hit the ground and saw they were in the cave. For the next mystery because A saw on the wall that it said ” Unlock the mystery”

They started walking but all of a sudden they heard footsteps behind them. They then felt a pinch in the back of their necks and they fell to the ground. A few hours later A woke up to Vinny shaking him. A woke up and saw they were in a cage.  They weren’t sure what they were susposed to do now since there was no way out. A then started to look around and saw there were keys hanging on a post  to far from them. A then thought if the start swinging the cage they could try to reach the keys.

So they started swinging the cage back and forth until they were close enough they could start reaching for the keys. After quite a few swings, A was able to grab the key, he unlocked the door and they jumped out. they saw their stuff grabbed it and ran. When they were far away from the cage they stopped running. When they got up to a door, They looked at the map to see if the could figure out here they were. A then saw a shadow on the back and saw that there as another map on the back. It had showed them where they just were and the little figure ahead of them.

They then wondered how they would unlock the door. They saw it said “Only true people will figure out how to unlock the door”. They wondered what it meant. Then Vinny thought of an Idea if they try using the key that unlocked the AR statue. So A pulled the key out of his backpack and put it in the lock, it turned and the door opened. They continued walk and when they got to the end they saw a necklace in a glass case. They walked over to it and saw the necklace also said AR. They then saw a little pin and Vinny looked at the necklace. He saw on the back it said “You have become one step closer to finshing the mystery”. 

They then hid the necklace in Vinny’s backpack and tried to find the way out of the cave. After a couple of hours they found their way out, They then got on a cruise that was headed back to America. Most of their tie on the boat Vinny and A spent their time trying to figure out what the necklace meant. They weren’t sure what to do yet but when they got home they told everybody a fake story of their time in Africa. They then went upstairs hid the necklace with the statue and wondered what they were gonna have to do next to figure out the mystery.

To be continued…

This Is War  By Hunter (Part 1)

I arrived on base ready to train for the glorious Army Republic. I had heard about it from a friend and decided to join up. A general by the name of 122344a, ordered all the recruits into a line. We all formed a sloppy-looking line and General A seemed disgusted. “I will turn you silly-nannies into hardened combat soldiers in a few weeks. This training will push you to the limit. You may drop out at any time..But know this; you are letting down your friends and all of AR. Now lets start the training. First and foremost, I want straighter LINES! And you will all be assigned a barrack with 2 other roommates and an experienced Squad Leader. These men will be your friends, your squad….your family. Now, MOVE MOVE MOVE!” General A lectured. I felt a sense of pride, fighting for AR. Captains and Majors started calling out names to Barracks. “JAY! FRIGIDO! HUNTER! PUP! TO BARRACKS 6! GO GO GO!” Yelled a Major. I ran to the room and 3 others followed in with me. “Hi, I’m Frigido and I’m the Squad Leader. And this is Jay,” he pointed to a big burly man “our machine gunner, and then pup, our sniper,” he pointed to a small fellow who seemed smaller than a walnut, “and you are our medic/engineer. Now, that you met the squad, tell us something about you. Why did you join up?” questioned Jay. “I always wanted to join AR for some time now, after a friend told me about this group. I had heard many things about how they had loyal,smart,brave warriors and I wanted to be one of them. I wasn’t old enough to join though and my father wouldn’t let me, even though he had been a soldier in AR. I don’t understand why he didn’t want me to join but when I turned 18, right when I got the chance, I joined up.” Jay was about to speak until a bugle sounded. I looked outside and saw men running from their barracks to outside for training. I put on my Cadet cap, and walked outside ready for my 1st day of training. Right as training was about to begin, the air raid sirens went off. I looked up and saw black dots in the sky. The ground started shaking and something exploded to my left. I shrieked in terror and ran to Frig. “DID YOU SEE JAY OR PUP!?” “NO! I THOUGHT I SAW JAY GO TO THE ARMORY AND I SAW PUPS CAP IN THE CROWD GO INTO THE MAIN BUILDING!” We waited there for hours while bombs fell continuously. I saw men getting blasted to pieces. I wanted to make it all go away!


one day i was bored so i took a dump and then after that i logged into xat.com/armyrepubliccp

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