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    We hope you join us on our adventures on Club Penguin!

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This page is dedicated to the AR troops who left an incredible lasting impression and mark in our army. Only those who changed AR for the better or helped make AR what it is today are added. This page is for the best of soldiers to fight under the AR banner. Work hard and show incredible loyalty and someday, you too may be added on this page.

     Here is a list of all of AR’s Leaders in order:

1st. 122344a

2nd Bluejays1236

3rd Mooha15

4th 122344a(2)

5th Juliansk8

6th Bartsimp52

7th BuritoDaily

8th Shadowclub6

9th Austin 10th

Grant42 11th

Bigguy28 12th (With Tymatt)

Tymatt 12th

Ianroach 13th

Vinny 14th

BuritoDaily(2) 15th

Keith09 16th

Crossleader 17th

Boofgall1 18th

Vinny(2) 20th

Bartsimp52(2) 21st

BuritoDaily(3) 22nd

Tymatt(2) 23rd

Bartsimp52(3) 24th

Teal Violin 25th

BuritoDaily(4) 26th

Slip 27th

Vinny(3) 28th


ShadowClub6(2) 30th

BuritoDaily(5)* 31st

Vinny (4) 32nd



BuritoDaily(5) 35th


Lbk 38th 


Capncook 40th

*Fluffy Sheep 40th-51st as AUS leader*

Vinny(6) 41st

Antant98 42nd

Lord Jay 43rd


Emmarose 45th

Candy/Fury 46th

Yoangelyo 47th

Theory 48th

122344a(4) 49th

Buritodaily(6) 50th

Vinny(7th) 51st

Lord Pain 52nd

Trippy 53rd

Orange 54th

Vinny (8th) 55d

Buritodaily (7th) 56rd

Garrett 57th

Lord Jay (2) 58th

Sapper Cowboy 59th

Orange (2) 60th

Frigido 61st

Buritodaily (8th)  62nd

Vinny (9th) 62nd

Ace 63rd

Victory889 64th

Doctor Mine Turtle 65th

Flame 66th

Tyler 67th

Trippy (2nd) 68th

Candy/Fury (2nd) 69th

Burr (9th) 70th

Slip (2nd) 71st

Lolly 72nd

Help 73rd

Teh Pie 74th

Ace (2nd) 75th

Ryan 76th

Yankees 77th

Flame(2) 78th

Sapper(2) 79th

Sairal Heifer 80th

Wheelo (2nd) 81st

Fury (3rd) 82nd

Videogames121 83rd

TheMemeBean 84th

Current Leaders: Sai & MemeBean







Here are some of the AR Army’s greatest soldiers (not in any specific order; some are still active):

Please note: If you have to ask to be a legend on the AR legends page, then you are not ready to be a legend on the AR legends page.

