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  • Welcome to the Army Republic! We are one of the biggest and longest running armies in all of Club Penguin. We have two simple goals; to be the biggest we can possibly be, and to have fun!

    We hope you join us on our adventures on Club Penguin!

    -Army Republic Leaders

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How to get free memberships

❗ Hey, Congrats and Welcome to the CP GHOSTS! ❗

So you’ve found us on cp, nice! Your main question right now is how do you get a club penguin membership right? Well i’ll tell you! There are many ways for you to get a club penguin membership from us. Read down below to find out the ways! 🙂

1.) Attend as many battles as you possibly can to increase your chances of getting noticed! We have battles, training sessions, invasions and more every single day so that gives you a great chance to winning a membership.

2.) Attend the really big and important battles as 99% of the time we give out a membership code. Important battles are one’s like tournament battles, huge PB’s, war invasions, etc.

3.) Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get a code that day. There will be many other opportunities for you to get a membership code!

So that’s basically it, follow all of those steps and you will improve your chances on winning a membership code! But, don’t just come on for events in hopes to winning a membership code, come to our battles and enjoy the fun environment of a battle with the CP GHOSTS! YOU, the RECRUITS are what keeps us getting you guys membership codes but we also need YOU guys to attend the battles with us! Strive for greatness AR 😀

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