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  • Welcome to the Army Republic! We are one of the biggest and longest running armies in all of Club Penguin. We have two simple goals; to be the biggest we can possibly be, and to have fun!

    We hope you join us on our adventures on Club Penguin!

    -Army Republic Leaders

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Edit: Former soldiers will most likely be accepted so if you want to join, don’t hesitate to email or ask around on Discord to see if someone can notify an admin that you want to join.

Doubt anyone will read this, but I’ve noticed that multitudinous other armies have resorted to Discord and are making their servers public. I’d like to state that AR has had a Discord server since March, but it is not open to the public. However, if you’d like to be a part of it please e-mail yofreduthere123@gmail.com your username and whether or not you were a part of AR. From there myself and other admins on the server will decide whether or not to let you in.

The End

It is claimed that the grand concept of camaraderie and teamwork thrives when a common goal is present. Here in AR, that objective has been mutual between the scores of AR’s members throughout each generation that has passed. This goal was not to be the largest, most significant army within the CPA community, it was to positively impact as many lives as possible while simultaneously providing many with support and assisting in the development of friendships. After observing AR for a seemingly infinite span of time, I feel that I am able to safely corroborate the claim that we have met our goal.

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The End of The Republic

Edit: This is not an official closure post. That will be released on March 29th.

*Special thanks to Fluffy Sheep, Sai, Meme, Lolly, and Posy for helping 122344a invite an astounding amount of individuals to this reunion*

Hello, for the first time in awhile, but for the last time, AR.

Today we logged on to Toboggan to invade it for the last time from SWAT. It is now ours forever, as today is the last day AR is alive. With the shut down of Club Penguin, we figured we would invade our prized server we have held close to for the last 5 years. We easily got 55 on CP, and got very close to 60, then sizes fell off a little bit due to the bots who raided our event. Additionally, our chat had hit 70-75  users online at one point, causing it to be divided into two pools. I would just like to shoutout Silverbug(Left the r out of his name because he doesn’t deserve it) for bringing stupid bots to our final event. General Fury scared away the bots from Toboggan as we claimed victory and we decided to switch servers to Southern Lights to continue our event.

I would like to say, I am very happy to have been a leader to all of you when I was in my prime. Believe it or not I learned so much from being in this army and leading you all. I saw many old faces today and to be honest it was quite refreshing and nostalgic. It brought the memories back, the memories of the time this community was actually fun. It is sad though that people still have nothing better to do with their lives than to ruin an army’s last event. But like in our golden days, we found ways to still have our event. Thank you to everyone who participated, you guys rock. Here are the pictures of today’s event, and for the last time, this is Vinny, AR Legend.



~ Vinny, AR Legend

The Final Event/Reunion TODAY!

Hi AR, this is just a reminder that our final event/reunion is TODAY!

The Final Event

Date: Saturday, March 25th, 2017 [TODAY]


Starting at 1:00pm PST

Starting at 2:00pm MST

Starting at 3:00pm CST

Starting at 4:00pm EST

Starting at 9:00pm UK


The Final Event Information

122344a’s Edit: It is highly advised that you begin logging onto the AR chat (http://xat.com/thearhq) at exactly 1:00pm PST, 2:00pm MST, 3:00pm CST, 4:00pm EST, 9:00pm UK!  While the event will take place any time between 1:00pm-4:00pm PST, we hope for as many people as possible to log on at the commencement of this last event/reunion!

Hello AR, as a vast majority of you are aware of, AR will be hosting its final event on March 25th, 2017. While this topic has been covered multitudinous times on the site, there’s been little information backing it regarding specific times and what to expect.

This event will not have a designated time. As you all know, the gathering will be comprised of retired leaders, legends, countless AR veterans, and modern AR soldiers and it is difficult for all of these individuals to log on simultaneously due to busy schedules and other matters. Because of this, the event will take place between the hours of 1:00pm PST and 4:00pm PST. Now, when I say this, I do not mean the event will last 3 hours. That is just the time slot we will have, and whenever chat is fullest, we will log on for an event for roughly 30 minutes. For example, if we have about 35+ on chat at 2:00pm PST, that is when we will decide to log on for 30 minutes. While we are not online, we will be hanging out on xat, discussing memories and talking for as long as we deem fit.