  • Juliansk8– First AR leader following AR’s revival in 2010. Although his service was short and his methods proved to be unorthodox, he was able to extend AR’s influence and power to heights it had never seen. By working with Bart and A, Julian was able to contribute to AR being known by much of the larger armies of the community and help AR begin reaching consistent sizes in the double digits.
  • Remy Ego– Remy held prolonged service to AR throughout most of 2008. While his individual contributions didn’t aid significantly in AR’s overall success, he was able to incessantly recruit friends and random Club Penguin users to join AR’s cause. Even though many of his recruits didn’t stay with AR, his efforts proved useful in spreading the word about AR in the early days.
  • Buritodaily– One of AR’s greatest leaders. He has kept AR in the top 5 and lead them to number one more times than any other leader. He has even brought AR to some appearances as the number one army in all of club penguin warfare. He is probably an army legend in general. At a critical point in AR’s history, he took AR from a certain death and transcended them into the most powerful army in Club Penguin. Because of his impact, AR has been able to become a long-lasting army in the community and be considered a force not to be reckoned with. Burr’s console and presence unceasingly prove useful in guiding AR through seemingly insuperable obstacles, helping AR withstand nearly all tragedies that may strike it.
  • Ianroach– One of AR’s most dedicated and responsible soldiers during AR’s 2010 revival. He closely served under Julian, A, Bart, and Grant, and was able to utilize what he learned from them to soon become a magnificent AR leader, aiding in leading AR further into sizes of 20+ — which at the time was large. Ian fought in nearly every AR battle alongside his best friend, ibob2, and proved to be useful in AR’s negotiations with ACP and UMA by the end of 2010. Despite his retirement, his legacy lives on in AR and he occasionally provides necessary guidance and advice for modern AR leaders.
  • –Freddy– A leader of AR who refused to give up on AR no matter what the cost.
  • –122344a– Creator of AR
  • –Vinny– Most definitely AR’s greatest leader alongside his partner in crime, Buritodaily. With him AR’s seen sizes of 40-50 and 30-35 on a constant basis. He keeps the army organized and focused, he revolutionized this army from what it was in 2010, to it’s greatness now. Without him in April 2011, the army wouldn’t be what it is today. The greatest war general the community has seen during his reign, he was the leader who magnified and glorified the AR as a war machine. Was scared of no one and hindered war at the most possible chance. War was his motto, and was the greatest help in the revolutionizing the AR. Definitely the greatest leader along with Buritodaily. (VinDaily)
  • Twister110– Oldest AR soldier that has been seen lately, he joined in November 2007 and is a very dedicated soldier who found his way to AR chat in 2010.
  • Bluejays1236– AR’s second leader. Blue is considered to be one of AR’s greatest leaders due to his ability to effectively raise awareness of AR’s presence in the community.
  • Darkstar262– Darkstar joined AR in early 2009, and displayed true dedication over the years. He’s prospered in multiple of his lapses within AR, attaining ranks of 2ic and 3ic throughout 2010 and 2011 as well. He has rejoined many times since his initial arrival, and demonstrated his commitment during his long terms by bringing many new faces to the army, including those that would engender great change.
  • –Tippy Tyler- A very interesting soldier. He first joined in 2010 and was always loyal to AR since then. Although he wasn’t exactly the most matured of troops, but he gave all the troops a good laugh when they needed it the most. He is a nice guy even if he isn’t always exactly the most aware. His most famous lines were as followed. “Tippy, what are your opinions on 9/11?” “9/11? F*** Abraham Lincoln!!!” Oh Tippy. We never will forget you!
  • –Austin- A leader who began the revolution in how AR worked in late 2010. Without him AR would not be how it is today, organized, and a growing army. Much of the credibility goes to him, and not just for the revolution to change AR, but his leadership was extraordinary, he never gave up on AR, and still never will, even as a retired leader he still assists AR more than you could imagine.
  • Royilumbo- Joined AR in mid-2012 and showed nothing but true dedication and loyalty to the army. He was a soldier like no other, he earned respect from most of the army, and still does have that same respect as a retired soldier. Roy always loved to recruit, and at the same time he was able to keep the chat entertained, and lure more soldiers into the AR and at the same time able to obtain AR Soldier of the Year For 2012. He changed AR in many ways, whether it was giving us a positive spirit in every battle, his sense of humor, or his excellent ability to gain AR the soldiers it needs. I can honestly say I salute him, and I cannot thank him enough for his service.
  • Smart Alec4- One of the most active and well respected soldiers of his time. His career began in the ACP, and over time making his way over to AR in 2010. Although Alec wasn’t like most soldiers, he was always one with mellifluous attitude and easily one to restore an idyllic era to AR. He was one of the most active I’ve ever seen and his dedication was above and beyond the call of duty. He formed the first organized AR divisions such as the Phantom, Shadow, and Specter division. His dedication and passion for the army is not able to be described with words.  He is truly one who deserves legend in the Army of the Republic. I wish Alec luck with his future endeavors.
  • Fluffy Sheep (Superaalden)- Leader of the greatest AUS Division in AR history, also founder of the first successful AR News Site (The AR Sheep Times). Sheep influenced many of his followers to join AR and additionally served as a marvelous source of guidance for the US division in 2013-2014. Sheep’s perseverance and willingness to succeed demonstrated his commitment on a whole new level, proving to all of AR’s soldiers and legends that he was a leader like no other.
