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New Soldier Guidebook

Welcome Penguin!

If this is your first time visiting our website, we highly recommend that you read the rest of this page so you understand what the Army Republic do on Club Penguin.

Hello and welcome to the Army of the Republic (Ghosts of Club Penguin). This page will contain everything you may be curious or confused about in our army. Read on to learn everything you need to know about AR!

If you are familiar with how armies work, you can sroll through it and head on over to the join page!

If you are brand new, it is highly recommended that you read the entire page before you try and fill out a join request! Reading the entire page will make sure that you know how to properly use the chat room and execute tactics when in battle.

Army Of The Republic

Army Of The Republic are a Club Penguin-based group that promotes fun, in a safe environment, with other Club Penguin fans and children, in their age range, that play Club Penguin. We accept anyone eager to become a soldier, and in no way will we ever endanger the experience you have while you are a part of our community. We only seek to enjoy the greater benefits of Club Penguin with friends!

How to Join?

In order to become a soldier, you must first leave a comment on the Join page and come to our chat where we will meet you and instruct you. Click on “Join” towards the right of the AR site. It will take you to the Join page. Once you go there, answer all the questions that are listed by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Type in the required information or else your comment won’t pass through. Then just press “Submit”.

Ranking Issues

If you still have not received a rank within 48 hours of you sending an application to join, then resend one stating that you have yet to be ranked with the join information included. It is also possible that an administrator has not added you to the ranks and your comment is still waiting for approval. If this is the case then wait a while longer or, again, send a comment saying you haven’t gotten ranked. If you don’t know where the ranks page is, then go to the top of this site where you will find a tab labeled “Ranks” and find your name.

What we do?

After you have joined, you can visit our Chat and begin your experience. Most of us go on chat daily to talk with other soldiers and friends, but this is a Club Penguin-based army, meaning we do battle other armies (regularly). We also try to get other people to join by recruiting, which is how most of you came to discover the Army Of The Republic. And we train these recruits in order for them to become familiar with our tactics. These tactics consist of snowball-throwing, line formations, emote charges, joke-bombs, and other more complicated maneuvers. We aim to have fun and do our best!

Want an in depth look at what formations and tactics we perform at battles and events? Scroll down!

How do I know when I’m in?

After you have left a comment on the join page, just go the page titled “Ranks” at the top or find the button on the left sidebar. This will take you to a page filled with names of penguins under Ranks like “Soldier”. The higher the ranking name, the higher rank you are. You move up by performing duties for our organization, known as promotions. You can find out more about promotion by scrolling down to “How do I get a promotion”.

How do I get a promotion?

A promotion is an increase in your rank, the higher up you are the higher the rank. Obtaining one is a reward for being active in our army.  One such benefit of getting promoted is being allowed to become a moderator, and becoming even more closer to owner rank. Being “active” is defined as going on chat (daily), attending most of every event scheduled or unscheduled, commenting on new posts, attending recruiting sessions, and the attitude you have on and off chat.

Am I safe?

Our staff makes sure that that only child-friendly information passes through the filters we have placed on the site. This makes sure that all comments are primarily passed through us and have to be approved directly by us. All spam is deleted. Our chat is monitored almost all day by moderators and owners. They make sure that everyone is following the rules to our standards as best they can. We only seek to promote the welfare of the individuals that make up the Army Of The Republic.. Nor do we discriminate against any one person or group. All are welcome. Some comment, left on the site, may be subjugated to censorship, meaning we cover up or completely remove some parts if it is deemed inappropriate or unnecessary.

Times Zones

People all over the world view our site. And those people abide by different time limitations.  Specific location have specific time zones. The Army of the Republic use acronyms like ‘PST’, ‘MST’, ‘CST’, ‘EST’, and ‘GMT’ for the specific time zones that most of our users use.

PST= Pacific Standard Timezone/Penguin Standard Time

MST= Mountain Standard Timezone

CST= Central Standard Timezone

EST= Eastern Standard Timezone

Pacific is One Hour Behind Mountain

Mountain is one hour behind Central

Central is one hour behind Eastern


1:00pm PST

2:00pm MST

3:00pm CST

4:00pm EST

Note: Only pay attention to YOUR time zone. The other time zones apply to those who live within that time zone region.


Many soldiers find themselves confused on what they are supposed to do in battle. This section is extremely important so please read it thoroughly.

If you are new to Armies or AR, battles can be confusing and you can find yourself lost on what to do. This page was made to help troops understand ‘tactics’ and what they should do when in battle! Read on to find some great tips and instructions on tactics and basic army etiquette.

First of, lets start with Emotes:

  • Emotes are generally used in lines, to some times convey emotion, but to also to show who we are. Some Tactics are just used to look good, however: There are over 20 different emotes to use, so make sure to not choose the wrong one…
  • Most Army has a signature emote: For example, we, AR, use the E+3 emote often. ACP, uses the Clover emote. NW – Moon, Nachos – Mad Face, IW – Puffles, the list is endless! Just because that emote is special to us, doesn’t mean other armies can’t use them, so try not to get confused if the enemy (Highly Unlikely) charges with E+3
  • Emotes are also used to charge with, they can fill up the screen and are quite effective. They get you noticed more, as words are more of black blobs, whereas emotes are colourful and are distinctive.