If you are confused still, please attempt to be on AR chat between the hours of 1:00pm PST and 4:00pm PST, and we will log on for some time within that time slot for 30 minutes, specifically whenever the chat is fullest. *The final reunion itself will be from 1:00pm PST-4:00pm PST on xat and the event will be some time during it!* Additionally, the final event will take place on Toboggan and be led by myself, Burr, Vinny, Fury. and the current AR leadership. The information is below:


The Final Event

Date: Saturday, March 25th, 2017


Some time between 1:00pm PST-4:00pm PST

Some time between 2:00pm MST-5:00pm MST

Some time between 3:00pm CST-6:00pm CST

Some time between 4:00pm EST-7:00pm EST

Server: Toboggan



[FRIDAY]Battle Bulletin

Found us on Club Penguin? Click HERE to join!





5:00 pm PST

6:00 pm MST

7:00 pm CST

8:00 pm EST

** Use this map to find out your time zone!**

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Lolly’s epic Final Retirement Post

Well, It was lit fam.

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We have noticed that conventional ways to gain back control of our capital have been futile so we have resorted to using a SPECIAL kind of battle. Since it’s our last days as an army, Saime wanted to try out something different to make things a bit more groovy.


The Rules:

  1. Each army will pick their top 5 best dancers to partake in this hoedown
  2. The song will be simple, “The Generic Way” on medium difficulty simply because it’s accessible to both members and non-members
  3. Each player will screenshot their score (full screen) at the end of the game and send it to a judge who will add up all of the 5 player’s scores and determine the winner.
  4. In the event of a tie, we will do a different song at medium difficulty.
  5. If one army doesn’t show up, autowin to the one who does.
  6. No purple puffles as they will grant a point advantage.

    MARCH 24RD, 2017-

    !! DANCE BATTLE !!

    Server: TOBOGGAN|| Room: DANCE CLUB


    5:00 pm PST

    6:00 pm MST

    7:00 pm CST

    8:00 pm EST


-Sai Heifer and TheMemeBean


Memes with Memebean 8 [GRAND FINALE]

This is it, you guys! 8 weeks of memes from this lil JokeLegume with guest appearances from Sai!

It’s been great making these and I hope y’all had fun reading them. 8 weeks of memes was a lot to make, but you haven’t seen anything until you take a gander at the ones made for today.

Scroll down and enjoy, dudes!

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Invasion of Toboggan

We attempted to take back Toboggan from SWAT, yet we were unsuccessful. Max of 10. Thanks to Alisa and Coqui for the clicks!

We’ll get it next time, guys! I believe in us!

Your final Mission

As you are all obviously aware by now, Saturday will be AR’s big finale. The current soldiers and leaders have done well maintaining AR since the big three’s final departures, but I’m calling on you guys one last time before we send this great army off.

Recently, that one army that comes back every other month (SWAT) had the audacity to invade Toboggan a matter of mere days before we shut down. The idea of AR shutting down without laying claim to its capital of four years is, of course, unacceptable. Believe me, we’ve kicked SWAT’s ass numerous times in the past, (they usually served as a warm up before we took on some more formidable opponents) but obviously times have changed and AR isn’t in shape for war.

That is why I’m calling on you guys to invade and ensure you maintain control of Toboggan before we finally say goodbye. I don’t care what you have to do. If you have to invade it 5 times in two days, or whatever… Toboggan is AR’s and it will belong to us in its final hours.

You guys have done wonders for this army the last two years, but now it is time to finish what so many of us started and paved for you. Thank you.

Defense of Toboggan


SWAT invaded us today but that’s totally fine because we were READY. AR came through with a max of 10. Zott was in charge of judging the event to determine who would be victorious in their efforts. This was a super fun event and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this week has in store!

Zott had this to say about the decision to give SWAT the win, “AR lost, but they lost with grace and honor. I was extremely impressed with AR’s fighting spirit. It’s still burning as strong as ever”.

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