  • Sapper Medic- Sapper was one of AR’s later leaders, but also an extremely committed soldier. He served under Vindaily and a few other leaders besides them as well. Since the end of 2012 Sapper has always lent AR the help it needs, and until today he proved to be a great soldier and a great leader. Despite numerous obstacles in his way such as small size and issues with the higher ranks, Sapper never gave up on the army. His pugnacious attitude to keep AR alive was what held the army together, and despite the army not meeting his expectations at times; Sapper never turned his back on the army. He is truly a worthy legend who was one of the most determined leaders in AR’s history, and a great soldier.
  • Candy-  Candy—who also abides by the aliases Proteus and Fury—was recruited into AR near the end of 2010. Following his initial arrival, Candy departed from the army for a brief period of time, and later returned for the dawn of Burito and Vinny’s prime. From there, Candy displayed incessant, unconditional loyalty that proved to be notably beneficial for the army as a whole. As an owner, he assured the multitudes of soldiers complied with AR’s conduct, and helped guide an innumerable amount of individuals within the army as well. In 2013, Candy attained the rank of leader—shortly following Burito and Vinny’s retirement—and managed to sustain AR’s remarkable sizes for a prolonged duration of time. Subsequently, after his leadership’s conclusion, Candy has served as a source of guidance for newer leaders, and even has joined AR’s inner circle alongside Burr, Vinny and 122344a. Undoubtedly, his unceasing commitment to AR is acclaimed by many, and his profound ability to overcome ostensibly insurmountable obstacles holds the same significance.
  • Victory889- Although his reign as leader of AR in 2015 was brief, his faithful service to the army as an owner before cannot be ignored. From the countless penguins he has created to the events he has served in, Victory is an AR legend.
  • Wheelo- AR’s first and only successful UK/European division leader. At a time when divisions were crucial, AR stepped up to carry the UK sector of AR and guide it through many wars helping lead AR to its golden age of 2013.
  • Ace- A truly benevolent leader who defied all odds that stood between AR and true progress. Ace rose to the prominent position of leader in 2015 and served until June 2016. While handling a multitude of domestic and foreign issues, Ace worked tirelessly to preserve AR for what it was. Through sheer determination Ace brought AR out of slump after slump, and managed to elevate it to the greatness it once held a myriad of times. He is considered one of AR’s most devoted leaders and will not be forgotten by the AR soldiers of the past or the present.
  • Nick (Tripy)- Like his cousin, Candy, Nick arose in the golden age of 2013 as a future AR great. Although his multiple eras as leader were often short, he successfully maintained AR as it went through its many transitions following the golden age. He is currently leading the army once again and hoping to take it further than it has ever been
  • Slip – Slip joined AR in the dawn of 2012, and worked his way up the ranks through pure dedication and incessant toil. His ability to follow orders and carry them out flawlessly proved to be useful in a myriad of wars—especially within AR’s later battles against LT and multiple Black Alliance members. His background in UMA gave him a noteworthy amount of experience prior to his arrival, allowing him to distinguish right from wrong with great ease. During his later years, Slip served as a source of guidance for newer leaders, aiding them in making beneficial decisions regarding AR as a whole. While multitudinous leaders and veterans go on to counsel newer generations, Slip continues to stand by the army through both troubling and thriving periods of time, assisting in any possible way he can.
  • Frigido – Prior to serving in AR, Frigido (Frig) also served as a longtime member within ACP throughout 2009 and 2010. Towards the end of 2010, however, Frig renounced his ACP rank and committed himself to AR. Despite multiple soldiers leaving AR for extended periods of time and returning later on, Frig continuously served in AR until the end of his leadership that began in June of 2015. During his early years, Frig served as a dedicated member, attending practically every event and proposing new ideas for the army to utilize. As a moderator and owner, he was able to enforce his ideas regarding recruitment, leadership, and relationships with other armies. While Frig isn’t notorious for his brief leadership, he is definitely famous for his unceasing commitment to the army, especially when he was announced to be AR’s longest consecutively serving soldier during the end of 2014. His skills as an amazing soldier and source of counsel for the army are truly remarkable, and he will always prove that he is one of AR’s most memorable and honorable members.
  • Sanmiasha (San) – To state that Sanmiasha was a good soldier would be a colossal understatement. While San demonstrated sheer commitment and a deep, genuine sense of care for AR, she also altered the army itself through her selfless series of actions, going above and beyond the call of duty. Sanmiasha joined AR for a brief period of time during 2010 as a friend of former leader BartSimp52, but did not make her official lasting impact until the midst of 2013. San rose through the ranks and attained the rank of Captain (high member) in June 2013, and later obtained the rank of 3ic in July of the same year after being voted to the rank by AR’s soldiers. With a high rank, San was able to provide AR with an incredibly thorough tactics page, which instructed new recruits how to participate in battles and has been used up until the death of AR. Moreover, San implemented numerous activities to help AR retain its activity, such as providing a movie night and other game nights to give AR soldiers something to look forward to outside of events. San also displayed incredible activity, remaining online for almost entire days throughout the summer of 2013 and was able to bring in an innumerable amount of recruits during this period of time, helping AR flourish during a time of constant wars. Sanmiasha dramatically changed AR for the better, whether some would like to admit it or not, and it would be unjust for AR to not give San any credit for its golden age.
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