Name of Emote: Happy

Shortcut: E+1


Name of Emote: Smile

Shortcut: E+2


Name of Emote: Coffee

Shortcut: E+C


Name of Emote: Unsure

Shortcut: E+3


Name of Emote: Sad

Shortcut: E+4


Name of Emote: Video Games

Shortcut: E+G


Name of Emote: Shocked

Shortcut: E+5


Name of Emote: Spit/Tongue

Shortcut: E+6


Name of Emote: Popcorn

Shortcut: E+O


Name of Emote: Wink

Shortcut: E+7


Name of Emote: Puke/Sick

Shortcut: E+8


Name of Emote: Pizza

Shortcut: E+Z


Name of Emote: Mad/War Faces

Shortcut: E+9


Name of Emote: Upset

Shortcut: E+0


Name of Emote: Pink Ice Cream

Shortcut: E+Q


Name of Emote: Nervous

Shortcut: E+U


Name of Emote: Cake

Shortcut: E+K


Name of Emote: Clover

Shortcut: E+L


Name of Emote: Hearts/Love

Shortcut: E+H


Name of Emote: Lightbulb

Shortcut: E+B


Name of Emote: Flower

Shortcut: E+F


Name of Emote: Chocolate Ice Cream

Shortcut: E+W


Name of Emote: Farts/Toots

Shortcut: E+T


Name of Emote: Igloo

Shortcut: E+I


Name of Emote: Puffles

Shortcut: E+P


Name of Emote: Suns

Shortcut: E+D


Name of Emote: Moon & Stars

Shortcut: E+N


Name of Emote: Coins

Shortcut: E+M

Exclamation Mark

Name of Emote: Exclamation Mark

Shortcut: 1

Question mark

Name of Emote: Question Mark

Shortcut: ?


So there you have it! Every emote created by Club Penguin, rolled into one special guide. Next in the guide are: Lines.

  • When doing a line, try not to overcrowd areas, and don’t just jump straight to the top of the line. A line is when the soldiers are next to each other, creating either a horizontal or vertical wall, to show size, block exits, the list is endless!
  • When getting in the line, try to click the persons name that your going to go under. Say if I, Sanmiasha, was going under someone called “Bob77″ then I would click his name, and line under him. ***Remember, not his penguin, the name underneath the penguin so you don’t hit the playercard***
  • Courtesy of AR Second in Command Sanmiasha for taking and creating all of these pictures.


Chat Bar Line

The chatbar line is, as it said in it’s description, a line across the chatbox you type in, just click above the blue box! Fairly simple.

Line Across

The horizontal line is when you form a line across. If your not sure about Horizontal or Vertical (Don’t worry, I’m not that good either) remember that horizontal is across, because of the horizon.

Line Down

Again, you just form a straight line with the soldiers, fairly easy!


The Circle

Backwards L

The Backwards L


The Diagonal

L Shape

The L Shape

Special Lines:

The “X”

The “Triangle”


That was a fairly small chapter, but now we move onto: Bombs

  • Bombs are used quite a lot of the time, especially one tactic that has been used plenty of times: The Joke Bomb.
  • Apart from the joke bomb, bombs are where you either say a particular phrase, and enter it and charge the enemy with it or it could be a small phrase repeated over and over again: Like “AR, AR, AR” Etc.
  • ***Remember: Always copy and paste the speech that the leader has asked you to use, your mot likely going to need it more then once!***
  • Another bomb might be an “Ok”, “Hello” or “Goodbye” bomb. You just need to press a simple key on your keyboard, and roam around! Here are some examples:



Name of Tactic: Joke

Shortcut: Press “J” on your keyboard.


Name of Tactic: “OK”

Shortcut: Press “O” on your keyboard.


Name of Tactic: “Hello”

Shortcut: Press “H” on your keyboard.


Name of Tactic: “Goodbye”

Shortcut: Press “B” on your keyboard.


Name of Tactic: Snowball fight

Shortcut: Press “T” on your keyboard.


Name of Tactic: “Yes”

Shortcut: Press “Y” on your keyboard.


Name of Tactic: “No”

Shortcut: Press “N” on your keyboard.


Name of Tactic: “AR”

Shortcut: Type in the phrase that the leader wants you to repeat, copy and paste it (Mac: Apple + C for Copy, Apple + V for Paste) (Windows: Ctrl + C for Copy, Ctrl + V for Paste), so you can use it more then once.

AR Forever

Name of Tactic: Phrases

Shortcut: Type in the phrase the leader wants you to use, copy and paste it (Mac: Apple + C for Copy, Apple + V for Paste) (Windows: Ctrl + C for Copy, Ctrl + V for Paste), so you can use it more then once.

~Credit  To Sanmiasha for Pictures~

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